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Author Topic: What do non penis dry orgasms feel like???  (Read 8971 times)
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« on: December 09, 2014, 09:55:22 AM »

I have been having some fun times solo trying to get keepitupjohnsons dry orgasms going not only in my penis but in my anus, prostate, and other body areas.  So far, I have had mild ejaculatory pulses in my penis, my anus, my prostate, and some moderate pulsing in my right calf.  These orgasms are dry but they are more subtle in intensity than regular wet ejaculatory orgasms.  

I realize that i am on a learning curve that is very pleasant and I would think with time and additional practice, my "rewiring" will become more pronounced and intense.  Am I right here?Huh?

But I have not seen anyone describe on this forum what dry orgasm feel like say in your anus, your prostate, or in other body parts.  I would like for those of you who are "rewired" and into MMOs to tell us guys what your orgasms feel like.  Are they as intense as wet orgasms. Mine are not at this juncture.

I love this stuff as it leaves me hard as a rock and without a refractory period, wanting more and more and more dry pleasure.  For a guy approaching 70 in a couple of years, this journey into MMOs is the closest thing that I have discovered on my quest for the fountain of youth and turning back the clock in my sexuality.

Anybody out there care to share on what a dry O feels like in any body part........or in the body parts you have had them.  Descriptiveness is the key here.  


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« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2014, 10:51:00 PM »

I think that you are wondering how and where anal stimulation interacts and intersects with dry orgasms. My experience with the anaeros toy has been very favorable, I think that anal stimulation is wonderful for over all sexual pleasure, I think you will find good results from going down this road, You are getting in touch with your body, and that's what helps us have dry orgasms!

Peace and love,

Ps. I've felt some powerful dry orgasms from the additional stimulation of the anaeros toy. Sex doesn't have to be any certain way. Freedom to experiment is a good thing.

Keepitup Johnson, author of Love Satisfies, how to have infinite male multiple orgasms, available from Amazon.com
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« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2015, 05:57:05 PM »

For me, dry orgasms are pretty much identical to ejaculatory orgasms except I don't feel a load of fluid moving through my urethra. I do feel all the pumping contractions and what feels like a small amount of fluid (precum) moving along with each orgasm. Dry orgasms vary in intensity, as ejaculatory orgasms do. The difference with dry orgasms is you have 10, 20, maybe 50 of them in a session and it's easy feel the difference in intensity. I find all of them fantastic. The crazy mind blowing, body shaking ones that last for minutes are awesome but the low-powered, relaxing ones are peaceful and grin inducing.

Keep up the re-wiring. As you become less penis-centric, your other erogenous areas will wake up more and more. Initially, I found dry orgasms to be very hit-and-miss, very much like many women describe their quest for orgasms. Depending on my mood, energy level and surroundings, I could have several incredibly strong orgasms one day and then not be able to have any the next day.

I still have rare times when the orgasms just don't fire. I've found that if I try too hard to have an orgasm at those times, it's counter productive. Not only do I not have any orgasms but the frustration gets into my head and makes it harder to have any orgasms the next time. If this goes on, I start thinking I may have lost the ability to MMO. The solution is to just relax and take a break for a day or two.
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« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2015, 01:17:49 PM »

Thanks to both responders

I think I am moving past penis centric as most of my pleasure is in my prostate and at times I can get it to move by mental focusing on the area I want it to move to.  Very pleasurable.

Still I love the feeling of  pleasurable orgasmic pulses up my urethra to my pee slit and the pleasure that may occur in my coronal ridge or frenulum area.  Also, there seems to be sweet spots about an inch or so on the underside of my shaft on both the right side and left side below my glans/.  These areas light up extremely pleasurable with a good erection and nipple play.  These sweet spots are so good that they make me gasp.

Also the sides of my shaft about for about two inches or below my glans when erect are highly erogenous and even better with a really firm erection for carressing and nipple play.....

This is wonderful stuff.   

Thanks for sharing bros......I am ready for keepitjohnsons next book. 

The Inner Smile by Mantak Chia puts forth three exercises to move energy around the body.  I am enjoying working those exercises too.  They have helped in moving my rewiring along.   Cheesy
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« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2015, 02:06:13 AM »

So far for me... (second successful session) The feeling of a non-ejaculatory orgasm is the same as the leading up to the PNR (it is learning how to separate orgasm from ejaculation that this is all about). On one of the lead ups if the conditions are right (energy is flowing in the micro-cosmic orbit - thank you, Mantak Chia!), the pressure is transformed and instead of needing to stop it just blossoms into waves of relaxation with no worry of the PNR. The PNR is transcended - it is no longer an issue. There is no pressure to ejaculate or feeling of lack, instead there are lapping waves of pleasant relaxation that give vital rejuvinative energy.
There is no discharge.  The waves emanate from the body in no specific place that I could ascertain.

How to multi-orgasm for revitalized energy without depletion. In my experience:

1. A minimal visual stimulus may assist at the beginning, but if more than 3% of attention is on porn, nothing but a typical orgasm will satisfy - porn will just frustrate and not allow the energy to move up the body without wanting to spill out the penis (as stated in "Love Satisfies" by Keepitup Johnson - porn is a heavy energy).

2. Ensure that 1. doesn't happen by monitoring the feeling of sperm travelling. If you sense that, pull it up your body by clenching your buttocks and relaxing everywhere else while remembering to breathe. Don't hold your breath.

