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Author Topic: how many techniques are there  (Read 3094 times)
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  Date Posted: 09/30/2004 5:49 PM           

Hey just come across your website, before the only technique i had tried was the stop go method. could anyone give me the websites of any ohter techniques and how many techniques are there?
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  Date Posted: 09/30/2004 11:46 PM               


    Hey Anonymous,

 Are you looking for ways to last longer? As far as I know, that's what the "stop/go" (a.k.a. Brinkmanship) method is for. If so ,that's a whole other topic..

  If you're asking how many techniques there are for male multiple orgasm (a.k.a. MMO), well I'm not sure, but there's a few I'm aware of:

  First off, there's DarkWhite's Method. Which is explained in this forum very clearly by Fumingpole in his post "My success story." This technique is pretty easy to learn, it doesn't seem to work so good with intercourse. It's more effective with masturbation or oral sex.

  Then there's KSMO, also known as Key Sound Multiple Orgasm. This is my personal favorite and I've been practicing it for almost 5 years. It works quite well with any form of sexual stimulation, whether it's masturbation, oral sex, or regular intercourse, etc. Here's a link to the website:http://www.multiples.com/pan.html You can also read about my early experiences with it in my post here called "How I became multi-orgasmic."

  The next one that comes to mind is various ways to stimulate the Prostate gland (also known as the Male G-Spot). This can produce "prostatic orgasms," which feel very much like ejaculatory orgasms and if done properly, can be repeated for as long as one wishes to feel them. There's a bunch of ways to do this, so the best thing to do is research the topic. Try searching in Google with word strings like: massage prostatic orgasm.

  A good product to check out would be the Aneros at: www.malegpsot.com

  Next, there's always Tantra, which is a time-tested technique for MMO. However, many people find it rather complex and difficult to master (especially guys). But you never know till ya try, right? There's thousands of sites where you can learn about Tantra, but you might wanna go here for the basic introduction: www.tantra.com

  Ok, next one that I can think of is called Taoist Sexual Chi Gung or also known simply as Sexual Kung Fu. This is similiar to Tantra, and has been around for a couple thousand years. Like Tantra, it's a proven method for MMO. Unfortunately, like Tantra, it's also pretty difficult for most folks to learn. I don't know a website for this off hand, but I recommend searching these words in Google: Multi-Orgasmic Man Mantak Chia. It's a good solid book on the subject and you can find it at amazon.com.

  Finally, there's a technique called "Amygdala Clicking." This is probably the most unique MMO method I know of. It's pretty great stuff if you can get it to work for you. You can learn more about it at: www.NeilSlade.com. Just look through the front page for an article about sexuality and amygdala clicking (can't quite remember the name), it'll explain how clicking forward can induce MMO's.

  Other than that, there's hypnosis, various drugs, and brainwave entrainment. But none of that stuff is really a guaranteed way to have MMO. They're just other things that I've tried in the past and have had some success with.

  I hope this broke things down for you and maybe helped you make a choice as to where you'd like to go first in your explorations. If you have questions about any of the above, I'm sure either Fumingpole or I would be happy to answer them.

  Bes tof Luck,

  PanDragon    : - )

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