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 on: June 30, 2017, 09:02:24 AM 
Started by Vitality4845 - Last post by KeepitupJohnson
Dear Vitality,

After reading and re-reading your posts, I can see that you’re already achieving success.
You are taking a few days off and that will help your body increase its energy.  

You asked how does more sperm on board help dry orgasms?

A man with little sperm on board focuses on visual stimulation combined with fast, physical stimulation to stay hard and orgasm. A man with less sperm on board devotes more of his attention to staying hard – using porn/lust to bring excitement to remember his member.
Orgasms (wet or dry) are cyclic spasms of tension/release. Having more sperm on board increases sexual tension. Powerful sexual tension leads to powerful sexual releases which take the form of powerful, dry, orgasmic spasms. Bigger energy inside the body bounces around creating bigger orgasms.

Your questions are about holding in sperm while orgasming.  I'd like to address each of your questions, but for a better explanation, I suggest you re-read chapters 9 of Love Satisfies. {Love Satisfies offers a better explanation - although I spend a few days carefully writing an understandable explanation to each question I respond to here, I spend a few years on each book I write, carefully crafting an easy to understand explanation. The answers to all of your questions are already in Love Satisfies, chapter 9, and the first paragraph in Chapter 19 is true!

When you re-read a book, you not only see more in the book than you did before; but you also see more in you than there was before.

 “We eat with our eyes first.” -  Master Chef.
“Pay attention to what you eat.”  - Mister Johnson.

Porn is fast food for boners. The fast food industry seems to care more about money than our health and well being. Animals are fed pharmaceuticals and hormones . . . the food looks good, but in the long run, the food makes us sick.
The porn industry seems to care more about money than men’s sexual health and well being. The sex looks good, but in the long run, porn makes us sick. The actors are paid, a disturbingly high percentage of them commit suicide, many of their relationships don't work out or last.

Why do nurses give porn to sperm donors at the hospital/medical clinic? Because if you want to ejaculate, there’s nothing better than porn.  

Men ask, “But how can I get hard without porn?”
This is where having more sperm on board comes in handy for having dry orgasms. When a man doesn’t ejaculate for a week or more, his energy increases. He can get hard with the softest touch. Now he can focus on THE amazing feelings of LOVE.

The title of your post in this forum is “What am I missing?”
I think the only thing you are missing is the use of love instead of lust to generate your sexual energy. Often overlooked, there is a spiritual component to nonejaculatory orgasms – lifting your energy up instead inside of your body instead of having it flow down and out through your penis. Part 2 of Love Satisfies explains it better.  

Last month, I was alone inside of the King’s Chamber inside of The Great (Cheops) Pyramid in Giza, near Cairo, Egypt. It’s a really cool, big room in the middle of the Great Pyramid. The room has stone walls and a stone floor, and it’s totally empty, except for a large, thick, black stone, rectangular box with no lid. I thought to myself, “This looks like the coffin where they put the Pharoh’s dead body.” So I jumped in. The instant I lied down, I had two huge, whole body orgasms. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for me. I have orgasms all the time. It just surprised me because I wasn’t thinking about sex. I was focusing on increasing my internal energy.

I don’t think the pyramids are a crazy, mystical, energy source. I think you (and all living beings) are an energy source as powerful as the sun.

Let me ask you, “What are you focusing your energy on?”

Porn triggers amazing ejaculatory orgasms, but love triggers even more amazing (dry) orgasms.  Love sends us over the top without driving the body to ejaculate. One soft look or touch from your lover might be enough to send you into a dry orgasm. Solo practitioners need only feel self-love to initiate dry orgasm. Practice feeling tingles all over your body. Do it now – with your clothes on. When you masturbate, don’t FUCK a hottie, make LOVE to yourself! Energy from being excited about life  is a power source for dry orgasms. Small fires might be easier to control, but when the source of the fire is love, the fires don’t explode. When the sexual energy sperm tank is low, porn gets us up, but that lusty _ _ _ t makes it impossible to control ejaculation!!!

There’s an online forum devoted to energy work and to retaining sperm energy also https://www.thedaobums.com/

Let your love flow. Spend time loving yourself, and watch what you eat because you are what you eat.

