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Author Topic: My progress getting off, without my dick (and it's jealous)  (Read 2518 times)
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« on: August 03, 2013, 10:09:49 AM »

I wanted to take a second to share my progress and motivate others out there, but I still have more to accomplish. I'm going to avoid the orgasm vocabulary here, because a lot of people mis-use or mis-interpret the descriptions.

Last night I:
1. Felt waves of pleasure without touching myself
2. Shot multiple loads of clear pre-cum (didn't dribble out, but also no semen, just thick, clear, and slippery)
3. Stayed throbbing hard and body tingling hours later

So now, to back up a bit, I own a couple Aneros toys, I've listened to Jack Johnston's technique, I have hands free orgasm hypnosis mp3s, done some pelvic exercises, and tried amygdala stimulus. The elephant in the room is that it's hard to tell someone to flex a solitary muscle if they haven't done it before (move one eyebrow or bend only your middle toe etc.). After all of this stuff, with some success and a lot of failure I think I "came" to the main idea on my own. Eventually, I think many people reading this will come to the same conclusion. All of these techniques help specific people activate the necessary muscle combination to get what they want. I'd love to say one technique instantly did it, but that's not the case for me. It's more that each technique gave me vague ideas of the feelings I should watch out for. In the end, all that really mattered was pissing ahead of time (multiple times), RELAXING, and moving muscles in that area.

So what was my specific experience? First, I looked at a little porn, I touched myself a bit, but I didn't jerk off much, took a piss, and I went to bed. I happened to wake up early this morning (4am) but felt rested and awake. So I took a piss and thought about jerking off. Then, just for the hell of it, I decided to practice my breathing (so half of the key sound technique, without sounds). I just focused on expanding my lower belly with each inhale. Right away, I could feel blood pulsing in the area and different muscles tightening and relaxing. As the tightening got stronger I realized one of my problems, this feeling for me is a lot like tensing your lower abdomen when falling (like on a roller coaster) and that initial feeling doesn't necessarily feel erotic to me. So without thinking, I would stop that feeling from happening. This time, when I noticed the feeling I also realized my dick was extremely throbbing hard. Those muscle were pumping up my dick like I had been doing pelvic floor exercises for years (which I haven't done much at all). This is when it clicked for me. Stop following techniques, monitoring progress, reading, thinking, etc, and just be in the moment. The best piece of advice at that second was "give up on expectations" and just be surprised. I got harder and softer, more rhythmic and less so, and my breathing was consistent and then completely messed up.

This is the good part. Eventually the tense sensation just became my "I want to shoot a load right now" sensation. They are almost identical for me, but instead of one long contraction, the "shoot a load" sensation pulses. I think the pulsing massages my dick and prostate and becomes erotic. So at this point I really wanted to grab my dick and thrust away, but everyone told me not to do that, and I didn't. Instead, I did everything else I could possibly do, groping myself, rubbing my nipples, grabbing my throat like I was going to choke myself, humping the air, and finally rubbing my balls and perineum (like a woman rubbing her clit). At times I felt like shaking (like I've seen other people do in this state) but every time I did it I felt like I was forcing it and I just stopped. But the thrusting got quicker and became more and more arousing. I shot a load harder than ever before. I'm sure I'll get some critical feedback that a hands free orgasm and hands free ejaculation are different, but I had both. I definitely shot prostatic fluid, (it was clear and thick, tasted sweet, and was not like urine). After, my dick was just as hard and I was just as aroused. So I spread all of that pre-cum over my face and did it a second time.

After that, I just laid in bed and dosed off. Woke up. Dosed off again. I've had a hard-on, going on three hours now. I'm writing this right away so I get the details right. I know the solution would be to jack off, but I think my dick can wait, I'm going to see if I can add to this session tonight. I just hope I will be able to piss today.

So, I guess that is a pretty graphic rendition of my experience. I'm not online posting this kind of detail often, but I remember wishing people would just make a video of their experience and put it online so I could understand what was happening. I'm too modest for a video, but this is what I can contribute.. So I hope it at least helps the next guy. I'm a 29 year old guy, 6'1, 200lbs. In case you hadn't figured it out. Thanks for reading.
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