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Author Topic: How I became multi-orgasmic  (Read 27299 times)
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« on: August 07, 2008, 06:25:07 PM »

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  Date Posted: 09/29/2004 1:11 AM               


    Hey folks,

  I?ve been a member of this forum for awhile now, and I?ve talked a lot about multiple orgasms. But I figured it might be a good idea to give a little background on how I learned to have multiples. It?s a long story, but I?ll try to keep it interesting.

  Ok, so it starts back in 1993, when I was 18 years old. I had been practicing karate and meditation for a few years, when I learned about Taoist Sexual Chi Gung from a couple books. When I read about how male multiple orgasm was not only possible, but an ancient practice in the East, I was blown away! I immediately became determined to learn how to do it.

  I bought Mantak Chia?s book ,?Cultivating Male Sexuality,? and immediately started practicing the techniques. I must say, although I considered myself to be well disciplined and fairly adept at learning new meditation techniques, I found the book somewhat intimidating. It all seemed so COMPLEX! I kept thinking, ?there had to be an easier way.?

  Well, unfortunately, before I could really get a grasp of Mantak?s teachings and apply them practically, I suffered a serious spine injury in a car accident. Being in chronic pain and needing to focus all my energy on healing, my plans to become multi-orgasmic went on the shelf (along with my books and karate uniform) for many years.

  Fast forwarding to the winter of 1999, I was 25 years old and married. I was still suffering from chronic pain, and was taking over a dozen prescribed medications, some of which were quite strong. It was a rough time in my life to say the least. Not only was I feeling awful at any given moment, but the drugs had all but destroyed my sexual functioning. For the first time in my life, I was experiencing impotence and premature ejaculation.

  I felt absolutely desperate to recover my ability to enjoy sex, but how? The Mantak stuff felt WAY out of my league, and I had tried various books and videos on Tantra. But in my condition, it all just seemed like too much work. Learning the PC exercises was actually painful, and my concentration was shot, so those lofty tantric meditations weren?t any help either. Finally, as a last resort, I just hit the internet and kept searching under things like ?male multiple orgasm? in a desperate attempt to find ANYTHING I hadn?t heard of before, especially anything that wasn?t based on those damn PC squeezes!

  That?s when I stumbled on to Jack Johnston?s website for Key Sound Multiple Orgasm http://www.multiples.com/pan.html. At first, it seemed too good to be true. To be honest, the layout seemed kinda ?low budget,? and the things he promised, ?fully-body continuous wave orgasms, no need for PC squeezes, etc.? I remember thinking, ?Well, even IF this works, it probably isn?t possible for someone in MY condition.? But since the audio seminar cost less than most of the instructional videos I?d already wasted money on, I figured, ?what the hell,? and ordered it.

  When the seminar arrived I was still somewhat hopeful and popped it right in my stereo and sat down to hear his pitch. Now normally, I?m pretty skeptical about things of this nature. I?d been around the ?amazing sexual products? block enough to know there?s a lot of BS out there. But something about the way this guy talked about his technique, he just seemed to know what he was doing. I decided I was gonna give it the benefit of doubt and see what happened.

  I started by just practicing making the Key Sound. I have to say, it felt kinda cool right away. I kept getting these pleasant little tingles in my belly, that would run up my spine like chills. So I had fun just doing that for a few days. I didn?t want to put any major pressure on myself to learn it quickly. I still figured my condition might limit me from getting it anyway.

  Eventually, I decided to try it with stimulation, the way he recommends in the seminar. Fortunately, he suggests newbies only use the tiniest bit of stimulation and then pausing to make a Key Sound before using a little more stimulation, followed by another pause. In this way, even with my tendency to ejaculate within a couple minutes, I was still able to practice for 10-20 minutes at a time without worrying about ?going over the edge.? And since he also said that erection wasn?t necessary for practice, I didn?t have to worry about that either. Thank God!

  So it was cool to just lay back, using relaxed breaths, a little stimulation, and making those Key Sounds once in awhile. I?m not gonna lie and say I had amazing results the first day. In fact, it was just kind of pleasant, like a mild meditation with an light massage mixed in. But I didn?t mind. I had already decided not to even expect results for at least 6 months. I wanted to give myself plenty of room to breathe with this new technique.

  I just kept practicing for those 10-20 minutes a day, in a casual, relaxed manner, and also would practice my Key Sound just walking around the house during the day. After a couple weeks, I had gotten accustomed to just enjoying those little sessions as ?personal explorations.? I wasn?t even really thinking of them as ?sexual,? exactly. More like, ?pleasurable meditations, so to speak.

  In fact, the only thing that felt really different sexually was the perineal massage Jack recommends in the seminar. At first, gently massaging that area just felt ?kinda sore.? But as the days went on, it felt better and I started to notice some unusually pleasurable sensations in that area. I slowly started to realize that my perineum was a very arousing part of my body which I had never really paid attention to before.

