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Author Topic: What my MMO feels like - Am I there?  (Read 2945 times)
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« on: October 22, 2011, 11:40:56 AM »

I'm thinking the secret to MMO is to be very comfortable with touching/experiencing your anus & prostate.

Once my penis is aroused, if I focus attention & touch my anal area, I experience immense pleasure that causes me to shake all over. In fact, since I'm usually on my back, if I raise my legs slightly or higher - my legs and feet shake with the pleasure.

If I play with my penis some more - carefully so I don't come - the pleasure is immense. I use deep breathing & PC contractions to keep from cumming.

I find just stimulating with my finger - just above my asshole - I experience great pleasure that can go on and on. Perhaps I'm externally massaging my prostate.

I can briefly relax and let my erection subside a bit - start all over again - and have waves of pleasure again and again - usually staying fully erect.

For even longer and more intense pleasure, if I place a dildo just at the opening of my anus and bear down on it (squeeze my PC), the pleasure is intense. I can even insert it totally & bear down for even more pleasure.

I can delay ejaculation for an hour or more - or not ejaculate at all. But if I do ejaculate when I've had enough pleasure - the orgasm is very intense and seems to be in multiple waves - even after I've stopped ejaculating.

Does this sound like anything anyone else has experienced? Am I there?

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