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1  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Amygdala clicking and Mantak Chia on: January 15, 2015, 06:27:49 AM
I recently got jack Johnston's key sound method. I was laying in bed listening to the seminar and producing the sound along with the instructions. While doing this I was also tickling the amygdala and I had the most unusual experience. I physically felt the tickling and as I continued to breathe I felt waves of pleasure shooting up my spine into my head, neck and shoulders. This continued to build and I was eventually feeling it down in my legs as well. This all occurred with no physical stimulation at all. I was shocked. As I stopped focusing on this pleasure and tried to simply resume listening to the seminar the waves continued and I was literally sitting on my bed giggling like a little girl. Haha eventually I calmed down enough to continue. What an eye opener that was. As a side note: I have been using guided meditations, listening to binaural beats and I so chronic tones, practising micro cosmic orbit for several months before this experience.
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