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1  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Male g- spot on: January 12, 2015, 09:04:43 AM
MMO is what got me to buy a prostate massager from Aneros. I chose the Helix Syn based on the reviews on their website. I bought it at a sex shop. At first it wasn't comfortable to use. Maybe I wasn't used to it or I didn't use enough lube. There is a chat room on the Aneros.com website where you can talk to other users. They share their experiences with each other. Many have achieved full body dry MMO just by relaxing and leaving the toy in. Allowing the contractions to start on their own. I've owned mine for about 5 months. I don't use it all the time because your colon should be relatively clean before inserting and I don't always have a regular system.
Once in October I starting to stimulate the prostate with the Helix in and after about an hour I started having an urge to orgasm. I wasn't erect at all. But, I was getting closer. I was going with the flow until I finally reached a prostate orgasm. It was something I never felt before. Very intense pleasure felt from deep inside and flooded my body. It wasn't a dry orgasm because I ejaculated prostate fluid. I was surprised that I did ejaculate while being totally soft. This is kind of not recommended by the users, because the goal is to have MMO without stimulating the toy while the device is in. I just wanted to know how milking felt.

I haven't managed to have another prostate orgasm since then.
2  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: 21 Day Challange on: January 06, 2015, 09:00:19 AM
You must have reached very close to the PONR (or passed it) and tried to stop the ejaculation by clamping down on your pc muscles. You might have had a retrograde ejaculation where the sperm went to your bladder and when you urinated you pissed the sperm out.

When you masturbate you must be doing it with quite amount of vigor. You have to take it easy when getting close and try to suck the energy out of your dick so the energy doesn't blast out that way. 
3  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: 21 Day Challange on: January 05, 2015, 02:36:00 PM
It does get better over time to not cum. You would be surprised. I was actually working a hard-on on Saturday which I didn't feel like cumming and without jerking it, it remained hard for a very long time on its own and I wasn't that horny. You'll manage to make your body accustomed to ejaculating when you want to and go for hours with an erection.

Porn will do that to you. I know how it feels after you've watched it. It screws up your energy and makes it hot and lustful, making it difficult to circulate the energy. It will set you back in your progress until you can overcome the desire.

Good for you that you didn't give in and let it pass.
4  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: 21 Day Challange on: January 01, 2015, 06:04:03 PM
I've managed to keep ejaculations down to over a month. The last time I held out for several months. I did feel the energy build up, but you have to be careful with the building up of sexual energy if you don't channel it properly.

When I did cum for the first time, I did it through my prostate and was the most amazing orgasm I ever felt. I used an aneros. But, it also ejaculated semen from the prostate. I wasn't even hard. The sexual energy didn't come way down until 2 months later when I was massaging my perineum and felt that nice feeling of an orgasm starting and I did not do well with pulling the energy from my dick. It was a very good session though and brought me back down. I felt that I really needed that release. You can go a bit crazy by reaching the edge and stopping without circulating the energy.

Also, I have to lay off of the porn, I find that it does not help with MMO at all. But after a few weeks, I get tempted and give in.
5  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My multiple orgasms on: January 01, 2015, 05:46:28 PM
You mentioned that you have been having multiple orgasms for years. Did you practice to get to this point or have you been able to do it since before puberty.

I sort of remember that before puberty I would be in bed naked and have ragging hard-ons and had dry orgasms from the excitement of being naked. But, I started to ejaculate when I hit 12. Although, I was able to have multiple orgasms at that time, they were ejaculatory ones.

When you have a full body MMO, are you erect? Do you fantasize?
6  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My success story, 10 years later on: June 09, 2014, 10:49:14 PM
The reason why I asked is that for that amount of time you might be using a lot of fluid.

During your sessions do you stay hard pretty much the whole time? I know you use a fleshlight, but you must feel if you have an erection.

When I practice I tried to stay very calm and relax and I lose my erection but remain excited if that makes sense.

