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1  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Multiple Ejaculatory Orgasms on: September 18, 2014, 09:53:53 PM
I've always found that I can't have anything touching my cock as I cum. The first shoot is usually the largest and my cock jerks around wanting to be held. I give it a moment and then start up fucking or wanking again. I can cum several times this way with the amount of cum reducing as I go, but the orgasm become more intense. It's about bringing yourself to the point of no return when you know your about to cum, then letting go of your cock, or pulling out, and using your pc muscles to ejaculate. I always experience and orgasm with the ejaculation, it's not just a part empty / dribble. When I'm getting tired after a few rounds I go all the way and have an explosive orgasm (with only a bit of cum - usually all unloaded by that time). It also helps to have good mental images if you are wanking to help get the ejaculation to rocket.

I'm gay so I like to fuck my partner, pull out and come on his back or front, and then lick it off when I start fucking them again. Do this a few times. I get off on the taste of my cum when I'm fucking. Only thing is that you need an experienced bottom to be able to handle being repeatedly fucked with a rock hard rod several times in a session. Most guys just can't believe it until they see it in action.
2  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Multiple wet ejaculation orgasms on: February 24, 2012, 04:23:46 AM
Thanks BoP. Sounds like you are describing the same technique as me. How long have you been doing it?

Does anyone use it during sex or just jacking off? I'm gay and partners usually get so spun out when they see it happening as most guys think 1 cum and its all over. I also like to do it alone jacking in the shower as it helps to have plenty of lubrication at hand and something to was all the cum off.
3  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Multiple wet ejaculation orgasms on: January 12, 2012, 12:08:20 AM
If you can get a few drops then you are probably half way there. Just need some practice and keep pumping the muscles around your balls and ass to squeeze and get the ejaculation to happen. If you can get hold of it most Brazilian porn has multiple ejaculation orgasms. It's from watching these movies and practicing that I learnt how to do it. Most of these guys can also cum hands free.
4  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Multiple wet ejaculation orgasms on: January 07, 2012, 11:39:38 PM
Umm...if I think I'm understanding your question correctly yes the contractions are controlled so that I'm in control of the point of the orgasm. It's the contractions that force the ejaculation. What's important is that point of no return isn't crossed. After that its all over. I think if you are used to edging you'd know that point. The difference is that you force an ejaculation rather than letting the feeling subside to edge up to the same point again.

My suggestion is to practice in the shower with a good hand full of soap or with lube as you'll wear out the skin on your shaft. Nothing worse that a tender cock to work with.

Hope I'm getting closer to explaining this...
5  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Multiple wet ejaculation orgasms on: January 03, 2012, 07:11:04 PM
I learnt it practicing with a partner after watch Brazilian porn. When I do it I can reach ejaculation as many times as I want, its always fatigue and a sensitive shaft that stop me. Older age is also taking a toll, but some decent exercise would undo that. I tend to get anywhere up to 8 times, depending on mood and stamina. The trick to it is not going beyond the point of no return. If you stop stimulating as you are reaching orgasm you can learn to just keep squeezing and make the ejaculation happen. My first couple of round usually erupt with a good distance shoot. Later ones have less volume but the intensity keeps rising each time. The most important thing is that you can't touch or stimulate your balls or shaft or you will complete the orgasm. This is what I do on the last round when I getting exhausted. Just keep pumping as usual. You'll finish up shaking with an all over orgasm.

When you are starting out you need to start to  learn when you've reach the point of no return. Once you get to feel where that point is, bit like "edging", you let go of your shaft and keep pumping your balls and butt muscles (kegels) to make the ejaculation happen. Once you've ejaculated give yourself a moment to catch your breath and let your throbbing shaft recover a bit. Then just go at it again. You shouldn't loose the erection between shoots. If you reach the point of no return just finish it off with a bang.

Let me know if I can help explain anything. I'd like to know if there are others out there who can do this.

6  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Multiple wet ejaculation orgasms on: January 03, 2012, 01:39:52 AM
I've only been briefly reading the forum pages and wonder if my multiple wet ejaculation orgasms are usual? I can see plenty on dry orgasms. What I'm experiencing feels like an orgasm each time with an ejaculation, which I can do several times without loosing my erection, before finally having a final all out orgasm that leaves me breathless. Admittedly the amount of each ejaculation does decrease each time, but my balls and shaft just feel better and better with each round. Does anyone else experience it this way?
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