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 on: July 05, 2015, 09:06:13 AM 
Started by mauricemaltais - Last post by mauricemaltais

L'avenir de la sexualité est relié à la façon dont nous aidons à notre santé. Et faire en sorte comme pour une auto notre corps ne doit pas manquer de ce qu'i a besoin. Je continue à chercher à trouver le meilleur moyen pour permettre à son corps d'avoir encore plus d'énergie que notre corps a besoin. Si j'ai réussi à faire mieux que des centres de recherches, je suis convaincu que l'emploie de l'appareil pourrait donner encore  beaucoup plus d'énergie. Je n'arrête pas de chercher dans ce domaine.

Avec une considérable augmentation de la capacité respiratoire la sexualité à son tour changera. De quelle façon ? J'espère que certains inconvénients actuels disparaitront. En faisant un orgasme avec plusieurs éjaculations je ne suis plus obligé d'avoir plusieurs orgasmes dans la même journée.


 on: June 29, 2015, 12:25:30 PM 
Started by mauricemaltais - Last post by mauricemaltais

à Roméo,

Comment vas-tu

Plus je demeure en santé, plus je réalise que si Dieu nous demande parfois des sacrifices, en retour il nous fait comprendre que le plaisir doit être accepté comme les sacrifices , lui qui ne demandait pas à ses apôtres de jeuner. Je fais toujours mes exercices qui augmente ma capacité respiratoires. Les gains sont plus espacés avec le temps mais ils me cesse pas d'augmenter. J'essaie toujours de trouver une une nouvelle façon de faire plus de progrès. Pour le moment c'est avec l'appareil que c'est le meilleur moyen.


 on: April 21, 2015, 10:21:37 AM 
Started by tigger_canuck - Last post by mmmniple
Hello to all.
after reading several times the original "succesfull .." thread ,and with other things i have learned,
i think we have found some nice thing i would love share :

I would like comment found some "mistakes" on fumming pool's post i would love post and could discuss it :

-he call them dry orgasm but really they are no (or almost in our view : the drops semen;a dry orgasm doesnt have relation with eyaculation or semen;it is really dry (correct this : it also can go with precum but the eyaculation is not avoided because it is no sense in any moment).

-other is it seem he uses the "gland technique" for orgasm BUT really ,yes he palming his gland but he can have similar results without doing it : his technique is totally diferent to darkwhite describe.

I am not sure if what darkwhite describe is a continuos pleasure or several continuos dry orgasm :/.But i belive there are similar to "doing technique" for woman from deliberated orgasm :



(I dont remember where i saw,i have recorded and i will post where i paste this on the thread,but a person describe the same sensation than both and is curious because the part of gland he stimulate is the "oposite" than the part is recomended on woman :p )

Fuming pool tech is based on relax muscles and let some semen drop ,without having a refraid period and he can go on..
I know more people which is able to do it ,conscious or unconscious as i have explained on "http://www.malemultiple.org/index.php?topic=465.0" now.
(wu example, i wish he want/could post something there,i have just mail him now)
he posted some vids on dick.net:


I also had some orgasm this way and a little variation : unless relax muscles press them as you make where you want pee : the semen will go out and you dont felt orgasm.This way ,sometimes ,you can :
a)go on stimulating and being able to do more times
b)go on stimulating and having a orgasm without eyaculation (if i dont remember bad a member post he did same in successfull thread)
c)dont felt a orgasm but reach refraid period.

(Personally i had felt all of them)

*Ah,i dont know if i have posted here this : with the glans you can felt other kind of orgasm diferent to darkwhite ,it is called "male gushing" because you expell some liquid similar to woman eyaculation.
(I tried some times ,some of them felt a intense sensation but it is gone soon..I had chated with a person which is able and i would love be in contact with more)


other place with lots of info is :


It has done some research and it is no pee (althougth if he has not pee before some pee could be expleled ;and a little variation i saw recently is
really expell pee (consciensly) and he described as feeling as orgasm where he expell pee.
( i read first on
,and contact the author.He explain me how found the original vid : You can go to xtube.com and search for "pissgasm.".I tried contact the vid author but no answer yet.

