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1  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My multiple orgasms on: August 22, 2014, 08:30:35 PM
I started practicing mmo when I was about 22. Going for 5 weeks without ejaculation is pretty phenomenal. How long, on average, is one of these sessions that causes you to nearly pass out (of pleasure, I hope Smiley)?

How long can you sustain your I'm-about-to-pass-out climaxes?

Finally, what do you do to nearly pass out? Smiley
2  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My multiple orgasms on: July 18, 2014, 01:07:21 AM
anyone else my age into this?

What's your age? Smiley
3  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My success story, 10 years later on: June 13, 2014, 11:46:25 PM
I wonder if the "PC squeeze" might be somewhat of a misnomer? I think if we go for a PC hold, that is, sit, apply some tension on the PC muscle and hold for hours, and just rhythmically massage the glans or the penis but with some emphasis on the glans, that we should be well on our way. Rhythmic PC squeezes seem to occur reflexively and rhythmically when I'm sufficiently aroused.

As opposed to thinking about the PONR let's talk about technique on experiencing dry orgasms. The longer I go in a session, the farther I feel from the PONR on experiencing dry orgasms. When experiencing dry orgasms the technique does not change much for me. The PC muscle does seem to squeeze repeatedly on dry orgasms, much on its own. If I can tolerate the pleasure I will massage the glans with less directionality on dry orgasms. I do not squeeze extra hard on dry orgasms. I believe squeezing extra hard will either push me over the PONR or interrupt the pleasure level, neither of which supports continuous orgasms.


Regarding learning to fend off the PONR, as a rule of thumb massaging the broad side of the glans and applying tension to the PC muscle resists crossing the PONR. In contrast, massaging the underside of the glans, including the frenulum catalyzes the PONR. Squeezing the PC muscle too hard, especially if done rhythmically, seems to catalyze crossing the PONR.


Sounds like the aneros is in too deep. In my secondary position I insert the aneros about halfway only, then pull it out a bit, then repeat. Dry orgasms do increase the heart beat and thus metabolism. So peeing once every half hour to an hour would seem normal with regular water intake during a prolonged mmo session.


Did some research recently and it seems that the male glans corresponds to the female clitoris. So, it would seem to follow that glans orgasms correspond to clitoral orgasms. If your former partner experienced multiple clitoral orgasms, now, so can you Wink
4  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My success story, 10 years later on: June 11, 2014, 02:03:45 AM
Muscle usage:

In my primary position I am seated throughout. This should allow you to sustain a continual PC squeeze for hours. That is, every man should be able to sit in a way as to keep a moderate amount of tension on the PC muscle, without expending much energy. In this position I'll eventually do mini hip thrusts while seated. I will also periodically lift up my feet so tension is applied to the muscles next to my shins. I will also from time to time rhythmically tense up my hamstrings when I need a boost. All this is to allow the prostate to be rhythmically squeezed.

In my secondary position, which is similar to the classic aneros position, it is essential for the legs to be close together, and for them to squeeze tightly together. I can elaborate if asked. The leg squeeze should make it easy to sustain a continual PC squeeze for 2 to 3 hours. The manual aneros pokes will accomplish the rhythmic squeezing of the prostate this time. Mini hip thrusts can be combined, as a booster or a pleasure enhancer.

If you pass PONR then it's game over. You will need to learn effective ways to stave off the PONR. It seems easier to fend off the PONR while seated.


Tips for newbie:

Use a fleshlight, or similar sleeve. I can't imagine anyone going for hours on hands alone. The wrists will get sore in a hurry. With a fleshlight there are so many ways to achieve multiple orgasms. You can do missionary, or just rock the fleshlight back and forth while seated. There are a variety of effective seating positions. The key is to rhythmically stimulate the glans while simultaneously squeezing the prostate. Some variation of mini missionary thrusts with a fleshlight is a good beginners exercise because when the glans is pressed against the lining of the fleshlight, the PC muscle is squeezed as a result of the simultaneous hip thrust. But I don't recommend missionary for extended periods, as nagging (but minor) injuries can result.


