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Author Topic: Looking UP lightens the sexual energy!  (Read 2057 times)
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« on: March 12, 2015, 08:51:05 AM »

I notice that this helps and thought it deserves it's own heading.
Where we place our attention, that is where our energy goes.
Since we are trying to lift the energy up the body and not let it explode out the penis, looking up with our eyes and necks does help the ponr become more manageable and less unwieldy.

This marks the 3rd attempt since my first successful dry mmo and I think that not remembering to relax Embarrassed has been the biggest downfall, however tonight's 1hr session went much better due to using shower gel - better than lube!
Also when I remembered to use the looking up position (standing or kneeled, although it should be effective reclining too) in the second half of the session, it helped aid the required mind set for mmo (relaxation, lighter mind, not masculine/dominant/porn heavy).
If you have a bad neck, bring your chin in first to set the spine straight (rather than the chin hanging out) then tilt your head up.

Another useful think to know is the slight indentation near the anus (the hui-yin point that Mantak Chia talks about) to press once the ponr has been triggered so you can stop the whole bag being emptied, apply the pressure there until the last pleasure squeeze and then you can begin again with sperm for lubricant.  
I mention it here because I finally (third triggered ponr this session) managed to find it in time to stop any? Sperm coming out after the first couple of triggered ponr which I managed to cut short by a mixture of finding the hui-yin late and pulling back on my wish to ejaculate (probably squeezing, but for me is more mental and the squeezing is not my main focus but just that I have let ponr happen and I consider it time to stop or as in tonight, due to superior lube (body wash shower gel) continue (and release hui-yin pressure point - needs to be quite firm) once the pulsations have stopped.
I would like to enjoy the pulsations but my main focus is on stopping the stream.
More practice will help.
I would have kept pursuing a mmo which is encouraging for energy reasons despite a couple of leaked ejaculations. The abrasion decided me. I did notice my third eye region had pressure built up which is a good sign that the butt squeezing I did helped.
It is a bit of a let down not to repeat my mmo to be honest but it did happen once so in time I should get the mixture right again.
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