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Author Topic: First Dry Orgasm  (Read 3433 times)
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  Date Posted: 05/17/2005 10:38 AM           

Hey guys.
Last night I went for it.
I rotated between normal jacking off and glans stimulation.
I didn't breathe all that differently, just took deep breathes pushing out my stomach when i remembered to Tongue
Anyways, I did cum, and it oozed out instead of squirting like described on here.
The only concern I have is that it wasnt as good as a normal orgasm. It wasn't that great at all really.
After that I jacked off, kept my erection and drive and when I did cum I must admit it was better than usual, not as much cum by any means but I suppose thats to be expected?

I might try going for a couple of dry ones in a row soon? What you think?
Is there anything I can do to improve this? and why wasnt my first orgasm good?
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  Date Posted: 05/18/2005 10:01 AM           

That's pretty much what happens to me as well. I don't usually breathe any differently when I do it. I find that if I do glans stimulation just before the PONR that I cum less, and my erection stays stronger longer. I think you're on the right track. Maybe try building up that first orgasm more, like getting close to PONR a couple of times and then stop. I find that the orgasms that way are better anyways.

Good luck!
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