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Title: Amygdala clicking and Mantak Chia
Post by: Ozymandias on October 11, 2014, 12:43:23 PM
Hi I'm a new member been practicing MMO heavily for about four months. I've read multiorgasmic man, multiorgasmic couple, sexual reflexology, cultivating male sexuality-Mantak Chia. Male Multiple orgasm Somraj Pokras, tantric secrets - Ethan Vorley. I recently read Tickle Your Amygdala and supercharge your frontal lobes by Neil Slade.
Here's the cool part, I have been able to consistently achieve multiple dry orgasms with PC for about 3 weeks. During which a large amount of pressure would build  up in my head that I would need to circulate. But during this I would feel two almond like pressure in the side of my head and when I would concentrate it would move forward feeling like it needed to Pop! Well then two days ago i read those two books by Neil Slade. After meditating on the amygdala and the feather tickling. I didn't need the feather tickling that much as I could already physically feel my amygdala and can right now even as I am writing this. I also used it once while doing my MMO routine when I would reach the PONR I would feel the amygdala getting really close to popping but did not.
Well later that night I was pregaming for a party (weed and brews) and I felt the pressure mounting and eventually POPPED! The experience can only be described as transcendent expansive. When the pressure was mounting I was feeling pretty scared about what was happening, once it did it's like every thought currently in my head was transcended I literally felt all this other space in my head. All social anxiety disappeared clear thinking and then the rest of the night it kept filling up. I experienced the non-locality of consciousness Slade talks about in Tickle Your Amygdala (could feel direct consciousness in other parts of body as we'll as in small objects I was holding. At certain heights of it I would be in a conversation with people and could not differentiate between myself and the other person. ( massive increase in empathy, spontaneity, social intelligence)
The reason I know it's real is because it is still here this afternoon, I woke up with a headache in my temples ( not hangover only had two beers before POP and decided to stop drinking after that). Legitimate transformation of consciousness.
Now I haven't yet used the amygdala to achieve any kind of MMO experience other than brief orgasmic sensations in penis during amygdala meditation. I would really appreciate guidance on how to use the amygdala.
Also if there is anyone here experienced in Mantak Chias method specifically how to bring energy up spine ( I already know it's possible). I have been able to really get it into sacrum before, but due to ejaculation my stores of Ching are lost. The longest I have gone without ejaculation is about 3 days, but I am only 20 which is why I was able to experience so many things so quickly I believe I.e. Popping frontal lobes. I am gonna try and go a full week without ejaculation (I find that Mantak Chias methods get more powerful the more days I practice without ejaculation.
I have no partner yet but that is liable to change soon. All help or questions are appreciated I will be a pretty active member here

Title: Re: Amygdala clicking and Mantak Chia
Post by: Ozymandias on October 11, 2014, 12:54:23 PM
Just to direct any assistance I'll give so e more info about my practice. I already have very strong PC muscle, a couple years worth of experience in meditation. I have not yet opened my microcosmic orbit but that along with more investigation into amygdala is number one priority. So hard to try and pay attention in college classes when I'm experiencing this kind of stuff on what seems like a daily basis now lol

Title: Re: Amygdala clicking and Mantak Chia
Post by: Ozymandias on October 12, 2014, 11:17:31 PM
For whomever this may help. Amygdala Clicking is 100% real. It's hard to keep track of the amount of orgasms per session but I would put it at about 7 or 8. Rock hard the entire time those kegels and reverse kegels are coming very handy. The added concentration on the amygdala compliments mantak chia a lot by giving the mind somewhere else to redirect the energy. I have since been able to get the energy about half way up my spine, feels like a white hot orgasmic fluid rising up spine, i am thinking whole body orgasm in just a matter of days. Since incorporating amygdala have had no problem withholding ejaculation and am now on day 4 feeling energized and clear. Have found that after a couple orgasms as sexual energy massively increases i have to focus more on arousal but no problem. I think strong PC muscles are actually foundational for MMO. I can now redirect energy away from genitals with a little pc squeeze and a quick focus on amygdala. During the course of a session 2 or 3 of 10 orgasms would have to be physically stopped with pc squeeze. Around the 7th or 8th orgasm if i have to stop it with PC it can take a rather hard squeeze but i have found that the more sexual energy i feel trying to escape i can actually use the energy to clamp down harder on PC and almost instantly prevent ejaculation and channel it elsewhere. It feels like I'm discovering superpowers

Title: Re: Amygdala clicking and Mantak Chia
Post by: Ozymandias on October 15, 2014, 08:07:58 PM
Update on amygdala clicking and mantak chia's method. I have managed to get more sexual energy rising up the spine still about halfway up, I am now at 6 days and 11 sessions without ejaculation. Just a few minutes ago I was practicing amygdala clicking and then sort of dosed off, when I came back to while still in the preconscious state but certainly awake. I was feeling my amygdala and was able to click into my frontal lobes when I held it there after a few seconds i felt tingling in my penis shaft, before when I felt that it would be too shocking and would psyche me out of state. Now I just let it happen and it instantly grew more intense when I focused my awareness in penis at the same time the sensation hugely intensified and a split second later I was feeling orgasmic streams of energy up my front with a slight change of focus the orgasmic stream quickly went up my spine pooled in my brain resulting in a sensation of seeing light and hearing the *white noise* ringing in my ears. The shock of this quickly sent me out of state. Bear in mind this is only my fourth time of lying down and focusing on my amygdala specifically. My interest is really peaked and I would appreciate any and all info on the amygdala and how to trigger it for MMO. To all who are interested and for my own recordkeeping I will be posting updates.

Title: Re: Amygdala clicking and Mantak Chia
Post by: vko on January 14, 2015, 01:48:14 PM
Your post got me so excited. I would love to add Amygdala clicking into my training. I'm 20 years old also and it's great to see young people taking interest in becoming better sexual being (not to say Alpha sexual male  ;D). I would love to have you email in pm so we can exchange our experiences. SO EXCITED to see young people here !!! hahahah

Title: Re: Amygdala clicking and Mantak Chia
Post by: bigjohn on January 15, 2015, 06:27:49 AM
I recently got jack Johnston's key sound method. I was laying in bed listening to the seminar and producing the sound along with the instructions. While doing this I was also tickling the amygdala and I had the most unusual experience. I physically felt the tickling and as I continued to breathe I felt waves of pleasure shooting up my spine into my head, neck and shoulders. This continued to build and I was eventually feeling it down in my legs as well. This all occurred with no physical stimulation at all. I was shocked. As I stopped focusing on this pleasure and tried to simply resume listening to the seminar the waves continued and I was literally sitting on my bed giggling like a little girl. Haha eventually I calmed down enough to continue. What an eye opener that was. As a side note: I have been using guided meditations, listening to binaural beats and I so chronic tones, practising micro cosmic orbit for several months before this experience.