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Author Topic: My experiences up to now  (Read 2120 times)
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« on: July 08, 2016, 02:36:41 AM »

Hello to all. I've been using an Aneros for some years now, off and on - I had one back before they were even called "Aneros" - and have managed, I guess, to develop the PC and BC/BS muscles a good bit. More recently I've done some reading, here and elsewhere, including Mantak Chia's books and How to Make Love All Night and Drive Women Wild, and for about 6 months now I've been "edging" or slow masturbating pretty regularly (pretty doggone regularly). I've gotten to where I can go for an hour or more of pretty regular stroking just about every day (provided the time and space are available) and go up to 2 weeks or more without ejaculation. Now, during these long sessions, erection quality varies a good bit - I don't stay rock-hard, or what I believe is called Level 4, the whole time.

I should perhaps mention here that I'm in my 70th year and that for several years before stepping (stumbling?) onto the path towards becoming an adept, I had been having erection problems and that sex with my wife (or anyone else) had dwindled to about zero. I should also mention that I'm a lifelong premature ejaculator and that I'm fairly certain that that has had an impact on my erectile capacity.

On three occasions now - twice at the end of a long session and once in the shower, directing the stream onto my "sweet spot" and trying to stay at the edge but getting too close - I've had what might be (and the purpose of my writing is to see if some of you agree it was) a multiple (in fact double) dry (not entirely) orgasm. On all three occasions I did not choose to go to the PONR - it arrived pretty much unannounced (though I'd been staying at some pretty high levels of arousal with, what periodically what I think is awareness of some fluid activity in the Cowper's gland/prostate/seminal vesicles). But when it did I contracted all the muscles I've learned to exercise control over and - though a couple of times some fluid has exited - managed to keep the actual ejac from happening. AND on at least two of these occasions, immediately after more or less successfully stopping the first ejac, another PONR signal has welled up (the first time it happened, causing me to exclaim, involuntarily, "Oh, no!") and I've managed to quell that second ejac.

On the first of these occasions, I was sure I must have had a retrograde ejaculation, and since I had a fairly full bladder, peed into a glass and doggone if the liquid wasn't more or less crystal clear. Another piece of evidence, gentlemen (ladies too?) of the jury, is that my interest in matters sexual has not waned much following these experiences, as it definitely does for several days following a full ejaculation. At the moment of writing, the third of these experiences is less than two hours old, so I'll have to update this later to let you know if my level of interest (not to say obsession) has waned and by how much.

I'll end by describing the actual feelings I've experienced: Though in all three cases the experience has been dominated by a certain degree of panic and an instinct not to allow the pleasure through, I have felt pleasurable dry contractions. On this most recent occasion, after emission of a certain amount of fluid at onset, I was able to release the contracted muscles and feel several contractions with no further fluid emission. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I was unable to apply what I call the "acid test" and see if I could achieve a good (at least Stage 3) erection and stroke for 15 minutes without losing erection and/or my mind wandering too much (to work, the garden, problems with the missus, etc.) But as I say, I'll update and let you know whether this one also appears to have been, rather than an "accidental partial ejaculatory", a "partially dry, incipiently  multiple" orgasm.

Any asessments, observations, or suggestions are most welcome. Thanks for listening and best of luck to all of you on the path.
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