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Author Topic: multiples.com  (Read 5202 times)
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  Date Posted: 12/26/2004 9:28 PM           



Hi guys, im new to the whole multiple orgasm thing and after many hours of research I have ended up seriously considering buying "male multiple orgasm step by step audio seminar" by Jack Johnston (www.multiples.com). I've read posts on this site and there seems to be conflicting opinions on it. I was just wondering , does it really work and is it as amazing as it says? Also is it practical, im not sure exactly how it works but i gather you make some kind of weird rhythmic sound to bypass ejaculation, which might freak a girl out, or is it meant to be done alone?

By the way it's available for downlaod and i was wondering if anyone had a copy of the file they could send me or give me the link to (if not just tell me if it's worth buying thx )

Also I noticed there's a second part: Multiple Orgasm Trigger Key Sound Training for Men and Women. Audio Seminar by Jack Johnston, if i buy the 1st part do i need to get that as well?


Thx in advance for any help!

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  Date Posted: 12/27/2004 3:17 AM             


Hi Martin,

I have personally never been successful with the KS method. Jack Johnston said I should join his chat or ask him for private coaching. The problem is that I don't like the guy very much and the idea of making the sound doesn't turn me on. Someone else on this board will tell you the exact opposite: it's Pandragon. Pandragon has been successful with the KS method and can talk about it even better than its author. He is a very kind and knowledgeble man and will always answer any email regarding MMO.

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  Date Posted: 01/13/2005 5:07 AM               


    Hi Martin,

  I've been practicing KSMO (Jack Johnston's technique) for about 5 years now and I'll do my best to answer your questions.:

  Does it work?  Yes, it absolutely works but not for everyone. That's part of why Jack offers the money-back guarantee. KSMO is a learned skill, and as such, it only works as well as the person who practices it. The technique works, but there's no way to guarantee that you'll have multiple orgasms using it. However, I can tell you that having spent over 4 years at the multiples website as a volunteer coach, the people I've seen who tend to learn KSMO the fastest and with the least amount of effort or frustration are the ones who take advantage of the free assistance available there by asking questions in the Forum and attending the Live Coaching Chats for advice on their practice. Like a lot of things, with KSMO you get out of it what you put into it.

  So my advice is: If you plan to buy the Seminar, make use of all the other help that's available at the website. In my experience, that seems to be the number one factor in determining who is and is not successful with learning KSMO.

  Is it as amazing as it says?  Yes, it really is that amazing. I mean, I could write a whole book just on how it feels to experience what this technique can do, especially with a partner. But again, this is a learned skill. No one listens to the seminar once and turns into sexual superman overnight. For most men, it takes a number of weeks or months to achieve the results they desire and sometimes longer than that. Developing this ability requires patience and careful attention to the instructions.

  As a beginner, you're not likely to notice huge changes right away, but you will very likely notice that you feel better, and enjoy more pleasure early on in your practice, and that subtle change will grow as you become more adept in your practice. One of the keys to learning KSMO is noticing and appreciating the "little" pleasures that continue to grow as you get better at practicing, and before you know it, those "little" feelings of pleasure become orgasmic waves.

  Is it practical?  This is a good question. The answer is yes and no. It depends on what you consider practical. For instance, it helps if you feel free to express yourself vocally. You don't have to make really loud noises. The Key Sound itself does not have to be loud to be effective. That's a common misunderstanding.

  But well, in the same way some women like to be "vocal" when they're making love, it helps if you are in an environment where you would feel comfortable expressing yourself and the pleasure you feel. With KSMO, you're not screaming or shouting or chanting strange phrases. But if you feel more pleasure than you are used to, it helps to express that vocally rather than try to "hold it in," ya know?

  So my opinion is, it's practical for most people who have their own bedroom or apartment or house. It would probably be impractical in a college dorm room or someplace where people can easily hear you at a normal speaking volume.

  Is it meant to be done alone?  Essentially, KSMO can enhance any form of sexual stimulation whether alone or with a partner. However, although KSMO can be an incredible experience to share with a partner, it is strongly recommended that you first learn how to have multiple orgasms in solo practice. The reason is simply because it's much easier to learn this way and once you feel confident in your own ability to have multiple orgasms, it's easier to share that feeling with your partner.

  Will the Key Sound freak out a new partner?  It's possible. But then, it's a lot less likely if your partner already knows about your practice and what the Key Sound is. KSMO is usually not the best thing to "surprise" someone with in bed.

  To tell the truth, the actual Key Sound really isn't that "wierd" sounding at all. Well not in my opinion anyway. When I started my practice, it took me a little while to get used to making the sound. At first I felt kinda silly and self-conscious doing it. Eventually it felt totally natural, and when I finally demonstrated it for my wife, she said it was "kinda sexy." So there ya go.

  I think it just depends on who your partner is. Some people think Tantra is really cool or erotic and others think it's bizarre or stupid. The Key Sound is a lot less "mystical" than Tantra, but it still may seem strange to some (at first...).

  The bottom line is, if using the Key Sound does "freak out" a new partner, chances are it's going to be because, if you're making the sound properly, you're sharing yourself in a very intimate and erotically intense way, a way that men usually don't express themselves in Western society.

  Although I think you'll find most women will feel that expression is highly arousing, some are bound to find it slightly intimidating or wierd, or whatever, especially if they themselves are not very orgasmic. That's why it's so strongly recommended that you first inform your partner of your practice before you attempt to share it with them. If they have a chance to prepare for something new, they may be more receptive to this new kind of energy you'd be bringing into the bedroom.

  "Also I noticed there's a second part: Multiple Orgasm Trigger Key Sound Training for Men and Women. Audio Seminar by Jack Johnston, if i buy the 1st part do i need to get that as well?"

  Nope, you don't have to buy anything but the "Male Multiple Orgasm Step By Step" audio seminar. That is the basic instruction with Key Sound demonstration, and includes your unlimited access to the Forum and Live Chats.

  The Training Seminar is a 30 minute demonstration of the Key Sound that people can follow along with, plus additional tips, advice and trouble-shooting. Some folks have trouble making the Key Sound and find it helpful to have an extended demonstration to guide them. It's just a form of "training wheels," if you feel you need them.

  Personally, I learned KSMO with the "MMO Step by Step" seminar long before the Training CD became available, and I had no trouble at all. A lot of folks at the website say it's helpful, but I suggest waiting until you've tried the basic instructions before considering a second purchase.

  Well, I hope this has helped to clear up any confusion about KSMO. Obviously I can't tell you that if you buy the CD, you will definitely have multiples. But I can honestly say, if you really want to become multi-orgasmic and you're willing to take your time learning a whole new way of experiencing pleasure, KSMO is the best way I know to that.

  Best of Luck   

  P.S. This is the part where I shamelessly display my affiliate link to the multiples website. If you've already decided to purchase the CD, I hope you'll consider using my link to do it:http://www.multiples.com/pan.html

   And if you'd like to hear more of my own experiences with KSMO, I've been posting about them for the past five years at the multiples website. Just search the name "Pan."

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