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Author Topic: A little confused  (Read 2843 times)
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« on: January 01, 2011, 12:50:33 AM »

Kay, so I'm a 16 year old, and only recently have I read up on the 'MMO' stuff. I thought, oh wow, sounds good Cheesy I'll have to give it a go. But then when I read a guide off the internet, it was telling me something I've already done for years. My PC Muscle, it's strongish, because I've used it a lot, I never knew I did and what it was, but I knew it delayed my ejaculation phase and I kinda just kept on doing it to make me last a lot longer than normal.

See, the part where I get confused is, the timing. Just, people say just before the PONR you should squeeze, well, not entirely for me if what I'm doing is right. If you leave it to just before the ponr, it's a bit too late for me, in the sense I feel the contractions, they still happen, but I don't cum, and I can carry on, staying as aroused as I was before and get back to the ponr around 20 seconds later [Though if I do it this way I have to stop for around 10 seconds to make sure I don't tip myself over]. If I leave it until the PONR, I always have a dry orgasm, well Retrogade. They just... suck. They don't feel good at all for me and it causes loss in arousal. I've tested around it. I'd get to my ponr, slightly pass it, and only ever so slightly, and I'd squeeze and I'd feel kinda worse off for doing it. If what I've been doing for years is correct, squeezing the pc muscle, and then delaying how long I can last and carry on getting up to a point and kinda... resetting the whole process? Feeling amazing, and then carry on and get up to that point again. The thing is, it's not that hard to find when, but it's also not near the PONR if I am doing it correctly. Which is why I'm confused. I've never had to squeeze hard either when I've done it a while before my ponr. Though I don't know if it's an orgasm, or if I've just simply delayed it for a bit.

I'm very new to the technical terms and everything, it just kinda came to a shock that I might have been doing this for a few years and not even realised that it was a MMO if it is what I've been experiencing. Especially since I'm 16 and that. Admittedly I started self control a long long time ago, and I guess the PC muscle just got used unintentionally then and ever since. I don't know, it's all a bit fuzzy to me. I just want to know for sure I guess. Then I can either work on it so I can do it, or I can help you guys or something.

Any replies are greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Some more info.
It only really works when I'm really turned on and want to make it last a good half hour or so. That's when it feels strong and good when I squeeze slightly at about 10 seconds, maybe longer, before my ponr where I 'reset the process', but if I'm not turned on so much, it's near impossible to do it.

Also during the times I squeeze, I don't pause or anything, and Each time I squeeze for a while it feels really good, but seamless, like, it just ties in with everything so if it is a MMO is it possible that I could be having orgasms and just delaying the ejaculation? I have to pause at some point or else I'll definitely get to the ponr eventually. Like... I find it misleading how people have said you should feel the ponr then squeeze to stop. But that's not what I do, I squeeze it a lot, I start to squeeze it I think when I get a tingly feeling. Someone else describe it as the point about 15 seconds before ponr, and I squeeze there, and then I relax the muscle and carry on still, then I tense the muscle again and the feeling each time is immense in the follow up to the ejaculation phase which is also really strong.But unlike the other way which I said about, I don't have to pause, If I do it this way it feels like lots of orgasms leading up to the big one, maybe all I've been doing is delaying it by making me last longer and making it more intense for me? I don't really know. I'm just kinda confused still xD So I'll wait for a reply before saying more (:

EDIT 2: So I did some more reading on it, and would like to say -  Notice how the two charts differ. In a typical singular orgasm including ejaculation, the plateau phase is reached and passed  fairly quickly as the orgasm subsides and ejaculation occurs. In a multiple orgasmic encounter, the plateau phase is reached and sustained after the initial orgasm and between the next orgasm. The successive orgasms are also slightly stronger than the previous ones, if and when the man decides to ejaculate with the final orgasm. Ejaculation is optional, after several orgasms it may be decided not to ejaculate at all. In which case, the arousal pattern closely follows that of a woman and gradually declines over about an hour's time instead of declining very sharply after ejaculation.

That's how I'd describe what it feels like, using the site http://www.whitelotuseast.com/MultipleOrgasm.htm of course (: I can start, get to a point, then decide not to ejaculate and just stop the process, the arousal state declines over time like said though, it doesn't all dip at once. But saying that, if you get up to the ponr and stop surely it'll be like that anyway?

Then when it says right before the ponr to stop, and let the contractions happen but don't cum? Yeah I've done that, but whilst that's described as a MMO, it certainly has never felt like one to me. Sure I feel the ejaculation contractions, and sometimes they still happen after I squeeze and I don't cum or have a dry orgasm, well, it might be a dry orgasm but it just doesn't feel like an orgasm. And I can carry on again and build it back up. See that's seen as a MMO if I'm thinking straight, and that's what confuses me, it just doesn't feel like the orgasm xD But I've tinkered enough with it. I've squeezed precisely at different times and I can say that the contractions but no ejaculation happens when I do it right as I hit the ponr, any later, even half a second, and I'd have a retrogade orgasm, or I'd cum. I'm just thinking, if I still get the contractions for ejaculation but don't cum, then how can I get any closer? I'm still confused for the most part. Would like some more info for me. Hopefully you guys can help Cheesy

Oh and for the record sometimes I can just ejaculate and remain just as aroused.

And I've also tried relaxing the pc muscle, which does the same as squeezing it really, delays the ejaculation phase and gives you a very fulfilling orgasm when you do cum. Just I can't control it by relaxing it as well as I can by squeezing.
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« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2011, 05:03:40 PM »

So are you having actual orgasms with your method or not? That is the only thing that matters.
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