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Author Topic: My experience  (Read 3923 times)
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« on: October 26, 2011, 04:10:45 AM »

I am male and in my 60's.  I masturbate 2 to 3 times a day.  Until I read posts on this site and similar sites, I always thought that an orgasm and ejaculation were the same thing and went together.  After reading the posts I decided to try a multiple orgasm session, but when I did I masturbated for too long and went past the point of no return, had an orgasm and ejaculated. 

I tried again the next day and on my first orgasm stopped masturbating straight away and tightened my pc muscle.  I held it for about 20 seconds.  I was still sexually excited and started to masturbate again and it felt as good as it did when I first started this masturbation session.  I noticed after a few minutes that my cock was slightly damp and it was obvious that some sperm had leaked out.  Not a lot, just enough to make it damp. 

I kept masturbating and after about 10 minutes I could feel an orgasm coming on.  I stopped masturbating and tightened my pc muscle as tight as I could.  I stopped for about 30 seconds and started to masturbate again.  After about another 10 minutes I could feel an orgasm coming on so I let it happen and I continued masturbating and ejaculated.  I found the session reasonably draining and I did not masturbate at any other time during the day.

The next day I decided to try and practise multiple orgasms and I reached an orgasm within about 15 minutes and used the pc tightening method and stopped masturbating directly I felt the orgasm coming on.  I continued to masturbate about 30 seconds after the orgasm and I was still sexually excited and my erection was still good.  There was no leakage of sperm. I masturbated for about 10 minutes and when I felt an orgasm coming on I stopped masturbating and tightened the pc muscle as before.  After a minute or so I continued masturbating. Again, my erection was still there and I did not leak any sperm.  I continued masturbating for about 10 minutes when I felt another orgasm but this time I wanted to ejaculate and I did.

I have had many sessions like this and can have two orgasms without ejaculating but I always want to ejaculate on the third orgasm.  I am not sure I would be able to go to three, or four dry orgasms and ejaculate on the last one.  The other thing I have noticed is that the dry orgasms are not as intense as the one that you have on ejaculation.  I did read somewhere to expect this.  Maybe younger people than me would experience stronger orgasms.  Anyway, I find that I can have multiple orgasms easier than when I first started and I think it's a question of conditioning the brain not to expect ejaculation after an orgasm.
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