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Author Topic: newbie starting the journey  (Read 2675 times)
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« on: January 12, 2014, 11:26:04 PM »

Hi all,

Very keen to learn MMO here, not just for the intense sounding pleasure that it seems it can open up, but also because for a long time i have been pretty quick during sex, but enough so that everyone was happy, the last 4-5 years it has been at its worst, my wife says she doesn't care, but you know what? I care, Its not some macho thing about wanting to go all night, ok maybe sightly lol, no its about just being able to enjoy the experience and intimicy of intercourse, and one third my ego.

So anyway, I haven't really done much so far, I tend to reach the PONR pretty quick even by myself, I have recently started edging, I like to go in the shower, and slowly stroke to get aroused, i am trying to gain more awareness and control over the sensations around ejaculation and orgasm, My PC muscle is usually going crazy involuntarily flexing, i have had some success doing a reverse kegel to sort of calm that twitching down, but where i am at the moment is I stroke myself  then when i start to feel arousal build I kegel and then reverse kegel this pumps my penis until i am rock hard, and i am getting waves of pleasure all over my body, i usually try and just stay around this area for as long as i can, with the slightest stimulation, sometimes i go too far and ejaculate, it feels like i am fighting, holding it back, and i read on here about relaxing into the dry orgasm and if i relax then it feels like that's gonna open the flood gates to ejaculation.

I have a few times had ejaculation but no orgasm, but left my penis feeling like a firework of built up energy and even one small touch sets it off and I ejaculate again with a less powerful than usual orgasm. Kinda the wrong way around.

 I try to just enjoy the sensations of that state before ejaculation and orgasm and i think i have small orgasms, where i get a flush of heat and energy over my whole body, but nothing like a wet orgasm, i am hoping these are all good signs of progression, i figure i will just keep doing what i am doing for now, unsure about the next step to take really.

One thing I have noticed is that i feel very aroused like almost post orgasmic but without a loss of interest for a long while afterward, my prostate is tingling and if i squeeze my PC i can feel little waves of pleasure still there.

I am sure i have missed out loads of details and what not hopefully people will reply and I will continue to read the forum and other peoples experiences to achieve the ultimate goal!

Cheers guys

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« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2014, 12:04:11 PM »

Sounds like progress to me! I bet your wife will really appreciate it even if she is fine with you now.

I recommend the books by Keepitup Johnson and Mantak Chia. 

My only comment on technique is that you might try and keep your erection at stage three instead of stage four (rock hard) since it is easier to control. I believe that you can feel the same pleasure regardless of how hard it is.

Quote From Chia's book;

"In the first stage, your penis starts to move and become erect. In the second stage, it’s firm, but not bard – not really hard enough to penetrate (unless you use the Soft Entry technique). In the third stage, it is erect and hard. In the fourth stage, it is stiff and really hot. This last stage is also when your testicles draw into your body. It is much easier to avoid ejaculating when you can remain in the erect and hard third stage. Pulling the sexual energy up helps keep the penis from getting to the final, stiff and hot stage. Relaxing is also essential, as is trying to be aware of when you move into that anxious, explosive fourth stage when ejaculation is imminent."

If I wake up in the night with a stage four erection I will go to work with it but backing off the stimulation as I get near the PONR which I get to faster at that level of arousal. I try to slow down then and let the erection cool off just slightly for the long haul. In my morning sessions, I usually start with stage two or three and it is not unusual to end my session without ejaculation in or close to stage four.

BTW, I never worry about how hard I am when I start. Even if I start my session basically soft, it seems to get hard enough quick enough and I start having my first orgasms usually within one or at least a few minutes.
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