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Author Topic: ...and your lust?  (Read 3084 times)
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  Date Posted: 01/19/2005 8:25 PM           

just a question. I currently wonder if it is worth to try learning some of those mmo techniques, but i'm not quite sure if it will give something of interest to me.

When reading about all this, i get the feeling it is very orgasm-centric, underrating the rest of the whole sex game. It's hard to imagine that one could go wild and loose one's mind during sex while having to stay sober-minded to control yourself and do the techniques at the right time.
Actually isn't letting oneself fall and loose control and/over your mind what's good?

Also, how intense is your lust after the first or following orgasms? I can have (single-shoot) sex at least two times without pause between, but the second time never is as good as the first mindwise. Bodyfeeling may be more intense, but that drastic desire is just not there any more. Which makes it far less interesting.
That's so enviable about females; after orgasm they drop back right into plateau phase keeping on being horny, instead of arrousal reseted to zero each time.

How's that for you mmo techheads?
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