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Author Topic: "Fake" non-ejaculatory orgasm and Endurance  (Read 2256 times)
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« on: January 23, 2015, 06:33:34 AM »


I finished a tantra workshop 2 month ago and since then practice to be multi orgasmic.
In my selflove sessions I am usually building up until I am close to the PONR, relax a bit and continue. After a while of going close to the edge I am going a bit further and can feel the orgasm coming and it feels like I crossed the PONR so I'm clenching the rectal muscle (PC?) for about 10-20s while having the sensations of an orgasm like I experienced them before, but without real ejaculating. there is just a tiny bit of precum coming out of the tip of my penis, but its definitely not sperm.

Now my question: Am I doing it "right"?
With this technique I had experiences of having 5 of these orgasms within a very short period of time (<15min) but I've read something about that the sperm just lands in the bladder when you clench your rectal muscles and this is considered not as a real MMO.

am I doing it wrong? am I on the right track? I feel a bit lost

also one more thing. before doing this workshop I never had problems with my endurance and could go for 20-30min penetration without being close to orgasm, but if I wanted I could control it and could come very fast. now after a few weeks of dry ejaculation while doing self love my penis seems to be super sensitive (or I'm focusing wrong) and I feel like having to orgasm already after 2-3 minutes of sex, which is very annoying and fucks with my sexual confidence. any ideas?
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