I wish we can make a complete thread ,with links,vids recorded for show how it works and it is true...)

until them i will try post more often

I wish darkwhite,fuming pool and other which gave his descriptions read and give his point of view

 on: April 21, 2015, 08:42:17 AM 
Started by multiplelove - Last post by multiplelove
In my research, it seems like there are two options for moving energy:

1) Once aroused, squeezing the sphincter/PC region and imagine moving the energy up the spine and into the microcosmic orbit.
2) Focusing on another part of the body and move the energy to that location.
When would you use each of these methods? Would you use them in the same session and do they serve different purposes?

Thanks for any insight and help in this area ... I appreciate it.

 on: April 13, 2015, 07:23:11 AM 
Started by brickbat - Last post by mmmniple
Hello man,excuse me the delay for answering.
I had tried lots of time and sometimes i are more sucessfull than others (as i said before i had a concentration problem which make this more dificult).

"I have not yet had a nipple orgasm but like you, I want one and many of them following.  I want to orgasm also my nuts, my navel, my belly, my adoman, my anus, my rectal tract...............everywhere I can orgasm.  You get the drift???"
yes,i belive the same :p

i have not read already ,i hope soon having more free time and could read and "practicate" more often :p

"I am glad your nipples are so sensitive.  They sound more sensitive than mine."
Mine are crazy : sometimes it burns of pleasure (really;but they are in the worst moments :/ ),and other they are no sensitive at all.

"The aerola is also very erogenous and I am learning new joy even today in using my index finger and thumb to grip the aerola which along with some contact by those fingers on my nipples produce deep deep pangs of pleasure in my prostate."

Yes,it is true.

According my experience (really more what i have seen ,listen ,observed ,comented..) with friends is they are (almost) two kind of nipple orgasm.

-One is what you had explained :

"This morning I had an intense O but some semen emitted.  However, I did not feel a refractory pleasure and now as I type this, my prostate is ready for more action "

he had some vids online,i dont know if they are available,if not told me and i can told him and ask if he could give your some help.(search : "wu" "tinywurst" nipple orgasm)
He also leaks some semen and he can go on ,BUT when he has lots of them (7 or Cool he can not avoid and has a full eyaculation with its refraid period.Anyway they are increible.

-The other is somekind diferent : No semen is expeled (and the felt of eyaculation is never sense)
only lots of precum.
when orgasm happen his belly had lots of contractions.Also he can have multiple orgasm this way.
My friend explain them as "rude" :lot of contractions,and very physical (and he can make them longer sometimes presioning his nipples)
when he finish "a session" is because he want or he is exausted of pleasure.He describe as too relaxing.
He forgot he has penis and he doesnt felt anything on it.
I am waiting he has time and can record a great vid for sharing ( i have some "private" vids he gave me but i can not share them)

And again i belive same as you on sharing all knoledge and experience (i have in my mind (excuse me my lenguaje,i dont know how express this) write a Topic where describe this and other discoveries we have found and other could share , correct ,add more... but i need some time)


