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1  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Newbie Board / Re: how to porn stars pump so hard for so long on: March 19, 2015, 01:49:57 PM
i love these questions poping up on various male forums (stamina or dick size in PORN)... guys lets just stop denying that guys who end up in PORN industry ussually have larger than average dick size and they ussually have naturally high stamina or even a mild form of "Delayed (Retarded) ejaculation" which they just put to good use Smiley

no amount of camera tricks and editing will negate the fact there are guys born like Mandingo and others who have ENORMOUS COCKS... same goes to stamina... some guys are a "quirk of nature"...

its simple matter of selection... some guys are born with huge dicks and some guys can last a long time because they heredited good balance of serotonin / histamine / etc. from their mother and father DNA... these guys are those who end up with a porn flick contract rather than 5.000 other guys who just cum to quickly on the set or show up with a small dick or they cant get it up when there is 2 cameramans, director, lighting assistant all sitting 3 meters from you while you try to have sex... you never see those who didnt pass (guys with less than 7in dicks and those who cant bang for 10-15 minutes minimum) - the shooting didnt even start for them... guys you end up seeing in a PORN flick are 1 out of 100 who's body had the right parameters to do the job in the audition and they did allright in front of the camera (dick size, erection quality, stamina... passable looks)... ONLY THESE videos are uploaded on internet... did you notice there is not many bloopers in porn... because anything less than perfect (huge dick, great erections, stamina) never goes public... it ends up in the editors trash... also i dont know many guys who would themself upload their own amateur video where they have a laughable dick and cum by accident after 3 minutes of pitifull sex... what you see on internet is only the "look at my great dick" amateur videos...

also guys who have normal dicks and low stamina (you and me and everyone you know Tongue) dont even consider showing up at an audition... why get ashamed in front of unknown bunch of people (the crew) and subsequently whole world that you have smallish dick and cum in 5 minutes... ACTUALLY MANY WOULD RISK IT BUT THE COMPANIES ARE NOT INTERESTED TO SHOOT FILM WITH SMALL DICKS AND GUYS CUMMING IN 5 MINUTES... so there are multiple pre-selection "gates" that seek and allow the right guys to be found in the crowd - these are mostly naturals born with huge dick or rock steady stamina (ejacualtion trigger its all about neurochemistry which is largely heredited) - only these pass towards the contract and end up being seen in video... the rest of us (MAJORITY) can only envy and cry behind the closed doors of the studio...

if there is 580 registered members on this forum, if we all went to PORN audition about 10 would pass and get a contract and thats those guys you see in internet videos... you will never see the 570 rejected normal guys (average dick, average to low stamina)... because standards are set like this all across the PORN industry, comparing real life only with PORN reality (like many teenagers and adults do), it would seem like every other guy on street must pack an 8 inch dick in his trousers and last for 35 minutes of hardcore banging with his wife or girlfriend... but reality is different... statistically, out of full Time Square (New York) only 10-20% of guys could get a contract in PORN and iam only reducing this to dicksize and stamina... iam not talking about looks and muscle-build which also play some role, albeit less important in various niche porn sub-genres (like amateur teen skinny guys or older 50+ guys with a beer belly fucking all sorts of girl types)...

iam sure many guys use some numbing injections in porn industry but many DONT... so dont blame it on the pills... these guys are really a chosen few who can do this...

i think the "looping editing" is a myth and it certainly doesnt explain everything... for every scene where loop editing might be used you have 2 other scenes where the sex has a fluid naration and the actors change or modify positions frequently... or there are long un-interupted banging passages shot from distance without much genitalia details...

its safer to accept that there are guys like Mandingo and guys who can go for 30 minutes... they are 1 in a 1000... but thats still enough porn actors in the world...

also little note... Viagra (Sidenafil), Cialis, Caverject - none of them are stamina drugs - they are erection drugs... so the mode of operation during PORN shooting would be to take them and have UNINTERUPTED erection for 2-4 hours during the film shooting, but since stamina is not affected by these drugs you would ejaculate every now and than like ussual - but off camera - Viagra would eliminate the refractory-period keeping you erected NON-STOP for 2-4 hours even when you ejaculate... your dick cant go limp after orgasm and ejaculation because of the drugs... so after an ejaculation off camera you would return and continue banging the girl... the final porn scene would be edited out of several pieces joined together with the many ejaculations left out (except the final one)... this all seems like too much hassle for the director and editor when they can just open up an PORN actors agency database full of guys who have naturally high stamina... given 80% of porn is shot in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California everybody know each other and the guys who can deliver a professional scene (good stamina, big cock, good looks) are known in the industry... if there are thousands of female actreses there might be couple dozens or few hundred skilled actors in every PORN hub area like Los Angeles and similar sites in Great Britain, Germany, etc...

the good thing is most girls dont watch porn so they ussualy have little to compare with, unless they are local sluts and slept with 20 guys so they statistically had to encounter 1 or 2 with larger cock or 1 which was unable to cum for 30 minutes... but most normal good girls are perfectly happy with what they get with you... there is a big chance you are their biggest so far or their last partner was even quicker than you Tongue

the best thing is to give up PORN forever and instead focus on real girls... real sex is so much more fun than pixels... and the dick size and stamina is also much smaller in real life so you dont have to worry a thing... unlike guys who compare their menhood with PORN INDUSTRY actors...
2  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Newbie Board / Re: Natural MMO? on: January 20, 2010, 03:27:06 PM
I had a couple of experiences like this, but they were either quite random or forced.
I tried a few times just to push through the refractory and managed to have a few orgasms in rapid succession, though i don't know if most of them can be considered multiples, only once i had what i can truly call a multiple, when one orgasm followed almost instantly after the last one, but in general they were less intense than the first one.
3  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Multiple Orgasm with Ejaculation on: January 20, 2010, 03:15:58 PM
I tried this forceful approach twice, the first time, i reached 7 orgasms in a period of 30 to 45 minutes, one truly multiple, happened right after the previous one, without any loss of pleasurable tingling, which happens during the refractory period (like all the pleasure is flushed out of the system and it feels like a finger, not a penis), but generally the orgasms were weak compared to my normal ones, because i unloaded everything during the first one.

This method for me requires very strong concentration and is pretty tiring on the arm, you really need to do it fast and hard after an orgasm to reach a climax because of the insensitivity you get during the refractory.
I also am not really sure if it is a possible to train like this for real, because i'm 20 and it might be harder to combat the refractory period as it gets stronger in later age.
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