Over the next few months, I won’t be answering questions because I’ll be focused on finishing a few books that are really short = to show the difference between lust and love to help men get this. You’re close to success, and I think you’re going to get this! I honestly feel that the only thing you are missing is the extra boost that comes from raising your energy up. It makes dry orgasms a lot easier. You might call it the spiritual side of male multiple orgasms. You don't have to believe a certain way. You don't have to use the same tools as me or anyone else. Just be aware of the vast energy source for triggering dry orgasms that exists inside of you.LOVE. Connect with yourself and love yourself.

All my love, Keepitup Johnson

Ps. When I have multiple orgasms without love, I don’t have satisfaction. If I don’t have love, I don’t have anything worthwhile.

Love Satisfies. I respect you for asking questions. Thanks for asking. There are lots of good men here in this online forum posting good questions and answers. Peace, light, and love.

 on: June 26, 2017, 05:55:30 PM 
Started by Vitality4845 - Last post by Vitality4845
I do a lot of different things to get as close as i can to the edge without falling over, maybe my second base is a really small base. I sometime leave my hand on and try very settle stimulus but i feel like i always fall into ejaculation. I try to hold it in but sometimes it leaks out and sometimes it retrograde and my boner dies. Im taking some time off to regain strength before i try again.

Thanks for your feedback, enjoy your family.


 on: June 25, 2017, 08:00:39 AM 
Started by Vitality4845 - Last post by KeepitupJohnson
Dear Vitality,
Getting back to your original post . . .  When you are extremely close to orgasm, you wrote that you stop stroking about one stroke before orgasm, and then your “penis falls back on your stomach and no dry orgasm follows” – I assume you are taking your jackhand completely off of your penis  – if so, adjust your technique -  do not let go of your penis completely. Stop stroking but continue to cradle (gently hold) your penis with your hand . . . this extra, gentle stimulation is necessary to send you over and above the threshold of orgasm, yet this extra, gentle stimulation is soft enough to keep you away  from ejaculating.
I’m on family vacation for a week . . . I will answer your other questions in a few days.
Thank you for your thoughtful questions.

 on: June 22, 2017, 11:47:43 PM 
Started by Vitality4845 - Last post by Vitality4845
But what occurs when you relax into an orgasm, for me it was just the momentary stiffness. Are you suppose to relax completely while letting your yourself go through that initial contraction and the spasms that follow ?  Was the point of relaxing to keep you from having the initial contraction and going straight to the spasms? All the while you are suppose to be relaxing and having contractions during your dry o, but what keeping the sperm from leaking out if you are not purposely holding the gates shut and are just relaxing ?

 on: June 22, 2017, 11:28:07 PM 
Started by Vitality4845 - Last post by Vitality4845
You make a good point about the having sperm onboard because it has been especially difficult keeping my sperm, you mentioned that the less there is the more easy it is to leak out and it always has for me. But besides this, can you explain why having more sexual energy would make dry orgasms easier. Some may think a small fire is easier to control and a big fire would just make it that much more easy to simply end up ejaculating.

I have noticed that phenomenon, when I'm close to the point of no return what happens to me when i relax is just a momentary stiffness  of the shaft then it relaxes back to my stomach, the squeezing and sucking carry me to orgasm as if i had just hooked myself to a running car, what i have trouble with is that i always end up having a retrograde ejaculation. I can hold it in and try to  orgasm again but it always keeps getting weaker and weaker. I know its retrograde because Ive noticed the sperm in my urine, how can i go about fixing this ?

 on: June 22, 2017, 07:13:25 PM 
Started by Vitality4845 - Last post by KeepitupJohnson
There's more than one way to trigger a nonejaculatory orgasm. It is possible to come within a stroke or two of orgasm and then stop stroking and then relax into a nonejaculatory orgasm.
You say you've tried this, so here's another way . . . (My book, Love Satisfies, gives you details on this - look for the drawing of the roller coaster that looks like a penis, Chapter 9: PC Muscles . . .
Try it out and keep asking questions . . .
 trigger orgasm while sucking/squeezing in with your PC muscles.  Use sufficient  PC muscle squeeze to hold in the sperm.  
This PC muscles suck/ squeeze prevents ejaculation. Tight PC muscles also prevent all orgasms because all orgasms are cycles of tension/relaxation. If you never relax your PC muscles,  you'll never enjoy dry orgasms, so relax your PC muscles as soon as you feel that you won't be ejaculating.  Practice.
Friend, you have great control. You are enjoying great sex. Feel the greatest energy of sex : love, universal love, sharing love, feeling love, expanding your love for yourself and for others. Expand your pleasure, and expand your heart, and you'll find that your energy expands. Keep your sexuality loving instead of lusting, and you'll find dry orgasms, also known as energy orgasms, and whole body orgasms, and male multiple orgasms.
Peace and love, Keepitup Johnson
Ps. Keep asking questions.  Your questions help us all. You asked about having more sperm onboard. As I have said before, be patient, have sex without ejaculating for a week or longer, then having dry orgasms will be easier for you.