 on: March 29, 2015, 07:49:41 AM 
Started by Heartgasm - Last post by Heartgasm
After my last practice when I triggered PONR but remembered to push three fingers on the tube (gentle but firm) halfway between balls and butthole to stop the sperm coming out. It gave me the confidence to know i could save things without losing my energy.
This time i even used porn, and it helps not need as much physical exersion.
I used the techniques mentioned in the book and also used some Key Sounds, not that many, but may have assisted. Also i think the confidence relaxed me. I let some energy into the penis and allowed it to get closer to the pnr with less and less stimulation, no creams (perhaps they limit the variety of stimulation as once applied, the dry touch is lost).
I remember Keepitup said you can imagine peeing near ponr to assist in relaxing.
Anyway, after the combination of these i started having very light penis pulsations - first time without liquid. They were pleasant.
I definitely wanted to thank Keepitup!
As this was my first time with penis pulsations, I pushed the limit to find what would happen and triggered the PONR. I was able to lock the sperm again.
I read that no more than once every 2-3 days should one use the locking method.
This method seems to require less exertion which is great. (No butt squeezing to drive the energy up, also, I didn't use looking up all  the time or as a massive focus).
Relaxing really is the key, with porn too, find some nice porn where the woman is enjoying it (or at least in a way which we are happy they are not in distress).
Not sure if using porn with somebody you find particularly sexy as this may consume your attention and heat things up where they become unmannagable and instead of relaxing you become excited and the pleasure goes from nice and seductive to agitated.
Time spent was 30 min and maybe 15 edgings not far apart.
I look forward to the next time in a couple of days now that I know it's not a marathon event.

 on: March 19, 2015, 01:49:57 PM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by bigbookofpenis
i love these questions poping up on various male forums (stamina or dick size in PORN)... guys lets just stop denying that guys who end up in PORN industry ussually have larger than average dick size and they ussually have naturally high stamina or even a mild form of "Delayed (Retarded) ejaculation" which they just put to good use Smiley

no amount of camera tricks and editing will negate the fact there are guys born like Mandingo and others who have ENORMOUS COCKS... same goes to stamina... some guys are a "quirk of nature"...

its simple matter of selection... some guys are born with huge dicks and some guys can last a long time because they heredited good balance of serotonin / histamine / etc. from their mother and father DNA... these guys are those who end up with a porn flick contract rather than 5.000 other guys who just cum to quickly on the set or show up with a small dick or they cant get it up when there is 2 cameramans, director, lighting assistant all sitting 3 meters from you while you try to have sex... you never see those who didnt pass (guys with less than 7in dicks and those who cant bang for 10-15 minutes minimum) - the shooting didnt even start for them... guys you end up seeing in a PORN flick are 1 out of 100 who's body had the right parameters to do the job in the audition and they did allright in front of the camera (dick size, erection quality, stamina... passable looks)... ONLY THESE videos are uploaded on internet... did you notice there is not many bloopers in porn... because anything less than perfect (huge dick, great erections, stamina) never goes public... it ends up in the editors trash... also i dont know many guys who would themself upload their own amateur video where they have a laughable dick and cum by accident after 3 minutes of pitifull sex... what you see on internet is only the "look at my great dick" amateur videos...

also guys who have normal dicks and low stamina (you and me and everyone you know Tongue) dont even consider showing up at an audition... why get ashamed in front of unknown bunch of people (the crew) and subsequently whole world that you have smallish dick and cum in 5 minutes... ACTUALLY MANY WOULD RISK IT BUT THE COMPANIES ARE NOT INTERESTED TO SHOOT FILM WITH SMALL DICKS AND GUYS CUMMING IN 5 MINUTES... so there are multiple pre-selection "gates" that seek and allow the right guys to be found in the crowd - these are mostly naturals born with huge dick or rock steady stamina (ejacualtion trigger its all about neurochemistry which is largely heredited) - only these pass towards the contract and end up being seen in video... the rest of us (MAJORITY) can only envy and cry behind the closed doors of the studio...

if there is 580 registered members on this forum, if we all went to PORN audition about 10 would pass and get a contract and thats those guys you see in internet videos... you will never see the 570 rejected normal guys (average dick, average to low stamina)... because standards are set like this all across the PORN industry, comparing real life only with PORN reality (like many teenagers and adults do), it would seem like every other guy on street must pack an 8 inch dick in his trousers and last for 35 minutes of hardcore banging with his wife or girlfriend... but reality is different... statistically, out of full Time Square (New York) only 10-20% of guys could get a contract in PORN and iam only reducing this to dicksize and stamina... iam not talking about looks and muscle-build which also play some role, albeit less important in various niche porn sub-genres (like amateur teen skinny guys or older 50+ guys with a beer belly fucking all sorts of girl types)...

