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Author Topic: First success using the "Love Satisfies" by Keepitup Johnson method  (Read 5331 times)
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« on: March 29, 2015, 07:49:41 AM »

After my last practice when I triggered PONR but remembered to push three fingers on the tube (gentle but firm) halfway between balls and butthole to stop the sperm coming out. It gave me the confidence to know i could save things without losing my energy.
This time i even used porn, and it helps not need as much physical exersion.
I used the techniques mentioned in the book and also used some Key Sounds, not that many, but may have assisted. Also i think the confidence relaxed me. I let some energy into the penis and allowed it to get closer to the pnr with less and less stimulation, no creams (perhaps they limit the variety of stimulation as once applied, the dry touch is lost).
I remember Keepitup said you can imagine peeing near ponr to assist in relaxing.
Anyway, after the combination of these i started having very light penis pulsations - first time without liquid. They were pleasant.
I definitely wanted to thank Keepitup!
As this was my first time with penis pulsations, I pushed the limit to find what would happen and triggered the PONR. I was able to lock the sperm again.
I read that no more than once every 2-3 days should one use the locking method.
This method seems to require less exertion which is great. (No butt squeezing to drive the energy up, also, I didn't use looking up all  the time or as a massive focus).
Relaxing really is the key, with porn too, find some nice porn where the woman is enjoying it (or at least in a way which we are happy they are not in distress).
Not sure if using porn with somebody you find particularly sexy as this may consume your attention and heat things up where they become unmannagable and instead of relaxing you become excited and the pleasure goes from nice and seductive to agitated.
Time spent was 30 min and maybe 15 edgings not far apart.
I look forward to the next time in a couple of days now that I know it's not a marathon event.
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« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2016, 10:46:44 AM »

The key for me has been the stimulation of the perineum with the right hand while I masturbate with the left hand.  (I am right handed, so in a strange way it takes the focus off the penis.  If I reverse hands I'm sure to ejaculate!)  I stop a couple of strokes before the PONR and relax into the contractions.  I have also discovered that I can get an extended dry orgasm by gently massaging the base of the penis and the testicles as soon as the contractions start.  I'm starting to explore moving the energy into the body:  what I think is actually happening is a reverse Kegel which somehow allows the built up semen to drain back out of the penis.

I've had limited success achieving dry orgasm during intercourse with my spouse.  The closest is during "doggy style" where my spouse can massage the testicles and perineum, but I have to keep my movement to a minimum or I will ejaculate.

Thank you Keepitup Johnson! I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago.     
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« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2016, 01:36:06 PM »

Relative to the last poster above:

For me, the key to dry orgasms is relaxation completely, nipple tweaking which connect directly with my prostate and brings on wonderful orgasmic feelings even when I am completely flaccid and just beginning to stroke my shaft, and getting the prostate aroused.

When my prostate is aroused and swollen, I can go on and on and on relaxing and stroking my shaft having dry orgasm after dry orgasm with only precum  or prostatic fluid cumming out............or sometimes a small amount of cum if I am overheating my dick. 

Yes, brothers, this is wonderful stuff and my wife working my nipples in any type of sex play is dy-no-mite.  Thanks keepitupjohnson.  This stuff is as near to the fountain of youth as is possible for a man. 
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