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 on: November 02, 2015, 05:03:39 PM 
Started by KeepitupJohnson - Last post by brickbat

I agree with you totally.  I do the same thing with relaxation and no clenching.  With nipple play, my dick has turned into a joy stick of wonderful pleasurable P waves emanating from my prostate to my entire dick and sometimes my body parts.  All that ejaculates in my intense dry Os is precum with flows out consistently.

How are you doing on your journey?  My next goal is moving the sexual energy to my entire body and having a super O.  Do you think that is possible.  The guys on Aneros are so bent on nothing but aneros toys and hands off the penis that I am a threat to their methodology.

That do nothing approach to prostate rewiring got me no where.  I would love to super O like some of the guys describe, but I dont have hours to spend with the aneros. 

With this method, I can grab my dick and tweak my nipple and I will begin to orgasm in just a few seconds with a flaccid dick.   More nipple play and shaft stimulation only brings some of the best erections I have seen in years.

I applaud keepitupjohnson.

Any suggestions?Huh? Comments?Huh??

 on: November 02, 2015, 04:51:49 PM 
Started by brickbat - Last post by brickbat
Another Memorial Date:

As part of my rewiring journey, on Sun, Nov 1st, I experienced my first dry Os as intense as wet Os.  Even Better because there is no refractory period and a dry O can go on and on and on..........lessening in intensity and then ramping up again in intensity blowing my mind.  It is like being in another world separate and apart from normal existence.  I feel thirty years younger.

My prostate must be primed like I am priming and old fashioned ground well pump.  Nipple play is a must for me and I am never without it to prime the pump and to move to wonderful dry Os with prostate pulsing getting stronger and stronger until the feeling is tantamount to a wet O.

Now I must be patient to almighty providence who has allowed and placed such exquisite feelings in the male body.  Where this goes next, only he knows.

It would be good to super O with shaft stroking only, nipple play, and the build up to a super O.  Comments anyone please??? Suggestions?Huh

 on: October 12, 2015, 10:38:36 AM 
Started by KeepitupJohnson - Last post by Jackson
Mr Johnson, I have read your book and yours is by far the best method for MMO.  And, in my opinion, it is the simplest to learn. I have two questions/concerns. First, my concern is that I can do this too much.  It is a great feeling and one that you can do daily.  In fact, you can do it several times during the day.  Just wanted to know your thoughts on frequency. Second, you mention that you use a slight PC squeeze during process and then let go when you fall back into the orgasms.  I really just like to relax my pelvic floor more instead of the PC squeeze.  Just wanted to know if my approach is ok?  Thanks for any help but your method is by far the best. 

 on: October 05, 2015, 04:42:40 PM 
Started by brickbat - Last post by brickbat
I feel that I, of all plodders, should memorialize this day, Oct 5th, as a great milestone in my rewiring history.  I thank keepitupjohnson and his book LOVE SATISFIES for teaching me to relax my groin muscles, concentrate, let the pleasure build and let a dry O happen.

I am a nipple guy.  For the life of me, I cannot see how dry O veterans got anything going with that kegel business and reverse kegels without any nipple action.  I am willing to learn and listen but my success so far has been engendered by nipple action focusing on priming my prostate to higher and higher arousal, pulsing, and eventually ejaculatory dry spurting.  I have used edging the shaft only of my penis along with nipple play moving from right to left nipple and back, repeating the process as the arousal in my prostate built more pleasurably.  For many years, I have noticed that the right nipple is connected to the right hemisphere of my body and the left nipple is connected to pleasure in the left hemisphere of my body--balls, glans, foreskin, shaft, legs--the whole schmere of that hemisphere/side of my body connected to the nipple I am twe

So anyway, I had had some mild pulses that for years I had not concentrated on, looking for a major trance or the expectation of something big to grab my body and make me orgasm like I have known for years in a wet O.  Wrong Wrong Wrong headed thinking.

Two weeks ago, I decided to edge and felt my prostate pulsing mildly.  I decided to focus on those pleasurable pulses and mentally encourage them to build. THEY DID.  I let go of preconceived notions of how this process of dry Oing was supposed to feel and simply decided to go with relaxing my pelvic floor muscles and encouraging the prostate pulses to build.  For the last two weeks, these pulses have built as I edged my shaft paying close attention not to overheat and spurt.  Saturday, I knew of a certainty that something was stirring in my prostate. 