iam sure many guys use some numbing injections in porn industry but many DONT... so dont blame it on the pills... these guys are really a chosen few who can do this...

i think the "looping editing" is a myth and it certainly doesnt explain everything... for every scene where loop editing might be used you have 2 other scenes where the sex has a fluid naration and the actors change or modify positions frequently... or there are long un-interupted banging passages shot from distance without much genitalia details...

its safer to accept that there are guys like Mandingo and guys who can go for 30 minutes... they are 1 in a 1000... but thats still enough porn actors in the world...

also little note... Viagra (Sidenafil), Cialis, Caverject - none of them are stamina drugs - they are erection drugs... so the mode of operation during PORN shooting would be to take them and have UNINTERUPTED erection for 2-4 hours during the film shooting, but since stamina is not affected by these drugs you would ejaculate every now and than like ussual - but off camera - Viagra would eliminate the refractory-period keeping you erected NON-STOP for 2-4 hours even when you ejaculate... your dick cant go limp after orgasm and ejaculation because of the drugs... so after an ejaculation off camera you would return and continue banging the girl... the final porn scene would be edited out of several pieces joined together with the many ejaculations left out (except the final one)... this all seems like too much hassle for the director and editor when they can just open up an PORN actors agency database full of guys who have naturally high stamina... given 80% of porn is shot in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California everybody know each other and the guys who can deliver a professional scene (good stamina, big cock, good looks) are known in the industry... if there are thousands of female actreses there might be couple dozens or few hundred skilled actors in every PORN hub area like Los Angeles and similar sites in Great Britain, Germany, etc...

the good thing is most girls dont watch porn so they ussualy have little to compare with, unless they are local sluts and slept with 20 guys so they statistically had to encounter 1 or 2 with larger cock or 1 which was unable to cum for 30 minutes... but most normal good girls are perfectly happy with what they get with you... there is a big chance you are their biggest so far or their last partner was even quicker than you Tongue

the best thing is to give up PORN forever and instead focus on real girls... real sex is so much more fun than pixels... and the dick size and stamina is also much smaller in real life so you dont have to worry a thing... unlike guys who compare their menhood with PORN INDUSTRY actors...

 on: March 16, 2015, 11:43:03 PM 
Started by Heartgasm - Last post by Heartgasm
Sloppy Zhang25 Jan 2010

If you want to learn to have an orgasm without ejaculation, relax.

No, seriously.

During stimulation, there are all sorts of feelings going through the body. The problem is that a lot of people, (guys and gals) want to rush the process. You go from 0 to 60 in a quick couple of hand motions, and it's all over. Relax, and feel. Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate processes. Ejaculation is triggered by orgasm. When you relax, and learn to feel when the orgasm is coming, eventually you can learn to relax immediately after the orgasm. The muscles that cause ejaculation don't do their thing, and you feel the pleasure without ejaculation.

Trying to use an external lock, or even just trying to tense up some muscles in some weird way, isn't going to do anything but hurt you. Slow down, enjoy the process. Of course, that means if you aren't in a situation where you can't devote a lot of time to practice, you won't be able to practice but you should do it right or not do it at all.

 on: March 16, 2015, 12:10:38 AM 
Started by vko - Last post by Heartgasm
This sounds amazing. Please share any tips and what exercises or particular training you used with detail on length of time both in sessions and over time if you can recall before you made it - it would really help us all.

 on: March 14, 2015, 11:15:40 PM 
Started by Heartgasm - Last post by Heartgasm
Tantric Sexercises for Men and How to Control Ejaculation


Previously we presented different techniques for control over the sexual energy. Why is this control so important?

