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Author Topic: Maxwells Multiple Climax doesnt work  (Read 2245 times)
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« on: November 23, 2014, 12:59:27 PM »


For two or three weeks i try the techniques from the Maxwells Multiple Climax DVD. I´ve did the solo session and but i dont make any new progress. Im edging really close to the PONR and get some mini-orgasms but theyre not real orgasms, i would say that they are just orgasmic feelings (They arent satisfying). When i go over the edge the pumping sensations last longer than normal but it still lead to an ordinary wet orgasm. Now i dont know what i can do to make them real dry orgasms. Theyve stated that you have to have a dry orgasms (where you are satisfied) to master the solo technique. What can i do to overcome this obstacle?

I search for 3 years for a technique for multiple orgasms (they are my greatest wish) and the maxwell technique is the most promising technique for me since pc-muscle training was to exhausting for me and the KSMO technique is to dangerous for me because i´m on antidepressants (which i reduce gradually already) and i´m to scared for a kundalini syndrome. So help is really appreciated. When you cant help me with the Maxwell technique, maybe you know a technique where you dont have to train your pc-muscle or awake your kundalini.

Thanks in advance.
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