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Title: Retrograde Ejaculation
Post by: multiplelove on February 27, 2015, 01:14:02 PM
Good afternoon ...

I've posted here before but find that after months of trying to master MMO, I'm still having problems. Hopefully the community can help!

My problem is with retrograde ejaculation.

I can masturbate and get close to the PONR and slow down, relax, and ease into an orgasm ... and come up "dry" as well if I do it right. I can sometimes even have 2-3 small orgasms ... but that's it. By that time I may still have an erection but enough retrograde has taken place that the drive is shot. :\  When I urinate into a mason jar (my wife is so understanding in letting me keep it there in the bathroom :) I can see the semen that's retrograded ... but interestingly enough, there's not a lot there. I must have held some back.

How do I avoid the retrograde ejaculation? Am I not a) squeezing tight enough to close the gates or b) getting to close to the PONR and hitting the inevitable?

In understanding male multiple orgasms, I came up with another analogy to go along with the other great ones that Keepitup Johnson has shared here and in his book. With spring training and baseball season here, I thought about a runner heading to second base. Reaching 2nd base would be the goal, the pinnacle of the experience, perhaps the PONR. You don't want to run past 2nd base lest you get tagged or thrown out. Instead, you want to "slide into" 2nd base. You can run fast towards the base, but the closer you get, the more you need to slow down unless you overshoot the bag. Does that make sense? Hopefully that helps if I'm accurate. Related to my question and scenario above, I'm afraid that if I stop too soon to avoid the PONR, then I never reach the bag and no orgasm takes place. Seems to me that it's a real fine line you walk ... either you don't have the orgasm or you go to far and you end up with an ejaculation, retrograde or otherwise.

Thanks for help. I really, really do want to master this and feel that I'm close. Just need to get past this retrograde issue.


Title: Re: Retrograde Ejaculation
Post by: SDragon on March 01, 2015, 05:28:50 PM
How do I avoid the retrograde ejaculation? Am I not a) squeezing tight enough to close the gates or b) getting to close to the PONR and hitting the inevitable?

The choices A and B are inter-related I would say and is neither an AND/OR solution.  What's needed is option C which should be recognized and triggered before the other two as options.  This involves redirecting your arousal and therefore the focus of your sexual energy prior to the generation of your semen for ejaculation.  From your own analogy, the running and sliding are good concepts.  If you say running is all genital arousal and concentration there, then it's harder to know when to close the gates or how close you are to the PONR - therefore, running is hard to stop your momentum or your ejaculation (whether retrograde or not).  Sliding is a better control of your arousal but even more so, it's a redirection of your sexual energy from genital to the rest of your body.  Right now, when I redirect my energy, I feel a heat being generated in my solar plexus chakra but with even more focus, I can keep pushing it higher into my ajna chakra (third eye area).  When the energy hits there, it's like a level of clarity and relaxation that occurs - almost like a real orgasm without the physical energy loss. 

Anyways, just to summarize, as long as you focus on orgasm as a genital exercise - when to try and stop ejaculation, how close to the PONR you can go, retrograde ejaculation, etc, etc, your issues will continue to be centered around there.  When you can feel your cock as nothing more than a muscle and an extension of your entire body and being, I think that will help change your perspective of your issue. 

Just my 2 cents on your issue.

Title: Re: Retrograde Ejaculation
Post by: Heartgasm on March 02, 2015, 03:03:36 AM
SDragon has some excellent tips.
I found circular rubbing the lower belly helped move the energy up away from the penis there when near PONR. So if anyone has issues with thinking that chakras and energy are not real, they just need to look again at how we function:

 "sick to your stomach", "haven't got the guts", these household sayings are with us because when we feel affraid it then also manifests physically. In the case of these two sayings it is the solar-plexus chakra, associated with personal power.

If you are stifled/ have conflicts, the stomach can feel sick and heavy.

If you are lucky enough to excel at something, when you are in your zone, you know you are ready, you may notice a confidence which can radiate from your solar-plexus.

Title: Re: Retrograde Ejaculation
Post by: multiplelove on March 08, 2015, 09:47:40 PM
Thanks for the feedback ... I really appreciate it!
SDragon - just to follow-up, what would you suggest to be the best way to redirect the arousal and refocus the sexual energy elsewhere? I'm not well versed in chakras and energy movement and would appreciate any advice or suggestions you might be able to offer. Thanks again for the help ... I'm anxious to see if I can make "Option C" work. :)

Title: Re: Retrograde Ejaculation
Post by: SDragon on December 03, 2015, 08:09:22 AM
Apologize for the late reply.  Real life got very busy for me.

Everyone is aware that the PC muscle is between the penis and anus and this contraction is a gate to control the essence of sperm flow, however most people try to stop the flow when the dam has already burst in a sense.  If the sperm has already been created, then it's like seeing the water coming and trying to build a wooden dam in 5 mins to stop it - the dam either gets destroyed and sperm comes out or the dam is able to stop it because of PC practice (using different material than wood), but the water hangs a left and goes into the bladder. 

What you need to do is not build an iron cast dam, but a wooden one is fine as long as you create a 'channel' for the water to flow to the right so that only some of the water hits the dam but only as it flows into this other natural channel you've created.  This channel is the coccyx which connects an energetic point close to your tail bone and the spine where the sexual energy can travel.  To try and experience this, my suggestion is to masturbate to about 40-50% of the PONR and then tilt your pelvis backwards and try to feel your energy more in the back part of your body.  Try to breathe and feel your arousal move up into your heart chakra.  I'm not sure how simple or complex this is or whether the chakras need to be balanced and functioning well, whether this is kundalini energy, but don't get frustrated if it takes a while.  Once you get comfortable at 40-50% and you can feel your arousal drop without relying on the PC squeeze too much, then move the arousal higher and keep practicing.