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Title: A Challenge & No Blue Balls!!! There is a diff: orgasm/ejac,/hf ejac.
Post by: oakn on February 03, 2014, 11:49:55 AM
After a dozen efforts at MMO's over more than a dozen years, it clicked.  I had my first MMO and dozens of them over an hour or more!  Normally after 4 -5 days of no ejaculation and arousing situations I need to have an ejaculation.  By the third evening of having discreet MMO's I could tell my body would love to ejaculate when it had a chance, but I didn't have blue balls!  No incapacitating pain.  Plus I felt, more at ease and less edgy, short tempered.  I could even tell the difference between the urge and capacity to ejaculate and my body's ability to orgasm with ejaculation.  I'd heard that to do, for example hands free ejaculation you needed to be able to separate ejaculation from the other parts of sex.  Now that I can have dry orgasms and not have to ejaculate due to emotional pressure it makes sense.  Gosh -this is something that should be explained to guys who feel they have to go out and jump somebody cause they are 'hot and bothered'.

...at the moment I feel like offering up a challenge for the next masturbathon...  I'll go on record to do it at a local charity if I can find 10 other men around the country (US) to also do it... if for no other reason than to give MMO publicity and maybe reduce bad activities by frustrated college students.

Title: Re: A Challenge & No Blue Balls!!! There is a diff: orgasm/ejac,/hf ejac.
Post by: Heartgasm on March 12, 2015, 08:33:24 AM
Nice! It is something that every man should know and feel ok to work towards. The common feeling of wanting to share this with others shows the benefit - not of lost hours alone, but of the resulting glow of energy that fills us up and (I'm guessing) has more to offer the world.
I had an initial success which made a huge boost to the next days energy - it was striking! I purchased several mmo books but people usually are not receptive to it (that I have experienced) it's like religeon, people don't want you pushing it on them. I saw a you tube video of a guy's dick having mmo's so I guess these things are out there but adults have to be ready on their own and want to pursue it.
It would definitely be of benefit to teenagers to know though - a real sex education!  Atleast mention the possibility in passing please teachers!