Bladder control:

When I need to go pee, I go pee. I come back and can get back to peak pleasure in minutes. As much as aneros is highly touted, it seems anatomically inferior to rely on the aneros alone. Having to pee with aneros fully inside is a super annoying problem that cannot be easily overcome. While I have achieved super O's with the aneros alone, I can achieve super O's with my primary and secondary techniques with much greater ease, and with much greater sustainability.
5  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My success story, 10 years later on: June 10, 2014, 01:09:37 AM
Yes erection till the end. The erection does become softer towards the end of the 5-7 hours and once I lose erection I switch over to my secondary position, or stop if it's way past bed time Wink

An alternate summary of my primary technique is simulation of sex with minimal effort. Years ago I'd do the missionary position with a fleshlight, but it's harder to control and easier for the body to get tired. I kept on iterating with the goal of reducing effort and came to where I am. So I'm not holding back much. It feels like missionary, except more targeted and more intense. I'd take a breather only when I feel really close to the edge.

Regarding dribbling and gushing, I don't understand what they mean but I know if I were to ooze, it would set me back about an hour in terms of the pleasure level. I think pleasure is highest when the sex organs are engorged with fluids.
6  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My success story, 10 years later on: June 07, 2014, 01:48:51 AM
That's a bit hard to answer, as I massage my glans through the tubing of a fleshlight for 5-7 hours and pre-cum is not visible to me during that time.

Having said that, I do feel well lubricated, and it seems to feel best when I can feel a bit of fluid being massaged in and around the tip of the glans. So, I'd say a fair bit of pre-cum is released, almost, slowly forced out of the penis. In contrast, I'd use a lot more lube if I used a fleshlight by itself, without the thumbs massaging the glans.
7  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / My success story, 10 years later on: May 22, 2014, 01:23:49 AM
Time to give back to the community! I've been working on mmo for about 10 years. This site has been an invaluable resource.

I spent considerable time working on:

- Fumingpole's method: http://www.malemultiple.org/index.php?topic=38.0;wap2
- Dark White's method: http://www.malemultiple.org/index.php?topic=51.0;wap2
- PC Squeeze (embodied in Tantra)
- Tantra with Fleshlight
- Aneros
- Lucid dreams

And I spent a limited amount of time working on:

- Key Sound: http://www.malemultiple.org/index.php?topic=403.0
- Man's Health (PDF): http://www.malemultiple.org/index.php?topic=163.0;wap2

So you might say I'm a jack off all trades Smiley

Right now I average a single session of mmo per week, usually lasting 6-8 hours. Longest I've gone in a single day is 11 or 12 hours. Most I've done in a week is about 40 hours.

Typical session:

- Seated, cross legged, massaging glans with thumbs over side of fleshlight with mini hip thrusts.
- After 5-7 hours, when glans loses sensitivity, switch to secondary position.
- Lying on side, poke ass with aneros, stroke glans with other hand. Mini hip thrusts optional. Some form of key sound optional.
- Dry orgasms last several minutes at a time, with intervals of maybe 1-2 minutes in between.
- Once dry orgasms reach peak, they are stronger than the strongest ejaculatory orgasms.
- When dry orgasms reach peak, head will involuntarily shake in extreme pleasure, much like having a super-O with aneros.
- Dry orgasms usually stay at peak for several hours.
- After session, body should feel fully satisfied, there should be no issue falling asleep.

Learnings on mmo:

- Work on ways to squeeze that sweet spot, the prostate: PC Squeeze, tantra, aneros...
- Prostate also feels great when vibrated, which are like mini squeezes: vibrators, electric toothbrushes, Key Sound...
- The first part of my typical session is a duplication of DarkWhite's method in conjunction with Tantra.
- The second part of my typical session is a marriage between FumingPole's method, aneros, and Key Sound.
- Seated tantric positions have PC Squeeze built in. Mini hip thrusts while seated incur PC Squeezes.
- Aneros: have achieved super-O sporadically, but prostate gets sore in no more than 2-3 hours.
- Aneros works better with manual stimulation. No need to make direct contact with prostate.