I can't have a totally dry orgasm yet. I still dribble a bit of cum. But, after two weeks of not ejaculating, I'm surprised that I don't gush more. I tried not to clamp down on my PC.
7  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: My success story, 10 years later on: June 01, 2014, 08:02:25 PM
For those 5-7 hours, how much pre-cum do you produce?
8  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Newbie Board / Re: Newbie wonders what, exactly, is "multiple orgasm". on: December 27, 2013, 08:35:34 AM
Multiple orgasms discussed here are ones that don't include ejaculation. These forums generally assist people to separate orgasms and ejaculations (dry orgasms). In your situation, you are one of a few that can have multiple ejaculations in one session. This can't be achieved by practice.
9  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Newbie Board / Re: My learning diary on: October 04, 2013, 12:39:52 PM
Hey Scampifries,

I'll offer up some experiences that I have found worked for me. When keepitUpJohnson says to lay off the ejaculation for a month, he means it. I've managed to ejaculate only three times in two months. I use to shoot three times a week. And these were times where I was getting impatient and wanted gratification right away and I passed the point of no return.. Now I don't hurry anything anymore. Just rubbing my balls and perineum can generate a great tingling that feels great. This is all done with no erection or semi-soft. When I breathe deeply it feels better, way after a session. Using porn is a trap because you need to get aroused artificially meaning you don't have enough energy to get aroused on your own. I know its tough and even I stray a bit, but if I do I don't have a session right afterwards and I don't fantasize or I block the imagines from entering my mind. It seems you are trying too hard because you are close and want to taste it and make it complicated more then it is. Believe me before I starting practicing back in August I never thought I would go this long without ejaculating. Now that being said, I have only experienced full body orgasms and not the dry ones that Johnson has. But, with patience I know I'll get there. Remember, we've taught ourselves almost all our lives to reach orgasm right away because of wanting a quick one or of fear of being caught. Now, you have to train yourself to get there slowly.
10  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Newbie Board / Re: Newly multi-orgasmic man here, need help with self-control and balance on: September 25, 2013, 09:43:19 AM
hey there sdx,

I can see your concern. You don't want masturbation to interfere with your college life. I actually remember back in college that I went a whole month without masturbating. It helped me get through some tough exams because I was energized and focused. But, I was a nervous reck cuz I was horny as hell and when exams were over, I had to release. I've also read the book and if I knew then what I know now, I know I would have done much better cuz I have more confidence in myself to handle stresses in life today.

Are you practicing to draw your energy up your spine? This is a great technique that I only recently started to learn myself. You can't rush this technique, it takes time. You need to breathe deeply and draw (use your mind to do this) the energy up while you are inhaling from you belly and squeeze your pc muscles. Strengthen your pc muscle everyday cuz this will help you to avoid ejaculating when you get close to the edge. Like Keepitup Johnson said, that once you learned to circulate your energy you can do it anywhere, even in class! and it will feel good. With enough practice you can even have full body orgasms anywhere. I've already experienced this and they are fantastic. They last for such a long time and I'm not even hard. Remember, don't just concentrate on you dick, like the book says you have to learn to massage other places. Some guys have a hard time with this because they have been given the impression that this is gay. It's not. Learn to love yourself as a whole. Touch your balls and massage your perineum without rubbing your dick. It seems you have enough sexual energy to draw up your spine to your head without jerking already. But, dude once you are close to the edge, learn to relax and try not to fantasize or use porn! That's how I discovered whole body orgasms. Limit yourself to an hour per day to practice, if possible. Maybe before you go to bed. That's what I do. The key is to breathe deeply and relax and you shouldn't feel so horny at the end of the session. If you still do because you haven't drawn your energy away from you dick, then release until you mastered the technique.

Let us know your progess and don't miss anymore classes!

11  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Newbie Board / Re: Retrogade Ejaculation on: September 16, 2013, 05:46:03 PM
Hi Jimmy,

Just when you are just about to hit the PONR, contract your PC muscles. But, it all depends on how you get there. If you are frantically masturbating and breathing swallow, it will be hard to stop ejaculating and contracting the PC hard may pump it in you bladder.
I take it real easy to the PONR and breathe deeply. When I feel Im close I keep on breathing deeply and relax. For me it is all about relaxing and making sure my penis is not full of so much energy. I draw it up to my head and around my body. It's awesome. I have been learning for about a month and thanks, in big part, to Keepitup Johnson's book I've learned not ejaculate in about 3 weeks. I don't feel deprived. I feel satisfied. I just don't rush into orgasm.
12  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Tingling Sensations on: September 04, 2013, 05:29:05 PM
The Multi-Orgasmic Man - Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

Authors Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams
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