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Author Topic: Having some issues, need help  (Read 2175 times)
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« on: July 19, 2011, 01:59:06 PM »

I've been trying to practice MMO for some months on and off now, but I always have the same problems and would like some assistance.

I am using the PC hold technique. When I manage to gain some self control and hold my PC muscle tight during climax, I always have to hold it for a very long time before I can start masturbating again. This makes me feel less aroused and less like I am having multiple orgasms and more like I'm just having dry orgasms. If I stimulate too quickly after climax I begin to ejaculate.

Another related problem is the ejaculation problem - if I make one small mistake I ejaculate and achieve a bad orgasm as well as a failed dry orgasm! Does it get easier?

And finally, when I do manage to have a full dry orgasm, it just doesn't feel as good as a normal orgasm with ejaculation. I have read that those who have MMO say it feels as good or even better than a normal orgasm, so why does it suck so much for me?

I am trying to do this because I became so jealous that some girls can lay back and let their partners give them multiple orgasms without any work from the girl. I'd like a bit of word from those who know what they're doing on my problems;

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