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Title: First one! (I did it)
Post by: King on March 13, 2014, 04:53:01 PM
So last night I was reading in bed, and I slowly began the urge to begin masturbating. Usually when I read or watch TV I find myself rubbing my penis. This time it felt particularly good though.

I began the process like I normally would: turn on the porn and began the stroking. Well, today it wasn't working. You see, I hyper extended my finger on my masturbating hand (my penis is curved) and it felt like hell to rub my dick with the splint. I didn't want to end it there, so I began doing something different with my right hand. Since I couldn't get that perfect stroke, I began making circles around my shaft while slowly pressing down on it.

For some reason, that inability to do my normal masturbation routine made me want to stop watching porn. I just kind of closed my eyes and began to soak in how good it felt. I wasn't even really fantasizing, nor thinking about someone; it is hard to explain but I can't help but to say it felt serene. Now during this time something strange happened, my dick wasn't always rock hard. Sometimes it would be a little softer and sometimes harder; and when I began stroking it like i would normally (even though it didn't feel as good with my off-hand) my penis began to grow harder.

So after what felt like a fairly long time I felt that masturbatory feeling that I was going to cum soon. I edged only once or twice, but the third time it was feeling really good so I wanted to just blow my load and call it  a day. Unlike most times when my mind was on the porn rather than the moment I could really feel the whole process. I really felt a buildup in my torso area; particularly inside my crotch area (prostate contractions?) and as that buildup increased I felt it come inside my penis; and I felt explosion in my penis. It felt like I was ejaculating; but I really savored those strong pushes in my penis.

As I lied there with my eyes closed, taking in that intense orgasm I noticed something weird. Out of instinct I guess I would close my hand after I ejaculate to hold the semen and wash of. When I went to touch my hand I got a shock of sudden surprise...sometimes wasn't right.

There wasn't any semen!

I looked around seeing if it had flown anywhere, but even at that there would be a considerable amount of goop on my hands. I then went off my bend to see if it was all over my pants or shirt. Still nothing. Unforetunately this shock made me end my state of arousal, so my penis became a little more flaccid. With that said I didn't feel worn out at all, and went right back for a second round! Best yet, I didn't have to go through the tedious process of washing off the semen from my hands and cleaning anything that fell victim to my explosion.

Now I've been doing kegels for a little more than a month now, maybe two months (time sure does fly); and I've only been accompanied by nothing but failure. Every time I did squeeze the PC muscles it would only result in a weird orgasm and a few seconds later I would feel a numb ejaculation. I can't remember explicitly squeezing my PC muscles last night, it was more like the opposite. I was so caught up in everything feeling so good, that the last thing on my mind would've been squeezing. And here I was with a great orgasm that was  complimented with another one soon after!

I guess hard work pays off but MOST IMPORTANTLY I realized how much porn can take away from the experience. I guess I can blame pornography on the reason why I never felt completed sexually, and had funky climaxes.

Title: Re: First one! (I did it)
Post by: boywyo on May 18, 2014, 10:01:06 PM
Congrats man I think you did it!  I have been wanting to get that for a long time but it just never happens. :(
I have most always done without porn when masturbating.  I can think of only a few times when I used any porn
to get off.  So I am hoping someday it will work out and I will finally get this DO that they all talk about.  I am
too impatient mostly I think.  Also, maybe I over think it.  All that thinking about squeeze here, do this here really
messes with me.  I hear you on the ruined, incomplete orgasms.  They suck.

Anyway good luck and let us hear if you have had repeat success.

Title: Re: First one! (I did it)
Post by: Heartgasm on March 12, 2015, 08:20:44 AM
Wow, this is great. The detail helps. So how easy was the second time to be non-ejaculatory?  Did you need to edge again a few times?