  It was in my third week of practice that I found out just how amazing KSMO really was! It was a Saturday, and I started my practice pretty much the same as all the other days. I wasn?t expecting anything and was really looking just looking forward to that nice, relaxing feeling I would get from the deep breathing and casual Key Sounds.

  About 5 minutes into my practice session, I began to feel some VERY pleasurable feelings in my perineum, almost orgasmic! At the same time, I had a similar feeling of ?peaking? pleasure in my penis. And yet, I had no urge to ejaculate. As usual, I paused my stimulation for a few moments and expressed my pleasure with a gentle Key Sound. Now, it?s hard to put into words, but something about this particular Key Sound, it seemed to somehow intensify my pleasure and channel it through my upper body and out with the sound!

  I felt as though I was orgasming from both my perineum and my penis simultaneously, in a wave that traveled through my chest and up into my head! I was so stunned, I actually checked to see if I had ejaculated, but I hadn?t. In fact, I didn?t even feel close to ejaculating! It?s so hard to describe, what it?s like to feel as though you?re cumming from ?two places at once,? especially without ejaculation involved, but well, that?s exactly what was happening!

  After that first wave, I paused my stimulation and allowed myself a few deep relaxed breaths. But the feeling of orgasm continued to linger on. When I started to use just a little more stimulation, I felt a deep wave of pleasure and spontaneously expressed it with another Key Sound, much louder this time. At this point, I was literally overwhelmed by pleasure. I felt what I can only describe as tremendous waves of orgasmic pleasure washing over me, one after another. I had absolutely no control. They just kept coming and coming.

  I remember thinking in this moment of how Jack had described learning to have multiples in this way as ?opening the floodgates,? and that?s EXACTLY was it felt like! It was as if pure pleasure was pouring out of me in an unstoppable flood. It seemed to flow all over my body, the feeling of it rising up through my chest, I was literally in tears by the time it was over. And I never even came close to ejaculating! I simply could not understand how it was possible, but I didn?t care!

  I was so incredibly excited about what had happened, when I realized what my body was now capable of, I actually ran out the bedroom to go tell my wife what happened. LOL! All I can say is, I?ll never forget that day. It was without a doubt, one of the most profound experiences of my life.

  And so, that was my first multi-orgasmic experience. After that, it was another 2 weeks of practice before my next multi-orgasmic experience. And from there, it happened more and more often, until somewhere around 3 or 4 months after I began practicing KSMO, I could expect to have multiples every time I had a session.

  Not only that, but in that period of time, my chronic pain diminished to the point where I was able to cut my medication usage by half, and because of that, my erectile functioning returned to normal and my premature ejaculation disappeared! I was feeling like my old self again, but with a whole new way of enjoying pleasure!

  In keeping with Jack?s suggestions from the seminar, I waited until I was completely confident in my ability to have multiple orgasms before I tried sharing it with my wife. So about 6 months after I began practicing, we gave it a try.

  I wish I could say it was perfect from the very first time. But the truth is, it was hit and miss for awhile. I needed time to figure out how to adjust my use of the protocol to fit with our lovemaking, and she needed a little time to get used to all that new energy I was bringing to the bedroom! But after a few more months, our sex life was nothing short of phenomenal.

  When we made love, we would both begin having orgasms within 10-15 minutes and continue having them for as long as we wanted. Sometimes we even felt as though our orgasms would kind of ?blend? together to a point where we couldn?t tell who?s orgasm we were both feeling! It?s an experience I believe everyone should have. The feeling of intimacy that comes with sharing pleasure on such a deep level is almost impossible to describe.

  Fast forwarding to present day? Well, I?m 30 years old now. My wife and I have been together for 8 years and I?ve been practicing KSMO for almost 5. Despite the fact that my neurologist swore I?d never lead a normal life without medications, I have been drug free for 4 years now, and most days I am pain free. Of course, I can?t prove that it?s all thanks to KSMO, but I have no doubt it?s been a HUGE part of my recovery. Most people looking at me would have no idea that I ever suffered a spine injury. But you just want to hear about the orgasms, right?

  Well, I still have my off days, but for a comparison, I like to say that an average hour of KSMO for me (whether solo or with my wife) gives me about as much pleasure as a whole month?s worth of ?old school? ejaculatory orgasms combined! And it seems that no matter how much I learn from this deceptively simple technique, there?s always more for me to discover and experience.

  Of course, being the sexually adventurous type, I?ve continued to expand my horizons in other directions. Since learning the KSMO basics, I have experimented with Tantra, Accupressure, prostatic orgasms (using the Aneros), binaural beats (brainwave entrainment), self-hypnosis, amygdala clicking, Darkwhite?s technique (thanks to DarkWhite and fuming pole, THANKS GUYS!), and combinations of all the above. But I guess THAT?s another story?

