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Author Topic: My experience  (Read 2772 times)
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  Date Posted: 03/03/2005 11:31 AM           


I thought I would post what my experience has been.  I've looked at the multiple.com site & forum & at the Neil Slade site & at the actionlove site.  I've had orgasms without ejaculating from a handjob and I've also had orgasms with ejaculation from a handjob and then was able to go immediately into intercourse.  BTW, I know these are orgasms because they felt like orgasms.  I find that when I'm practicing the breathing techniques- slow deep breaths- that it seems like the penile stimulation is secondary to what is going on "behind" and below  the penis.   Also, using breathing/mind/relaxation I've actually had orgasms without physically stimulating anything, though I didn't ejacualte, I did have quite a bit of pre-cum. This happened last night about 6-7 times in a matter of 1.5 hours.  There was certainly a buzz  during the whole time and the orgasms would come & go so to speak..   

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  Date Posted: 03/04/2005 11:36 AM             

This is very interesting. Could you tell us more about your technique?
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