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1  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Re: Newbie's Thoughts on Multiple Os on: February 18, 2015, 10:36:56 AM
Thanks for the reply. I'd say I want to do it so I can have multiple Os in one session and also to continue hat sexual energy into the next day and after. If you can have great Os and not have a recharging period, why wouldn't you try and have the control?
2  The Male Multiple Orgasm Forum / The Male Multiple Orgasm Main Board / Newbie's Thoughts on Multiple Os on: February 17, 2015, 07:27:48 PM
Hey guys.
I'm new to the forum and and new to striving for multiple dry Os. I have always been very aware of my arousal level and have had strong Pc muscles for quite some time. I'm currently at 17 days without ejaculating and I have NOT had an orgasm within the those 17 days. I have edged, come close to wanting to push the envelope but before I do I've been stuck on wanting to achieve a prostate only orgasm, hopefully dry. I came close a few months ago to achieving one. It built up to where I felt and O was imminent if I kept rubbing but then I stopped. So pissed that I didn't experience it, and I stopped bc I promosied my wife Id unload in her that night. Now it has seemed like impossible to get back to that point. Even at day 17.

Anyhow. I wanted to share and get some thoughts on this. After reading all this male multiple stuff, I thought back to when I used to have sex with my wife missionary, or at least finish that way, and back then (a few years ago) I also would pull out so we wouldn't get pregnant.

Here is what I noticed:
I would pull out at the last very possible second where I felt the orgasm and contractile O begin and before I thought I'd start pumping ejacualte into her. I would then standup on my knees and beat off onto her.

What I would experience many times when doing this is an orgasm begin when I am in her, me pull out last second, squeeze pc instinctively while moving to a standup on knee position and as I immediately beat off to ejac on her I would then feel The orgasm pass, id still feel the contractions pumping, but not ejac, and then another O would begin along with the contractions continuing, and then I'd start ejaculating on her.

Was I having multiple Os back then? I assume so and I'm guessing that what I was doing was equating to a technique to attain a multiple O. I am extremely curious if I was to go back into missionary once first O passed, let the next one build up and then stand up on knees like that again that I would have had a 3rd O happen.

Please let me know all of your thoughts on what I described and if you have any questions.

So my goal right now is to achieve at prostate O, BC I never have before, and hopefully it is dry and then I can test out my multiple O position again and see if I can replicate.
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