The reasons are simple and easy to understand. A man's strength, his efficiency, his capacity for action, his vital, mental and spiritual resources are in close connection with his potential sexual energy.

Now we will present three efficient Taoist techniques specifically designed for control over the sexual energy.


The three-finger method has its origins in China, and dates back 5,000 years ago. It is a very simple method and anyone can learn it. Basically, it stops the loss of the sperm through pressure applied with the fingers.


A few seconds before ejaculation, pull out from your lover's vagina and press the point between the anus and sexual organ with the three longer fingers of the right hand. Thus, if done correctly, the pressure applied in this area prevents ejaculation and the waste of sexual energy.

First, locate the exact spot: Press the point between the anus and

scrotum - a "gate" through which the energy comes in and out of the body.

Second, press with a medium force, feeling the exact pressure to apply: Usually, as the fingertips are quite strong, the pressure should not be very strong in order to stop the fluid.

Next, use all the three fingers:(index, middle finger and ring finger) to stop the fluid. If we use one finger only, the sperm will tend to pass by.

Two fingers will not totally block the channel, therefore use the index and the ring finger to press both sides of the urethra and immobilize it and then the middle finger to press directly on the urethra. Bend the fingers, most of all the middle finger.


Immediately after you feel that ejaculation is imminent, pull out of your lover's vagina, and apply the pressure to stop the fluid. If you wait too long, the pressure will not be enough to stop the fluid.

This pressure should be applied before, during and after the contractions announcing ejaculation.

Block the "gate" with your fingers until you are absolutely certain that the ejaculation will no longer occur. The result of this blockage is that an important part of the seed will flow back inside the seminal reservoirs it came from.




There is no danger in affecting the internal channels, because the tissues from this area are very elastic and capable of receiving the fluid.

You might think that the seminal reservoir could not contain the sperm over a certain level. This hypothesis would be correct if the male reproductive system would have been a simple reservoir with a hose. However, it is nothing like that. When the fluid stored there reaches a certain level, several processes occur.

First: The secretion of sperm diminishes, saving energy and the nutritional substances required for the secretion of sperm.

Second: The body has a natural tendency to reabsorb this fluid.

Third, the Taoists and Tantricshave perfected a "vaporizing" system, channeling the energy to the upper centers of force, reducing the pressure in the inferior seminal channels and in the prostate.

The seminal liquid is transmutedinto other substances necessary for the body and the energy resulted from the transmutation process is then sublimated into more refined energies.

This process resembles that of boiling water changing into vapors, a property that allows the water to transform and at the same time preserves the qualities of the water.

The spermatic liquid is thus transmuted into other substances needed for the body, resulting in a superior, more refined form of energy.

The force of the seed means more than the chemical analysis may comprise. Any scientist may mix the constituents of sperm. However, the laboratory-sperm can never have the reproductive force of life. The CHI energy is the very life contained in the seed, the force we seek to preserve and transform.

[X] The main practitioners of this method are the beginners and medium practitioners of sexualcontinence that do not master it entirely.

In fact, this method is quite helpful, but you should abandon it when you master the sublimation of the sexual energy.

In the first stages of the practice, you may experience a sensation of discomfort. This is normal and you should not become anxious as this method implies the external blocking of ejaculation.






1. Do not overdo it in the beginning. Use this powerful method only once in 2 or 3 days and not more than that. The old and the weakened should practice this method only once a week.

2. After using this method, your inner "fire" will raise. Therefore, it would be good if you drink more water.

3. After practicing the method of the external blockage for 1-3 months, or even less, you will notice an increase in your sexual appetite. Your erection will appear often and faster.

However, do not abuse of your new found power, increase your sexual activity gradually. In order to effectively sublimate the sexual energy, we recommend that you practice the asanas described in detail on our site.

4. The practice of this method requires a powerful pressure applied with the fingertips. If you cannot do it from the beginning, practice until you achieve the exact pressure needed.