  I hope this was helpful for some folks out there. Having hit rock bottom in the past, I believe in sharing what I?ve learned in the hopes that others won?t have to search as hard as I did to find the satisfaction they deserve. If anyone has any questions about anything I?ve mentioned above, please feel free to ask.

  Best of Luck Guys,

  PanDragon : - )

  And of course, if anyone is interested in KSMO, click here!: http://www.multiples.com/pan.html

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« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2009, 10:54:10 AM »

great success story - thanks for sharing Smiley

I guess I'm 0ne of the lucky few who occasionally have experienced natural multiple wet orgasms, but still I could probably benefit for some enhancements like what you achieved.

keep enjoying

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« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2012, 04:06:21 PM »

Thanks for sharing Mr. Pandragon!

I've also dabbled with binaural beats and erotic hypnosis and was wondering if you had any recommendations in that area?

I find that I'm quite the audiophile, and am always searching for more.
In terms of binaural beats, I have been using iDoser files and have found them to be fantastic in conjunction with the Aneros.
In terms of erotic hypnosis, I've found the recordings of Isabella Valentine to be my current favorite.
Is there anything that you have found to be particularly useful during your exploits?

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« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2012, 02:24:50 PM »

About 16 years ago I began a sexual discovery quest.  I had always been a very sexual guy but I had a very immature and ill informed approach to sex.  I was into porno and got into the pattern of always needing to up the ante of what it took to get me aroused.  In the mid 90’s I attended a workshop on female sexuality. That workshop really impacted me.  I slowed down and got into reading my lovers body and experiencing sex thru her eyes.  That in turn led to a workshop in Kundalini Yoga, another on Zen Meditation and several body and mind cleansing Zen retreats.  I also read almost every book on male sexuality and sexual response I could get my hands on.

In 2004 I discovered Aneros Prostate Massagers.  I got one and had no success so I put it away.  A few years later I decided to really put effort into figuring out how to get results.  After 6 months of trying once to twice per month I got a tingle.  After a year I got a full fledged super orgasm or prostate orgasm without cumming.  I had ten to fifteen orgasmic spasms.

With more practice in the months that followed I got the waves to last up to a half an hour.  I got more massagers and experimented which models, shapes and materials worked best.  Smaller steel ones I found were the best for me.  After a full two years of effort I was really successful.  My prep for a session involved an enema, meditation, porno and a clear mind. I always did my sessions in hotels when I traveled.  I became very proficient at reducing the prep time and extending the time that the orgasms lasted.  I got rewired, meaning the source of my sexual arousal expanded, my orgasmic response changed and I became much more sensual.  I became a very sexual person, more so than I had ever been.

Then 4 years ago one night I couldn’t sleep.  My wife was away and I was alone at home.  I had read about KSMO and other techniques and I wondered if I could be successful at adapting my own technique.  So I started experimenting at 1 AM doing imagery, nipple stim, contractions and breatrhing to launch myself;  for two or three hours I tried various mental and physical things.  I had the knowledge from Aneros use of what my prostate felt like so I concentrated my attention on flooding my prostate with sensation. I had a few tingles but nothing meaningful.  Then I fell asleep.  At 5 AM I woke with a raging erection and a very warm aroused feeling deep in my anal cavity.  I rolled onto my stomach and pressed my cockhead onto the mattress. I took off in a second!!!!  I sailed into waves after wave of intense and gripping orgasms. 

After that first time I perfected my technique.  I used nipple stimulation, erotic imagery, breathing and mind-body control to launch myself.  I discovered that one of my triggers is pressure on my frenulum, the cleft under my cockhead.

I have been doing it for almost 4 years now.  I can launch myself in a few minutes with no prep and nothing in me.  A typical session lasts up to 2 hours with hundreds of orgasmic spasms that come in wave after wave of increasing intensity.  I do 5 sessions per week usually and each one teaches me something else. 

In the last year I expanded my repertoire to MMO ing with my wife, using her ass crease as a contact point for my cockhead to launch.  I also paired up with a guy I know and we did a weekend together having sex and MMO’s.  You can read about it on my blog :


My sex life and my entire life have changed for the positive as a result of learning to MMO.  I look forward to learning more and sharing on this site.
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« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2012, 09:19:38 PM »

I became multi-orgasmic by reading Love Satisfies by Keepitup Johnson. I ordered it for $5 from Amazon.com, wow!  It's so cool!  I can have a dozen satisfying, mind blowing orgasms every session!
I recommend the book! Easiest book I've ever read! Lots of pictures and answers to FAQ's.
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