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Author Topic: Share the Wealth  (Read 3097 times)
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« on: August 07, 2008, 05:50:10 PM »

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  Date Posted: 05/31/2005 10:28 AM               


Hello gentlemen! I am a female doing some research for my sex column.  Many women are unfamiliar with their own ability to experience mulitple orgasms.  Most are virgin to the vaginal orgasm and the g-spot. But, the idea of male mulitiple orgasms is almost unheard of from a female's point of veiw.  The idea seems revolutionary.  There is nothing more dissappionting to a woman than for her feel the oncoming of an orgasm, but then get cut short because the man ejacultes.  And you can't blame him--personally I get very wet and excited at this point and i have no doubt that it is orgasmic for the man to experience.  If he could reach orgasm with out ejaculating, then we could both get the most out of the experience.  I don't want my lover to have to "try not to cum", he can cum all he wants if the ejaculationless orgaism is possible.  I would like to know more about the Multiple Male Orgasm.  Is this the MMO?  What is PONR? Is that point of no return? KSMO? Is that Key Sound Multi Orgasm? What is that anyways?  There is alot going on on this site and I am sure that I will have many more questions.  Please help me so that I can help spread the wealth with my readers ( and my man)!!!

Thanks, nakednympho

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  Date Posted: 05/31/2005 5:23 PM             


Welcome to the board!

You know your acronyms by the way.

KMSO is a technique to get MMO by producing a specific roaring sound when you feel aroused. You can buy  the method at multiples.com. Didn't work for me but it's been said to be a powerful method.
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