[X] 5. Because a small quantity of sperm will still remain in the urethra, a part of the seed will be lost after the erection disappears.

Thus, in order to use this method for contraceptive purposes, you have to pull out of your lover's vagina before the erection fades away.

It is also compulsory that you urinate before making love again. For total safety, you may also use spermicide or other contraceptive means, at your disposal.

6. In the beginning, you may feel a little tired after lovemaking, because of the effort you made to avoid ejaculation.

Nonetheless, your reserves of vital energy will benefit from a boost of energy shortly after lovemaking. The tiredness will be replaced with a delicious state of euphoria.

7. However, a part of your vital energy will be consumed through this method. In order to avoid this loss entirely, you should master the internal blockage method, which will be described later in our articles.

The energy lost through the external blockage represents between 40 and 60% of the total force of your seed.

Even so, this method is preferable over the uncontrolled ejaculation. The external blockage offers considerable power and virility. This is an excellent method for beginners and it precedes the internal blockage.







After performing the external blockage, you have to massage two important pressure points.

The first is Hui-Yin, placed between the anus and the scrotum, the second is Chang-Chiang, placed at the middle distance between the anus and the coccyx.

Hui-Yin: is the point where the energy path of the anterior part of the torso starts. Hui-Yin connects the upper point, "The Crown" (of the head) Pai-Hui with the inferior point Yung-Chuan, placed on the sole.

The cosmic energy enters the body through Pai-Hui, the telluric energy comes in through Yung-Chuan, while Hui-Yin is placed at the middle distance between the two. This makes it an essential point in the circulation of the energy through the body.

The telluric energy enters the body through Hui-Yin. The sexual energy contained in the testicles enters and leaves the body through this gate. In other words, when the Hui-Yin gate is closed, the vital energy stays inside the body.

However, when this gate opens through the process ofejaculation, the vital force flows out, diminishing the vital reserves of energy. Hui-Yin deposits certain sanguine currents, which also stagnate at this level.

When the blood stagnates here, due to low level of CHI and to gravity, some health problems might appear. Hemorrhoids and thickening of the blood vessels determine a constant flow of CHI in the inferior part of the body.

Chang-Chiang: the point placed between the coccyx and the anus. This point directs the energy to the crown of the head, from which it irradiates in the whole body.

In Chang-Chiang, we find the nervous endings of many important nerves. This is the beginning of the second path of "electrical" energy in the body. This path starts from Chang-Chiang, passes through Pai-Hui, and ends in the palate.

Massage Hui-Yin and Chang-Chiang, performing 27 up to 81 rotations, using a soft silk cloth, and all your three middle fingers. The silk prevents the irritation of this area, and increases the flow of energy through these points.

This massage helps relax the tensed muscles and facilitates the re-absorption of the seminal fluid. This massage is essential for preventing prostate problems and stimulates the ascension of energy to Pai-Hui (the crown).







This method requires perseverant practice to a greater degree than any other method you will encounter.

It explains in detail the essential practice of seminal retention, thetransmutation and sublimation of the energy, the changes and exchanges of energy between man and woman during lovemaking.

However, to start you should practice the method described in this article and only after mastering it completely move on to other techniques as well.

Most certainly, you will discover other effective techniques. Each individual is unique and special; therefore practice the technique that best suits you.

Remember that seminal retention is simply a means to an end, not the end itself. Preserve your seed and your sexual energy and use them to reach fulfillment in love and in your life.

Authentic esoteric methods are anything but complicated. They are simple, so that anyone may practice them. If the geniuses were the only persons suitable for the practice of esoteric methods, these methods would most certainly lose their practicality. The simplicity of love is itself a great mystery.

Nonetheless, once you get to practice this method, everything becomes simple. This technique, when practiced correctly, becomes an action performed with body, mind and soul at the same time.

If you consider that these three aspects of your being are not in harmony, practice asanas(especially the reversed ones) so that you will be prepared for the Great Ascension.

