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Author Topic: How I discovered Male Multiple Orgasm  (Read 5831 times)
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« on: April 21, 2012, 04:22:35 PM »

I began my career giving erotic massages to men to supplement my income.  I am a person who always wants to be successful in any business venture that I put my energy into and giving great erotic massages to men was no exception! 
Tantra was a buzz word that I started to hear often and I quickly got on the band wagon and started promoting my 40 minute erotic massage which ended with 20 minutes of slow teasing genital touch.  I didn’t know much in those days, it really was-on-the-job training and my one hour sensual Tantra body massage with a slow happy ending was a real hit with the guys.     

The discovery that men can experience non-ejaculatory full-body and multiple orgasms opened up a new world of opportunity for my erotic massage sessions.  One particular day, I was working with a man in his 40’s.  He was a nice guy who really enjoyed my exotic touch and I began arousing him very slowly.  Suddenly his body began to shake uncontrollably, he started moaning and grinding his hips and to my amazement his body exploded into orgasm. 

I continued with my sensual genital touch and witnessed my first male multiple orgasm.  Wow, this guy just kept coming and coming.  Sometimes his body would be jerking uncontrollably and then his body would quieten.  But wait, my golly gosh he hasn’t ejaculated yet?  It was my decision to keep pleasuring him to see how long his orgasm would last. 

I started masturbating him till he reached what looked like the peak of his orgasm and then I’d back off completely and watched his body shake with exquisite pleasure.  When his orgasm subsided, I would masturbate (or rather hammer) him again until he reached his next orgasmic peak.  If you’re wondering how long he lasted for, well be prepared to be amazed because this man’s orgasm lasted for 25 minutes before his body ejaculated!

The experience was mind blowing for me and from that day forward it has been an intense passion of mine to teach all men about male non-ejaculatory full-body and multiple orgasms.
The internet is an amazing tool to research any topic and there is an abundance of good and bad information about premature ejaculation and male orgasm.  Since my discovery of male non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm, I have tried and tested my erotic techniques on thousands of willing males who want to experience the ultimate orgasm: full-body multiple non-ejaculatory orgasm.  I am currently writing an ebook and producting a film to  teach male multiple orgasm to males and their partners.
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« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2012, 06:01:06 AM »

Welcome to the board!
This board is place where people provide explanations about MMO technique rather than advertise their services.
Could you please explain to use more about your technique ?
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