3. When breathing out, draw up your sexual energy as demonstrated by Mantak Chia's books. This can be used with butt clenching - which is better done in short rhythmic contractions rather than a long squeeze.

4. Get close to the PNR several times with a fervent desire not to ejaculate (with porn this is uncomfortably frustrating,  but without it, it is no problem to allow the waves to subside, there is no frustration,  much more able to relax and be peaceful). Allow a little time to cool down and then begin going again (20 seconds?) The aim is not to ejaculate or even orgasm but to explore the feelings. Each of the orgasms took me by surprise! They were able to happen from the ground work of paving the way with the preparatory exercises mentioned here. When they started happening, it was on the way up to another PNR, there was no pressure to ejaculate,  just a pleasant release of pressure, with subtle elation that in a few moments of retrospect is unmistakably an orgasm, the rising sensation, without the crashing finality.  And once the first orgasm is established/experienced, the orgasms can keep coming in quick succession one after the other with the same steady stimulus using a sorbolene moisturizer.

5. Before allowing pleasure to get too intense, it is helpful to monitor if pressure is felt (being sent) to the scalp. If so, you are doing it right, by using these exercises which draw the energy up the spine.
A decrease in erection is easier when clenching or drawing up energy. Another helpful exercise is Mantak Chia's rubbing the tummy below the navel and drawing the sexual energy of the penis there to prevent ejaculation - MC said this can be done before moving that energy back down and then up the spine if the energy doesn't seem to be moving straight up the spine initially.
Another few signs that I notice which indicate the movement of energy up the spine are involuntary pelvic thrusts/tilts, and posture erectness! I guess from the energy coursing through you. As MC says it has the power to crack bone. Also blocked ears and light-headedness. After the session,  remember to touch the tongue to the palate to drain the energy from the head to below your navel, placing a hand there may help.

6. After several (20-30?) times of repeatedly getting close to the PNR without the heaviness of porn, I suddenly felt a release of tension accompanied by perhaps a few shuddering breaths.
Was that- yes, it was! You'll notice an unmistakably relaxing feeling which is subtle and not a crashing sensation, however it is from this point that you can continue to stimulate and further orgasms will happen one after the other without needing to hold back, just continue with the same relaxed pace. I laughed with the second one because it was relaxing and nice and there was no discharge.  There may have been a slight tingle in my prostate,  but it was more like a body relaxation, no precise location. More subtle. There was a third and maybe fourth, they are pleasant and a lightness of my head was noticed.

I wanted to experiment and see if my newfound control worked with porn. But it removed my subtle awareness; lightness and relaxation - the discharge-less orgasm's potential prerequisites. Instead it replacing it with a frustration that insisted on the inevitable end of ejaculation or an uncomfortable feeling that I was missing out on an orgasm - none will occur separate from ejaculation with porn in my experience (a far cry from the contented and rejuvenated feeling of before).

With Mantak Chia's Micro cosmic orbit, the energy flows down the front by touching the roof of the mouth with the tongue to allow it to pool in the navel then back to the genitals. When this is established from many PNR near visits, the energy is ready to take you by the hand. Perhaps that is it. The orgasms are subtle and don't work by trying for them but certain measures help them to react once the conditions are in place.

I did occasionally (not as a main technique) use the "Key Sound" and it helped charge the energy and send the energy up. I have only experienced the tingling of the balls with the key sound. Although, there was a point where I was abstinent for a while and noticed that when I performed the second part of the Key Sound, the higher pitched bit, that my crown chakra would noticibly be felt, which proves the Key Sound's effectiveness at moving energy. Since that time however I have not had much success with it. I was able to reach much lower tonal chords for the early part of the KS, which I am lately unable to replicate. I suspect it is due to late nights and not applying the Key Sound in a dedicated manner and instead only when I think of it when out walking (ball tingling effect).

Don't underestimate the Key Sound is my thought at this stage. There's potency there. If I could suceed with the Key Sound alone it would be great to be able to dispense with the continous manual stimulation. I mainly want to use the effect of multiple orgasms for the energy they provide to function more effectively in life with a spring in my step and give hope to others.
You can hear it here:
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« Reply #5 on: February 17, 2015, 02:20:20 AM »

Needed longer interval. Felt the build up in my head last night. However, I was chasing a dry orgasm. Resulting in tensing up. I also lacked sensitivity in my penis from the recent endeavour. So despite the help of sorbolene it was a real  chore - unlike last time's success. I got to the edge to late so that much energy was spent at lower arousal levels when I think the idea is to work with it right up close to the PNR.
I had to use lower penis stimulation (thru the ball sack and when lying on my back the erotic nature of it did help my arousal. Unfortunately the moving of sperm could be felt and I had to discontinue or ejaculate.
The main reason for the missfire thos time I believe is lack of penis sensitivity from lack of downtime. The use of near anal massage was very helpful after long monotonous stimulation of just the shaft. Fortunately,  having used no porn, I ended the session after about an hour? With no feeling of frustration. Not the desired outcome, yet not a failure. I think it is useful to post times when things didn't go to plan in detail to help others and try to pin point the ideal scenario.
Next attempt in 2 weeks? Or do I buy an Aneros? To save on the manual stimulation and curtail any downtime from penis abrasion.
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