Today, stroking my shaft only, relaxing, focusing on the pleasure and relaxing further at each advance of pleasure resulted in a wonderful sustained orgasm of intense strength that went on for 5 minutes or so ..........and only stopped because I had to get on with my day.  Only precum appeared on my pee slit. 

I know that my path to the dry O has been different.  Yes, I have spent hours working with the aneros and I am not throwing any stones at any of those guys who are in another world of blissful pleasure and fulfillment sexually having moved on to the super O and infinity and beyond in Buzz Lightyear terms.  I want to get there too.  I plan to arouse my prostate thru shaft edging and prostate arousal, and switch to aneros work after I have dry Oed shaft and prostate wise.  I have done this once before in the past and had good results......and that was weeks ago before I felt my prostate coming alive.

Any suggestions for me? I am open.  I want to get to the super O.  I dont know if that is possible thru shaft edging and prostate work. Guys who are rewired and who had had some penis play after your rewiring may be able to counsel me on super Os with penis play.   As of now, I am thankful for the dry O I had today and am looking forward to more advanced pleasure as I see posted on these forums.  Thanks for any comments and suggestions.

 on: September 14, 2015, 11:11:11 PM 
Started by Gmen2007 - Last post by ltg
Gmen2007, I'm a newbie here, but spent like 6 months on aneros.com forum.  You mentioned wanting to get to multiple Dry prostate orgasms.

I read your post pretty fast, and wonder if you're OK with getting there without penis stimulation?  I have multiple Dry prostate orgasms all the time and it doesn't take too much work, but I get there without touching or stroking my penis.  (ALTHOUGH, when my prostate is swelled up so I can feel it all the time and it's electrically buzzing with every movement, then I can do some things with my penis without getting to ejaculation. But the norm is not touching it.)  (And most of the time I DON"T MISS IT!!!!)

So just wanted to mention that if that's what you're looking for, you can get there without using an Aneros prostate toy (or with one if you want.)

Also, I've heard of some guys doing Dry MMO's WITH their wives and sharing that multiples dry-O's together, then moving into intercourse for a regular ejaculation that's way more intense.

So, sorry if this is out of place, but here's in short how I get there.  You can PM me if questions and/or google for stuff on Aneros-Less (or A-Less) Dry-O's or Super-O's.

When I don't us an aneros, I lie on one side (easier for me to feel my prostate).  Then I do a bunch of PC muscle contractions intersperced with low abs breathing (sucking air into my lower abdomen so the muscle between my lungs and groin extends into groin.  When I started, I used to just practice PC contractions (kegels) off & on during day.  Then one day I got serious, and counted out about 500 of them (took like 20 min) with abs breating every 10.  Had to do this whole thing like twice before I started to feel little tickling sensations inside my groin (prostate starting to get aroused.)

Now after months, it can take just 5-10 minutes (or zero minutes if I had a session a half day ago...  Grin

For me, once the electric tingling starts, I also start gently rubbing/touching one/both nipples, which multiplies the prostate electric shocks like 2x.  I keep this up for a few minutes, while really slowing down the PC contractions and low abs breathing - just moving them very slowly & releasing very slowly, trying to find various positions throughout the movement range where the electric charge stays or increases.  My goal is to sit my muscles into a position where the tingling stays and  sort of relax there to let it grow even more.

Anyway, After like 20 min of that, I can feel my prostate start to swell, so that occasionally I can feel things moving against something in there.  I keep this up till I can always feel it, and by that time, no matter where I move my PC or breathing in/out muscles, my prostate is giving me an electric tingling when I move PC or lower abs diaphram.

At that point, it's easy to find a Dry-Orgasm.  Usually, by focusing on the electric tingling and the feeling of my prostate, and sort of arching my back into a "C" and pushing my penis/scrotum area up/out (bottom of the "C") strongly, but more led by any increased feelings of pleasure then just pushing it.

Other guys say and I agree that it's more about following the pleasure whereever it goes, than about trying to jam a Dry-O into gear.  If i chase the Dry-O rather than the pleasurable feelings/jolts, etc, then my brain gets frustrated and gives up.  Same with the muscle contractions.  When I'm trying to arouse the prostate initially, I can just pump the contractions out, but then once it's aroused, I have to move slowly and gently so I don't scare it.  Come up on it slowly and it'll jump out of nowhere and take you for a ride!!!

