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Author Topic: My own experience  (Read 2837 times)
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« on: March 13, 2011, 05:01:58 AM »

Just thought I'd post my own experience.

I Started going out with a really horny woman before Xmas. She could have dozens of orgasms while I was having to ration myself to keep going.
I'd heard of MMO, but never been bothered to investigate as previous girlfriends had ever been anything like as randy.
I looked on this forum and a few other sites and began to practice (I've been away from home for 30 days). Within a week I'd begun to get results lucky, I think, as my PC muscle was already pretty strong from preventing myself cumming with my horny girlfriend.
It was good, but not great at first but I persevered, as I said, I was away for 30 days!
At first the main sensation had been a sharp pleasure in my penis which had to be contained and then some weak pulses from, i presume, my prostrate.
After a few more days the strain of keeping my muscles tense seemed to evaporate, and I began to be more in control. I have no Idea how I did it first, but I got the pulses of pleasure out of my prostrate into my penis, my theory is that the pulses are caused by blood leaving my penis. By squeezing my muscles in time with the pulses I think it allowed more blood in. This meant the pleasure could be continued for for a minute or more. That also had the benefit of taking the "edge" of the sharp pleasure trying to make me ejaculate.
This would have been fantastic in itself, but in the last week or so it began to improve. I'm now having fantastic sensations in the whole of my lower body. They begin just as the sensation of imminence of orgasm comes on lovely, warm amazing. The sensations dissipate slowly afterwards, sometimes rising up my chest. If usually have two or three of these orgasms and then relax, it feels great but different from the sensation I feel after ejaculation. Ejaculation after these dry ones is much better than before, but I always leave a little gap between dry ones and ejaculation as on a few ocassions I have ejaculated with almost no sensation very weird. I'm off to see my girlfriend tomorrow...
Keep it up and spread the word!
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