 on: June 22, 2017, 01:00:23 PM 
Started by Vitality4845 - Last post by Vitality4845
Hey everyone, so heres my story, I have been doing this for about a year now and i have read up on mantak chia books and have even read keepitup Johnson and so far i believe I have made some progress. I can last as long as i want in bed which is perfect for my sex life but the only issue is actually achieving those MMOs.

I get confused especially with what Keepitup Johnson says " work your way to two strokes before PONR " and i can basically live in this area. I can go for three hours literally just constantly  stopping two strokes before PONR . Eventually I do slip over into ejaculations but i keep wonder why i dont have a dry o. I mean what i experience may but it but all Keepitup says is " stop then have a dry orgasm" but what does that mean physically? The only thing that happens to me is my shaft tenses up then relaxes on my stomach a second or two later. Is that is? should i work on lengthening that moment? I had an accidental dry o once before and it was basicly as mantak chia suggested i get to it. When i feel it coming i tense my glutes and bring the energy up and what happened was a momentary stiffness in the shaft followed by some twitching.

Other questions i have are how the hell do i approach a dry o? Keepitup says relax then says tense your pcs to hold back exacualtions so im just really confused. When i get close to the point of no return should i keep stroking but completely relax everything and try to keep my pc and shaft from tensing up like it does when im close and see if i get there. So far i can get kinda close to orgasm without my pc tensing up and it feels good . Other times i stroke till i get that stiffness right before PONR and then let it relax. The stiffness of the shaft can last if i really try around 3 seconds and then relax back on my stomach. Am i doing this right? Should i allow this stiffness or focus on relaxing the pc the whole time , or should i focus on relaxing after the stiffness. ? Is it is that my sexual energy is a little drained and should probably hold of for a while? i also keep thinking of the kayak analogy by keepitup where im suppose to stop paddling and drift into the waterfall but maybe my sexual energy is too weak to to carry me there when i stop stroking right before PONR lol idk. Ive been using porn to get me hard because it takes a while without it.

Im a very visual learning and reading descriptions never really does it for me, i need to either see it go down( which is very unlikely to find someone who will demonstrate ) or i need a very detailed description of what goes down physical (muscle movements, sensations, intentions, etc)  before,  during, and after a dry o.

Sorry if its a lot of questions and speculations, im a Computer Science major and if you know coding, you will also know its the smallest details that can end up ruining the whole thing.

Thanks to whomever crystal clears everything up for me

 on: May 16, 2017, 07:22:53 AM 
Started by Barn123 - Last post by Teddyball
From my understanding, what you are doing wrong is ejaculating. To have multiple orgasms, you need to separate orgasm from ejaculation, then you can have many wonderful orgasms and keep going. I am learning now--it is not easy!

 on: May 10, 2017, 03:11:52 AM 
Started by RichRich087 - Last post by RichRich087
Thanks for all the advice and great book! It explains what mantak chai does in a much easier way! Thanks again.

 on: May 03, 2017, 02:33:41 PM 
Started by RichRich087 - Last post by KeepitupJohnson
Thanks for asking and also for buying my book. I think it's good to practice whenever you want to, you don't have to wait a week.
I would like to offer another answer to your original question ...
Rather than feeling compelled to always be erect, I want to share this...

Give satisfaction a chance ...
Great sex is all about finding satisfaction.  Love deeply.  Connect deeply. Feel deeply.
Whether soft or hard, satisfaction is something to celebrate, not something to be concerned about. I named my book Love Satisfies because love satisfies.

Love or  lust?  Satisfied or insatiable? One feels better.

In conclusion, great sex is about reaching satisfaction.

While mmo's greatly increase our libido, we men need to acknowledge and respect and appreciate our soft side.

Peace and love, Keepitup Johnson

Ps. Women appreciate men's feelings and all the different moods of the penis.

What part of Love Satisfies to concentrate on?, just keep asking questions and exploring and evolving. You'll find what's right for you. You're wonderful and you are already satisfied!

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