Some of them are so intense that I double up in pleasure, and my body wants to thrust my groin in and out and contract my PCs like i was ejecting semen, but there's no semen coming out or moving withinin my system.  My balls aren't turtled up as with an ejaculation, and I can stop and start it at will.  No matter how much I do it, there are no blue-balls, because there's just no semen build up (unless I play with my penis too much.)   Usually I have a rock hard erection the first one, then more flaccid.   Sometimes it can get a rolling orgasm for like 20 min, and sometimes just a few.  But whenever I stop, if I wait a few min, I can just roll into another one, until I'm satisfied or tired.

I did try once to get a Dry-O by nipple stimulation and rubbing two fingers on the penis corona just under the head.   I could really feel my prostate, so all the feelings from touching the corona were translated into like prostate electic tingling.  After a few minutes of that, my dick slowly stood up rock hard, and then it felt like a normal ejaculation started - the whole thing, but no semen - no blue balls - no "I'm done" feeling.  Only worked once for me as subsequent ones actually went into a regular ejaculation.

There are lots of variations and lots of levels of pleasure.  Some speak of all-over body pleasure and intense feelings of satisfaction.  I only got a strong feeling like that once, but am working on increasing that as it's my main goal.

So hope this was helpful info & helps you have greater times with your wife!

 on: July 05, 2015, 09:06:13 AM 
Started by mauricemaltais - Last post by mauricemaltais

L'avenir de la sexualité est relié à la façon dont nous aidons à notre santé. Et faire en sorte comme pour une auto notre corps ne doit pas manquer de ce qu'i a besoin. Je continue à chercher à trouver le meilleur moyen pour permettre à son corps d'avoir encore plus d'énergie que notre corps a besoin. Si j'ai réussi à faire mieux que des centres de recherches, je suis convaincu que l'emploie de l'appareil pourrait donner encore  beaucoup plus d'énergie. Je n'arrête pas de chercher dans ce domaine.

Avec une considérable augmentation de la capacité respiratoire la sexualité à son tour changera. De quelle façon ? J'espère que certains inconvénients actuels disparaitront. En faisant un orgasme avec plusieurs éjaculations je ne suis plus obligé d'avoir plusieurs orgasmes dans la même journée.


 on: June 29, 2015, 12:25:30 PM 
Started by mauricemaltais - Last post by mauricemaltais

à Roméo,

Comment vas-tu

Plus je demeure en santé, plus je réalise que si Dieu nous demande parfois des sacrifices, en retour il nous fait comprendre que le plaisir doit être accepté comme les sacrifices , lui qui ne demandait pas à ses apôtres de jeuner. Je fais toujours mes exercices qui augmente ma capacité respiratoires. Les gains sont plus espacés avec le temps mais ils me cesse pas d'augmenter. J'essaie toujours de trouver une une nouvelle façon de faire plus de progrès. Pour le moment c'est avec l'appareil que c'est le meilleur moyen.


 on: April 21, 2015, 10:21:37 AM 
Started by tigger_canuck - Last post by mmmniple
Hello to all.
after reading several times the original "succesfull .." thread ,and with other things i have learned,
i think we have found some nice thing i would love share :

I would like comment found some "mistakes" on fumming pool's post i would love post and could discuss it :

-he call them dry orgasm but really they are no (or almost in our view : the drops semen;a dry orgasm doesnt have relation with eyaculation or semen;it is really dry (correct this : it also can go with precum but the eyaculation is not avoided because it is no sense in any moment).

-other is it seem he uses the "gland technique" for orgasm BUT really ,yes he palming his gland but he can have similar results without doing it : his technique is totally diferent to darkwhite describe.

