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Author Topic: sexuality and level of sex hormones  (Read 4115 times)
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« on: October 22, 2008, 07:17:29 AM »

An other application of increased breathe capacity seems to be anincrease in the penis size. By reading in a forum some messages from peoplethat were talking about their undersized penis and the shame that it broughtthem, the messages made me go back many years ago. At the time of puberty, I lived a sickly period. And I noticed thatmy penis and my testicles were too little and I was living also in theshame. But since I was fifty-eight years old this period has coincided withthe beginning of the exercises that I have spoken about many times. Andcuriously the shame has stopped. During this period, the size of penis hasdoubled. Its size has become ten centimetres long. Normally, because of age,the contrary happens. I tried to find out the scientific reason for this. With men thatget too fat, among the consequences of this situation, there are thedecrease of testosterone, problems with erection and the belief for peoplethat the size of their penis decreases. And when they get thinner, it is the contrary that happens.Testosterone increases up to 100%, erection problems disappear and ofcourse, the size of penis seems to become longer. In my case it is notnecessary to speak about testosterone. Women would be correct to wonder if the increase of sex hormoneswould be able to increase the size of organs like the breasts and clitorisbecause like the penis they as have an erection. Perhaps the increase in breathe capacity can be of benefit toothers. In next article I will speak about an application that I use sincenot too long ago.  This time the technique will be presented.
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