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Author Topic: Late in here at my age  (Read 1876 times)
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« on: October 03, 2016, 06:35:18 AM »

I am in my late 70s, have had prostate cancer and had the thing removed so I can't achieve an erection. In the course of treatment for the cancer I was prescribed hormone pills in an attempt to kill off some cells. This has resulted in me growing tits, but luckily not too evident. The cancer has gone.

Sex is not a big issue these days for my wife and I, she is slightly younger than I. We've had our fun in bucket loads! I have had many sexual experiences as in affairs, one threesome, none homosexual, but I have experimented with many home made anal  inserts, some free hand and others fixed plus ideas of stimulation. Being very very sexual in terms of curiosity from an early age, indulging in top shelf mags such as Spick and Span,  I have sought out as much of the sexual subject that hit me at any time.

I still enjoy female photos which show the impression of nipples, rather than the naked view, the latest Kim Kardashian pics were a real turn on but of course I couldn't wank to them. I have wanked  many many times with the most extreme porn including bestiality and fantasised in having sex with a dog or horse for instance – male or female.

The main and relatively new curioisity about my nipples has been their firm stubbiness when cold.
Much more to add if anyone is interested. I just love to talk.
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