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Author Topic: did i expirience an MMO?  (Read 2815 times)
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  Date Posted: 06/03/2005 1:10 PM           


hello, so anyways before now i have never heard of a man being able to have MMO's, nor have i heard much of PC excersises or any form of restricting ejaculation other then the stop and go method. 

to the point, last night while i was enjoying myself, when i felt that feeling we all know and love, i wasnt quite finished so i figued what the hell, ill try to hold it in and keep going.  I sqeezed and held my PC muscel and had a very weak orgasm, with very little ejaculation, was kind of disapointed until i noticed that about 30 seconds later, i slowly started to get hard again (never completly lost it, just kinda went a little soft), and continued to pleasure my self with excitment .  I then had 4 followup dry-orgasms but the way they happened was different then what all articles i have read say. 

from what iv read so far,  you should have to sqeeze the PC each followup orgasm, but i did not.  i completly let loose and enjoyed my self, but still did not ejaculate, except for maybe a little dribble, but had very powerful orgasms.  being a very paranoid man about preforming with a women, this is a huge joy for me, but im a little concerned that this may have been a one time thing, since i didnt actualy have to sqeeze except for the first time (which was nice, because the sqeezing wasnt all that pleasurable, and kinda ruined it for me).  naturaly im going to continue practicing this, but i just want to konw if this is how it works with other men.

so i guesse im just curious if this is normal that i didnt not have to sqeeze each orgasm, or if this will change periodicaly (maybe depending on level of arousal?). 

thanks for any help i may recieve.

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  Date Posted: 06/03/2005 5:13 PM             

Yes it's very normal. Congratulation! Keep going.
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