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Author Topic: My shortcut to solitary MMO  (Read 2376 times)
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« on: October 03, 2014, 12:44:06 PM »

I started looking into this subject just a few days ago so I'm a newbie who knows very little.

But the main gist I got was don't let semen come out of your penis when you orgasm.

So I masturbated to orgasm standing with my body weight pressing my perineum down on the corner of my desk so no semen came out.  I had a great O, did not feel depleted and was able to do this several times a day experimenting with different objects to press my perineum down on to.

Normally after one O I'm done for the day with maybe another if I've not had an O in several days.  But with this new technique I was able to O several times in a short period.

Other hard objects I've used are a large flashlight laid on my chair and also a square battery from a battery backup unit.  The batter worked the best so far.  I put it on the floor up on its end and it fit nicely between my legs.  I think I tried one other thing but can't remember right now what it was.

I have read that this could cause infertility but I don't care.  Kids are out of my life and I don't want any more.

I've never had premature O so that's not a problem I'm trying to solve.

But I just wanted to share what worked for me and I didn't have to do any exercises or breath in any special way.
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« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2014, 10:26:06 AM »

Thanks for sharing. I think what you're doing is so cool! FYI (for your info), the point you're pressing down on is called the million dollar point. That's because men would pay a million dollars to know where it is. Like any athletic endeavor, there's always room for improvement.  Good job, you're a millionaire! Seriously, I think you've mastered the million dollar point and moved everyone higher by sharing what you've discovered.
As with any athletic endeavor, there are many paths to nonejaculatory orgasms. You might want to explore another path, or not!

Thanks for your post.
Peace and love,
Keepitup Johnson

Keepitup Johnson, author of Love Satisfies, how to have infinite male multiple orgasms, available from Amazon.com
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