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Author Topic: After 3 months of practice!  (Read 3186 times)
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« on: August 30, 2013, 07:30:00 AM »

It's been  3 months since i have discovered,propably by accident,what dry orgasms are(see my previous post)!So that is my so far experience!First of all i bought and read Keepitup's and mantak chia's books,both of them helped me!After practice and a lot of Kengel exercises i managed to have orgasms with out ejaculation only by squeezing my pc muscle,the only thing is that these kind of orgasms are not so intense as my ejaculatory orgasms are!I also managed to have 5 times hole body energy orgasms the 2 of them was during masturbation after a raw of squeezing pc muscle dry orgasms and the other 3 was during lovemaking with my wife.So my conclusions are that 1)Orgasms and ejaculation for me is an unquestionable fact that are  2 totally different things!2)There are 2 different paths the one leads to ejaculatory or non ejaculatory but ejaculatory feeling like orgasms and the other to hole body energy orgasms.3)Stimulation concentrated in my penis leads to the point of no return 4)Arousal concentrated in the area of my genitals when has the right volume and spontaneously is lift up through my spine into my brain leads to hole body orgasm.5)When i'm about to have a hole body orgasm i'm not even close to the ponr the desire to ejaculate totally disappears or it doesn't even exist!6)Continuous gently pc muscle squeeze from the beginning of lovemaking helps to built up arousal and NOT penis stimulation which leads to the ponr.7)Beginning make love with lust and sexual fantasies leads to penis overstimulation and usually ejaculation,beginning make love with a "relaxed" mind leads to less penis stimulation8)The part of the body that triggers ejaculatory or non ejaculatory but ejaculatory feeling like orgasms is penis,the part of the body that triggers hole body orgasms is brain.
That is my so far experience as you can see by yourself my failures are much more than my successes!It is relay difficult for me  to avoid penis stimulation and focus to my general arousal and i think that this the key for hole body orgasms.The funny thing is that i have notice that a couple glasses of wine before lovemaking usually helping me.Of course i have to say that am not alcoholic and drinking alcohol is not part of my everyday habits Grin.
An other thing that is helping me is Kundalini  meditation,it is something that i am doing  a few weeks now by myself after reading John Selby's "kundalini Awakening " book.Of coarse the subject of the book it has nothing to do with MMO but Kundalini meditation is helping me to feel my inner energy and learn how to circulate it.
I am realy open to any notices or questions  to all these above thoughts and i will be greatfull for any advice for how i can proceed further!

P.S.1.To keepitup Johnson:I loved your book not only for the clear instructions that gives you to achieve multiple orgasms but also because it teaches you how to be a better lover,a better companion,a better person!I think that is a must book for every beginner!

P.S.2.English is not my native language so please forgive me for any mistakes i made!!!

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