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Author Topic: Greetings from a newbie to the forum Looking for more info.  (Read 1995 times)
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« on: October 05, 2014, 03:59:36 AM »

From what I've read so far here in MMOF it's encouraging to find a forum about this that's not dominated by trolls and pervs.

I've been with one male partner for 8 years both of us under 30 in excellent health, physically fit.  We accidentally discovered Male Multiple orgasms for him during slow lovemaking/penetration almost 6 years ago.  To be honest the first time it happened scared us both. Due to our living far apart it took a great deal of time for us to learn how to achieve MM-Os (for him) and find information about it.  Now it's become part of our regular lovemaking.

I learned to achieve MM-Os alone with a Mangasm Alpha and have great success with my partner's aid then limited but wonderful success during actual lovemaking.  I use the word wonderful because we've been able to experience simultaneous MMOs during anal penetration for him and me with the Mangasm Alpha. For the times he and I are not together I rely on the Mangasm for relief and can have anywhere from 4 to seven (that's an estimate -- I forget to count.) dry orgasms and go over a month without ejaculating or a need for conventional old school masturbation.

Because of the extra dimension MMOs have added to our relationship we began telling male friends, both gay and straight.  We've noticed a huge difference in the level of interest each group shows in MMOs with gay men having far less interest and less immediate results.  However with heterosexual friends we've introduced to the existence of MMOs there's almost immediate interest by all of them.  The straight men who've started using Aneros or Mangasm products have all moved into great results in 4 to 12 weeks. 

This could be related to the fact that almost all the straight men we've introduced to MMOs are in the military, very physically fit and under 30.  The gay men have covered a wide range of ages and physical conditions.

I'd be interested in the views of others on this and advice to give men over 35.  I'd also like to know if others have noticed a lack of interest shown by gay men and what might be causing it.

Feel free to contact me through email at vsteenberg87@gmail.com.

On yahoo messenger I'm veeveesteen.

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