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Author Topic: MMO and contractions with no ejaculation?  (Read 3204 times)
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Cream Sauce
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« on: July 02, 2009, 02:37:09 AM »

I am curious, I know there are a lot of methods out there. The main thing that seems that works is the whole relax inorder to keep your muscles from spasming and forcing the sperm into your penis. But if you relax inorder to prevent the contractions it would seem kind of counter intuitive and that relaxing so much would just cause no real "orgasm".

I am not entirely believing the kmo sound even though I did get the cds. I just feel like I would be too embarrassed to do that with any girl i'm with. I want to focus more on just being able to relax and achieve this with regular moaning.

I was just curious for people who have achieved some method of "no pc squeeze" mmo do you also get the regular pelvic contractions with your dry orgasms or is it something entirely different.

I have achieved 1 dry orgasm with a pc squeeze (along with clenching fists and some other stuff right after I started to orgasm) but haven't had luck with other stuff so far.

Also, how can you easily define your back pc muscle (closer to your anus) from your front pc muscle that lifts your penis? I have tried really hard to only contract around my anus but I can't seem to do that without also using the front half of the pc muscle. If anyone has any sites or info as to how to do that it would be helpful.

My main concern is that I see some of the methods like the maxwell multiple climax dvd and they focus on stopping. I want to make sure that when I am with a girl I don't have to keep stopping and waiting or having to change stimulation when she needs a bit more to orgasm. I am just concerned that there may be only "2 ways to do it" from what I read.

1 way would be the pc squeeze to stop the ejaculation each time which may not be "good way or good feeling". The other would be the anal breathing/ tantra way which kind of sounds like you don't actually ever "orgasm" with the same spasms, just that you keep feeling energy flowing through your body. I am not very spiritual so that's just a noob's standard guess.
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