I am not sure if what darkwhite describe is a continuos pleasure or several continuos dry orgasm :/.But i belive there are similar to "doing technique" for woman from deliberated orgasm :



(I dont remember where i saw,i have recorded and i will post where i paste this on the thread,but a person describe the same sensation than both and is curious because the part of gland he stimulate is the "oposite" than the part is recomended on woman :p )

Fuming pool tech is based on relax muscles and let some semen drop ,without having a refraid period and he can go on..
I know more people which is able to do it ,conscious or unconscious as i have explained on "http://www.malemultiple.org/index.php?topic=465.0" now.
(wu example, i wish he want/could post something there,i have just mail him now)
he posted some vids on dick.net:


I also had some orgasm this way and a little variation : unless relax muscles press them as you make where you want pee : the semen will go out and you dont felt orgasm.This way ,sometimes ,you can :
a)go on stimulating and being able to do more times
b)go on stimulating and having a orgasm without eyaculation (if i dont remember bad a member post he did same in successfull thread)
c)dont felt a orgasm but reach refraid period.

(Personally i had felt all of them)

*Ah,i dont know if i have posted here this : with the glans you can felt other kind of orgasm diferent to darkwhite ,it is called "male gushing" because you expell some liquid similar to woman eyaculation.
(I tried some times ,some of them felt a intense sensation but it is gone soon..I had chated with a person which is able and i would love be in contact with more)


other place with lots of info is :


It has done some research and it is no pee (althougth if he has not pee before some pee could be expleled ;and a little variation i saw recently is
really expell pee (consciensly) and he described as feeling as orgasm where he expell pee.
( i read first on
,and contact the author.He explain me how found the original vid : You can go to xtube.com and search for "pissgasm.".I tried contact the vid author but no answer yet.

I wish we can make a complete thread ,with links,vids recorded for show how it works and it is true...)

until them i will try post more often

I wish darkwhite,fuming pool and other which gave his descriptions read and give his point of view

 on: April 21, 2015, 08:42:17 AM 
Started by multiplelove - Last post by multiplelove
In my research, it seems like there are two options for moving energy:

1) Once aroused, squeezing the sphincter/PC region and imagine moving the energy up the spine and into the microcosmic orbit.
2) Focusing on another part of the body and move the energy to that location.
When would you use each of these methods? Would you use them in the same session and do they serve different purposes?

Thanks for any insight and help in this area ... I appreciate it.

 on: April 13, 2015, 07:23:11 AM 
Started by brickbat - Last post by mmmniple
Hello man,excuse me the delay for answering.
I had tried lots of time and sometimes i are more sucessfull than others (as i said before i had a concentration problem which make this more dificult).

"I have not yet had a nipple orgasm but like you, I want one and many of them following.  I want to orgasm also my nuts, my navel, my belly, my adoman, my anus, my rectal tract...............everywhere I can orgasm.  You get the drift???"
yes,i belive the same :p

i have not read already ,i hope soon having more free time and could read and "practicate" more often :p

"I am glad your nipples are so sensitive.  They sound more sensitive than mine."
Mine are crazy : sometimes it burns of pleasure (really;but they are in the worst moments :/ ),and other they are no sensitive at all.

"The aerola is also very erogenous and I am learning new joy even today in using my index finger and thumb to grip the aerola which along with some contact by those fingers on my nipples produce deep deep pangs of pleasure in my prostate."

Yes,it is true.

According my experience (really more what i have seen ,listen ,observed ,comented..) with friends is they are (almost) two kind of nipple orgasm.

-One is what you had explained :

"This morning I had an intense O but some semen emitted.  However, I did not feel a refractory pleasure and now as I type this, my prostate is ready for more action "

he had some vids online,i dont know if they are available,if not told me and i can told him and ask if he could give your some help.(search : "wu" "tinywurst" nipple orgasm)
He also leaks some semen and he can go on ,BUT when he has lots of them (7 or Cool he can not avoid and has a full eyaculation with its refraid period.Anyway they are increible.

-The other is somekind diferent : No semen is expeled (and the felt of eyaculation is never sense)
only lots of precum.
when orgasm happen his belly had lots of contractions.Also he can have multiple orgasm this way.
My friend explain them as "rude" :lot of contractions,and very physical (and he can make them longer sometimes presioning his nipples)
when he finish "a session" is because he want or he is exausted of pleasure.He describe as too relaxing.
He forgot he has penis and he doesnt felt anything on it.
I am waiting he has time and can record a great vid for sharing ( i have some "private" vids he gave me but i can not share them)

And again i belive same as you on sharing all knoledge and experience (i have in my mind (excuse me my lenguaje,i dont know how express this) write a Topic where describe this and other discoveries we have found and other could share , correct ,add more... but i need some time)


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