- Body eventually gets tired. Sex organs lose sensitivity. Can't go on forever.
- Have never gone into a trance, lost consciousness, or felt the ability to keep on going higher.
- Very limited experience with key sound. Someone lives next wall to me Smiley
- I believe there is a physical limit to how much pleasure the body can endure.

Learnings on lucid dreaming:

- There is a physical limit to having wet dreams. Have had 2-3 wet dreams on some nights. After that, no fluid left.
- Wet dreams minimally impact mmo. There is no refractory period.
- Once you get good at lucid dreaming, you can do mmo, not ejaculate, and have lucid wet dreams when you sleep Smiley
- I average a wet dream once every two weeks, depending on fluid build up.

Be happy to answer any questions. Will aim to check in every day or two until questions taper off.
8  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Some questions about the PC squeeze technique on: October 10, 2011, 03:48:58 AM
> So, I've been trying to achieve MMO on and off for years, but have never actually managed it.

It's taken me a few years. I got gradually better at it. I derived a posture from Tantra that worked for me.

> I think my PC muscle is pretty strong, so I think it's more about the technique that I'm getting wrong.  So I have a few questions...

I've never worked on my PC muscle but rather rely on external forces. For example, sitting is a great way to help the PC muscle stay contracted. It also helps to curl the legs, and to bring the legs closer together, and so on. When your PC muscle is not doing most of the work, you can have much longer, and stronger sessions.

> 1. Which part of the PC muscle do you squeeze?  The more I experiment with it the more I realize how many different ways there are to squeeze it.  Front bit, back bit, both together, kind of squeezing down from the top of the penis, etc.

It's hard to explain. If you can imagine a pool of pleasure around the PC muscle / prostate area. When that pool gets filled up with fluid it becomes pleasurable to stroke from different angles. I find it important to lock in the squeeze once I reach the mmo state. Then you have the pool locked in and can tap into it from here or there. There seems to be a sweet spot that is the most pleasurable to stroke. I think they call it the million dollar spot.

> 2. Is the muscle that you're squeezing the same muscle that contracts when you ejaculate?  I.e. are you preventing ejaculation by tensing the muscle which squirts the semen out so that it can't do it, or are you tensing a different (part of the) muscle which restrains the ejaculation muscle?

I would say it's the PC muscle primarily, and the leg and butt muscles in a supporting role. My goal is not to stop the ejaculation, but build up that pool of pleasure then tap from it. If I tap the pool abruptly ejaculation could trigger. If I tap the pool incrementally in strength or regularity, the body will get used to it and relax accordingly. The pleasure comes from a balanced state between tension and relaxation, both happening at once.

> 3. When exactly should you squeeze?  If I play around with the PONR and move towards orgasm very slowly then I can get a period of about a second or two in between the PONR and the time when I actually start ejaculating.  At what point do you actually squeeze, and is there anything to notice/look out for as an indication of the exact moment to squeeze?

Once you reach that balanced state between tension and relaxation, you can lock down the squeeze e.g. in a sitting posture. Before then, I would say stop whenever you feel you are coming close to the PONR, and after a few hours (?) you will no longer feel the urge of PONR. It's a slow process and I think now I can get to that balanced state in about an hour, then enjoy it for a few hours after.

> 4. When you squeeze, do you feel like it's a case of "you get it right, or you don't", as in, when you first tried it and failed (ejaculated), and then you finally got it, did you feel like you got something right which made it 'just work', or was it a case of doing the same thing but squeezing harder/longer?

Practice makes perfect. Keep on aiming to make one improvement each time. You'll get better.
9  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: MMO's effect on physical and social state? on: October 10, 2011, 03:08:40 AM
> I ... could do squats all day long

I found this fascinating. What is the differential here? For example, you were able to do 500 squats maximally before, and that day could do 5,000?

I am only familiar with Tantra with some form of key sound mixed in. For me, if I go for broke e.g a 10 hour session I'd feel physically tired the next day, but no emotional changes beyond those due to a lack of sleep.
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