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Author Topic: 2 muscles involved in pc sqeeze?  (Read 2705 times)
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« on: January 05, 2011, 02:59:07 PM »

I can't help but notice that when I do the pc squeezes there are 2 muscles that usually work together. I can squeeze one or the other, or both. Perhaps they are 2 different parts of the same muscle. I know their are 2 different areas being controlled. Best way to see what I'm talking about is squeeze your pc muscle then well holding it squeeze it again on top of the original squeeze, that usually brings both muscles into action. Sometimes they blend together as well, like if I contract somewhere in between them.

There is a top muscle that is closer to the shaft of the penis, this muscle is lighter and it feels like it is rapping around something or being rotated when squeezed. There is also a 2nd muscle right behind it or underneath it (seems to be right over the perineum) this muscle feels like a ball and tightens when squeezed, it seems to be stronger. When I squeeze both they seem to push up against one another. Don't think I'm mixing up the 2nd muscle with the one that contracts the anus, that seems to be a different muscle all together.

Depending on what order I squeeze the muscles in it feels a bit diffrent, I'm wondering which muscle to squeeze in the right order to get the best effect. Or if squeezing just 1 is best. Overall it feels like this is not some simple muscle to me, it feels like some kind of appendage inside of me that behaves in different ways depending on which part of it I contract and in what order.

Also today is the first time I noticed this, will take note as to how it effects my next orgasm attempt.
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« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2011, 03:56:02 PM »

Try it out is the only advice I can give. Since there is not very much about this on the internet, you have to go with trial and error. I know that the pc muscle can be "separated" (only contracting parts of it), though I have trouble strongly contracting the one close to the shaft when I am not erect. If I am, then upon contracting it my penis will become a lot harder as additional blood flows into it, the head will swell. When I use the clenching method, I always contract the one over the perineum as well. Makes sense as that part of the muscle is usually involved in involuntary contractions.
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