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Author Topic: My experience  (Read 5217 times)
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« on: November 20, 2013, 03:52:27 PM »

Most of us know that women can have "multiple orgasms." But 2 years ago I discover that men can have them too and it changed my point of view on sex.

My journey started two years ago when I found a Handfree Orgasm Hypnosis video on Youtube. I never actually reached an orgasm with it but I learned the importance of breath,relaxation and focus. I trained myself for about 8 months and came close to orgasm without physical stimulation. I was learning to control sexual energy in my body.

Then I heard about '' The Key Sound Technique ''  (use vocalization to drive autonomic pleasure) and read a book '' The multi-ogasmic man ''. 6 months later I could make circulate crazy amount of sexual energy in my body and was training my PC muscle.

And about 2 months ago I had my first multiple orgasms, only with breath and relaxation: crazy intense,dry, lots of contractions. And recently I also found out that I could stimulate my prostate with contraction of my PC muscle. I have been strengthening this muscle so strongly without knowing it than when I really contracted it for the first time I orgasmed immediately .  

I have been able to have 9 orgasms in a few hours (my record )

Right now I’m able to control really precisely my sexual energy to the point where I can have orgasm throughout the day ( at the office for exemple). ONLY with sexual energy and no contraction of the PC muscle.

But I don’t think I’ve ever had any full body orgasm, I think I can reach it if I can send energy up my spine but I don’t know how. Any tips ?

Sorry for my english
Tanks everyone for any feedback
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« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2013, 01:21:17 AM »

You've succeeded in multiple orgasms, congratulations!  You have reached a great place. Smiley

Way to go!

Regarding your question about sending energy up your spine:
This will come to you in time. Be patient. It's been my experience that our energy blocks prevent energy from travelling up the spine. We all have energy blocks. Energy blocks could be due to emotions or difficult experiences we haven't yet worked through. I suggest paying for a session with a healer who works on the body at the energy level. Or, you could try yoga, particularly kundalini yoga. You could meditate, etc. all these things help us to get in touch with our energy and help it to flow. These are just a few suggestions. I like dancing and running and making love, and masturbating and hiking and skiing and just plain celebrating life.

Regarding full body orgasms, we are all familiar with genital orgasms because that's where we are paying the most attention. When our energy flows all over, we feel more in other places. Focus on other places in your body. See what happens. This energy is often called Kundalini energy. You can google kindalini for more info.  Try this link for now. http://tantricserenity.com/fullbody.html

Keepitup Johnson

Enjoy sex, don't let sex enjoy you!  You're not missing out on anything. Celebrate what you have!

Keepitup Johnson, author of Love Satisfies, how to have infinite male multiple orgasms, available from Amazon.com
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« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2013, 04:37:48 PM »

Thank you so much for your reply  Grin

Tonight I think I just '' came close'' , well at least I felt like I could feel it for a split second. Still using breath relaxation and contraction to send energy up to the tip of my head through my spine. ( The back channel as the call it I believe ). Getting better and better
Speaking of yoga I forgot to mention that 1 year ago I had a few Reiki session to help me deal with stress.That's when I really found out about the existence of an energy circulating in my body. If it can help anyone

I was also wondering how can I apply my ''knowledge/ability'' to amplify sexual energy and to have multiple orgasms to my sexual life. I'm very young and partner at my age are not that open about the '' energy-meditation-yoda'' thing (no offense). I must admit I wasn't very open to this at first but now I can totally understand the enthusiasm about self-awakening. The joy of mastering your mind and body. I'm not even talking about the pleasure  Cheesy
But I would love to experience the same connection and pleasure that I have with myself with another person. The other have know idea what kind of pleasure their missing hahaha... just saying

Thanks everyone  Grin
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