If your body is impure, then the vital energy has to unblock the stagnating energy and to purify the impurities, and consequently you might pass through a rough time.

However, due to perseverant practice, you will feel the vital energy in your physical body more invigorating than ever before. You will know this because your life will become peaceful and filled with love.


You have to "block" the nervous impulse that causes ejaculation, if you wish to resist to the pressure of imminent ejaculation.

The technique we are about to introduce to you is particularly powerful: it consists of a strong contraction of your perineum muscles, of your jaws, and of your fists. Perform this contraction after you finished the first set of penetrations.


As a technique for beginners, perform three superficial thrusts followed by a deep one. The most sensitive part of the vagina is the area between the entrance to the vagina and the first five centimeters, as this area is filled with nervous endings and corresponds to the first five centimeters of the man's penis.

If you penetrate your lover even deeper, your lover will contract her vaginal muscles even more, making your seminal retention a little more difficult. Pulling out from a deep penetration is risky and complicated, and requires a great deal of control in order to be successful.

Practice will allow you to perform 6 and then 9 superficial thrusts, alternating with a deep one. If you are a beginner in sexualcontinence or you've just met a woman that you are very attracted to, it will be quite difficult for you to do all the 81 superficial thrusts and 9 deep thrusts without pausing.

Whenever you feel that ejaculation is imminent, stop and pull out (regardless of the number of penetrations) and contract the genital area. You also do not need to pull out entirely. You may stay inside your lover's vagina, but only with the head of your penis.

Remain still until you are in control again. Penetration generates a great wave of energy as hundreds of billions of reproductive cells are more active than usually.

Once the energy builds up in the genital area, the local nerves transmit the stimuli up the spine, to the head, where the impulse that unleashes ejaculation occurs. In fact, orgasm is happening in your mind. Consequently, all you need to do is train your mind to experience a different kind of orgasm.

If your lover attempts to wrap her legs around you, to pull you closer, you have to take the distance you need to regain control over your sexual energy. Teach her to stop when you need to cool down. Remember that she is your best ally if you can make her cooperate.








Perform nine rapid contractions of the perineum, jaws and fists muscles. Perform nine such powerful and rapid contractions for the Great Ascension, while retaining the breath with your lungs filled with air.

These contractions "absorb" the surplus energy that leads toejaculation. Make as many as six sets of nine contractions, until the ejaculatory-impulse disappears.

With this method, the aroused sexual energy tends to leave the nerves and goes to the contracted muscles. Make the retention of your breath as fast as possible, so that the nervous impulse is cut as often as possible. Repeating the nine contractions six times should reduce the ejaculatory impulse to zero.

However, you do not have to perform all six sets of nine contractions. It is only essential to regain your control over the sexual energy.

As you are on top of your lover, supporting yourself on your forearms, with your penis inside your lover's vagina, your seed will be quite "effervescent".

The nine contractions will help you control the sexual energy. Meanwhile, you will have the time to enjoy the calm force that springs from this technique. The genital glands enlarge when you get close to the point of non-return. The contractions for the Great Ascension reduce their dimensions, extract the extra energy from them and diminish the sexual tension.

[X] A short interval between the contractions enhances the power of the muscles to block the seed. If the interval between two contractions is too long, the muscles will perform an ineffective contraction.

The inhalation should not be too fast or too slow, so that the energy has the time to flow back to the genital area. The breath retention during the nine contractions weakens the impulse leading to ejaculation.

The purpose of these contractions is to change the direction of the seminal fluid. From a physical point of view, this means that you have to accelerate the flow of the sexual energy upwards, through the spine.

This acceleration occurs only in the moment of contraction, and not when you relax the muscles. Thus, it is required that you perform several successive contractions in order to direct the fluid into the body and to defeat the tendency of the seed to dissipate.


