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Title: Crazy Progress
Post by: vko on March 12, 2015, 05:38:14 PM
Since the beginning of the year I have been making crazy crazy progress. I'm good know with PC technique, dry orgasms, MMO, circulating my energy,etc... But I was still looking for that edge, that incredible sexual energy that would make me pass out,cry and beg for more ( a bit like my kundalini rising). I was running out of ideas when I came across the 21 day challenge (on this forum), which is basically '' no ejaculation'' for 21 days. It took me 36 days in total because I had two wet dreams along the road. I kept myself pretty busy and didn't see the time go by, although your arousal level go through the roof during the process! It was only at the end of my challenge that I tried a MMO session.  WOuah....
After only 5 min I had reached a level of arousal that normally took me 1-2 hours and deep concentration. Even better, something I can't fully explained. After 10-15mins it was like the back of my brain was directly connected to my prostate ( or that area), it didn't felt like waves of pleasure anymore but more like a circuit of energy that kept spinning. I don't know if the circuit was getting stronger or just turning faster,but I couldn't stop it. As the time went by I don't exactly remember what happened, I moaned, I screamed and then it was the next day. I was incredible like an orgasm that keep getting better and better and never stopping.

The other thing happened this week, it seems (that's my theory), since I strengthened the flux of energy that goes through my body during a normal MMO session (even though I haven't reached the same feeling as the first one)  I feel like body is more sensitive to energies.I was just coming home from my classes and lying in my bed to relax ( not manipulating any energy just lying there) I took a deep breath and out of nowhere had the contraction of a dry orgasm. I was so shocked but I kept going and it seemed that I was pulling energy from outside and not from inside. Normally I start by rising my arousal level by contracting my PC muscle, or any other thing that trigger a erotic response. But there I was perfectly still and I was feeling energy rising really quickly inside me and at the same time in every part of my body ( normally I have to move it everywhere). After an hour I notice to main differences, I could pull energy from my ''room'' quit easily and bring it into (let's call it) my first canal, or I could force (it take a lot of ''chakra'' strength) an energy much stronger in a second canal ( much much bigger that goes from my mid- intestine to my neck . I don't really know what to do with it actually hahaha I feel amazing being able to do that.

I just thought I would share that with you
Sorry for my English and thank you everyone who shared experiences, it's so helpfull :)

Title: Re: Crazy Progress
Post by: Heartgasm on March 16, 2015, 12:10:38 AM
This sounds amazing. Please share any tips and what exercises or particular training you used with detail on length of time both in sessions and over time if you can recall before you made it - it would really help us all.