The importance of this step should not be neglected. The greatest muscle of the body has to be used for our advantage. Contract the buttocks so that if you sit, your body lifts a little. Having good muscle tone in your buttocks is important for your health.

When these muscles are flaccid, the vital energy flows out of the body. When these muscles are toned, one of the two basic energies of the body is held inside.

[X] The other energy gets out of the body through the penis, when ejaculating. The pain becomes easily bearable if the muscles are contracted. Just as the nervous impulse named "pain" is weakened by a muscular contraction, so is the ejaculatory impulse.

In both cases the muscles absorb energy and this interferes with the nervous impulse. The contraction of some important muscles takes the energy from the genital area.

The contraction of the buttocks is recommended mainly for the interruption of the nervous circuit between the brain and the genitals, at the base of the spine. Therefore, firmly contract the buttocks, because this action stops the ejaculatory impulse from taking over.








Clench the teeth and press the tongue on the palate. The clenching of the teeth interrupts the nervous flux between the body and neck. Furthermore, this helps the contraction of the buttocks.

These two contractions should be simultaneous because they help one another and ensure a complete blockage. During the contraction, the seed is directed deeper and deeper into the body.

The most intense transmutationof the fluid occurs at the end of counting, by the seventh, eighth, and ninth contraction. The firmness of the contraction determines the forced ascension of the fluid. The contractions should be stronger and stronger, from the first to the ninth.

If you prolong lovemaking, the pleasure will grow in intensity. In the moment in which the pleasure increases, you have to maintain the uro-genital diaphragm closed.

This will help you prevent the sperm from going beyond the "gate". Try to stop it or you will find it impossible to control it. It is necessary that you stopejaculation before the sperm begins to "agitate".



Exhale, releasing the yang energy and relax the head, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis areas. Allow the energy to flow into your beloved. Inhale and direct the energy to the head area. If this is difficult for you, lead the energy to Hui-Yin and then up the spine.

One may look upon the Great Ascension as an internal current, beginning with the contraction of the penis, it goes through the perineum and buttocks, on the spine, to the head area.

If you have difficulties in directing the energy to the head area, you may channel the energy to the navel in the first stage. Thus the energy will follow the voluntary muscular contractions, being forced to go up to the head area.

After the energy builds up in this area, you may direct it downwards, to Hui-Yin, and then through the spine towards the head. If you carefully deposit the energetic fluid, it will be a lot easier for you to direct it afterwards.

The relaxation after the Great Ascension determines the expansion of the sanguine vessels contracted in the penis. Thus you absorb a great quantity of Yin energy without any effort. During the great ascension, the woman's energy enters her body through the inferior part of the man's body.

During relaxation, the energy is "attracted" towards the upper centers. This effect is obvious even from the early stages of practice.

In the beginning, the systematic practice of the Great Ascension may seem difficult, even exhausting for some people, but practice will make it easy and at hand. Close the inferior gate so that your seed stays inside.

The power of your will to control the seed grows as you practice. Increasing your will power to retain your seed will amplify your will in all domains: in work, sports, and family. Consequently, love and desire to grow spiritually will benefit from a restless vigor that is full of surprises.


If the erection weakens, start the penetrations again and use the Delicate Absorption. After the first series of penetrations and strong contractions, you may sometimes contract the head of the penis during the penetration. Pretend that the head of the penis is like a baby gently sucking his mother's breast. Begin to direct the energy acquired in this manner upwards.

The Great Ascension has a greater effect if the penis is already filled with yin energy through the Delicate Absorption.

The difference between the Delicate Absorption and the Great Ascension should be clear by now: the Delicate Absorption accompanies the usual penetration, and the head of the penis, the testicles and the uro-genital diaphragm are contracted. The rest of the muscles are relaxed, and do not contribute to the channeling of the energy.

This technique is mainly about preventing the energy from getting out, not necessarily about channeling it upwards. Furthermore, the energy builds up at the level of the penis, and we will transfer it upwards later, using the Great Ascension.

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