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Author Topic: New user: My story and looking for info on Fumingpole's glansstimulation  (Read 5815 times)
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« on: August 07, 2008, 08:33:33 PM »

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  Date Posted: 05/03/2005 2:02 PM           

Hi Guys,

This is my first post.

A little about me: I've been trying to become multi-orgasmic for several months using the PC Squeeze technique. My PC muscle seems incredibly strong and I experience all the benefits from this, stronger erections etc. but I find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to stop myself from cumming. Once the orgasm starts and my PC muscle is locked on tight, the muslce goes weak and spasms as I ejeculate. I read through the posts here and realise that not many people have had success with this method, BUT, has anyone succeeded wtih it consistently? I mean it's taught in Taoist, and Tantra as the way of delaying orgasm, so surely people must be getting results with it?

I've also tried the stop / start method, building up closer and closer to orgasm, then I get right up the point of no return and reduce the stimulation to keep at that level, but I feel there's no way I can then orgasm without ejeculation. I don't know where to go from that.

I'd like to try the glans stimulation method, and indeed any other methods you guys recommend. But so far I can't find any information on it. Searching this hub, or google unfortunately yeilds no results.

Does anyone have the original post from Fumingpole, or indeed any information on how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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  Date Posted: 05/03/2005 2:07 PM           

Also, I forgot to mention, I actually tried what I think is glans stimulation (out of frustration). I lubed up with baby oil and went for it. The orgasm built far more intensely over a longer period of time, and I didn't feel I was going to cum, BUT, eventually did. However, the experience was different than I'm used to, and it seems I may be on the right track.

My question is: Can this then be transfered to sex? I'm thinking that maybe it's about opening up and strengthening neural pathways, i.e. getting a 'feel' for MO without ejec, so that it can be recreated at will. Please correct me if this is not the case.


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  Date Posted: 05/03/2005 3:24 PM             


Hi Jack and welcome to the board!

About the PC method, I'm still looking for someone who has had some kind of success with it. Only Barbara Kiesling reported positive results. Problem is she is a female! Anyway, there seems to be better methods.

As for Fumingpole's method, I think you can get all he wrote about it here

You can also read Darkwhite's (a member of this board) method taken from his site:


Experience Multiple Male Orgasms!
This page last updated:
24 December, 2000



If that title doesn't grab your attention, then nothing will!

Occasionally, a men's exercise magazine article, or television sex documentary will make alluring references to tantric sex, full-body orgasms, or even multiple male orgasms. However, such articles inevitably generalise, shrouding such practices further in hippie, new-age mystery, never revealing how such goals are actually achieved.

I am on a mission to dispel the mystery once and for all, to share with all men how to achieve multiple male orgasms with your partner!

Please note: I have no medical training, I am only relating my own personal experiences and suppositions.

Orgasm Without Ejaculation!
Ancient Bhuddist Monks have long believed that orgasm infuses the body with energy, but that ejaculation depletes the body's energy, leaving one feeling exhausted and spent. Perhaps this is why many women can outlast men in bed, achieve orgasm after orgasm feeling energised, while their poor male partner cums once and collapses in a useless heap.

Many men seem to regard orgasm and ejaculation as one and the same thing. However, not only are they two quite different and distinct responses, but one can in fact occur without the other. So, the big secret behind achieving multiple orgasms is as simple as achieving orgasm without ejaculating!

Huh! Easier said than done, I hear you say? Not so. There are ways, and they're not as difficult to achieve as you might think!

Oral Sex
Ask any gay or bi-sexual man, and they'll tell you that guys give the best headjobs! It makes perfect sense. Men are intimately familiar with their own anatomy and know what gives them pleasure. Therefore, they know instinctively how to give similar pleasure to another guy, because they know what turns them on! Straight men honestly don't realise what they're missing out on.

Though I have always considered myself a talented head-giver, one of my previous partners changed my perceptions of oral sex forever!

Most guys believe that the most sensitive area of the cock is on the under-side of the shaft where it meets the head. There's no doubting that sucking cock while licking this area with your tongue is indeed very pleasurable, and can easily bring most men to ejaculation. However, as our purpose is to achieve orgasm *without* ejaculation, we need a different technique:

Laying on my back on the bed, I was thoroughly enjoying the headjob I was receiving.
"Getting close" he asked me?

"Ughh Huhh .. " I replied, feeling the pleasure building in my groin.

"Good", he replied, as he suddenly changed his position from sucking the under-side of my cock which I was enjoying so much. Instead, he began rubbing his tongue firmly back and forth across the broad flat top-side of the head of my cock.

"Whooaah!" I let out a yelp! "Too sensitive! Stop!"

"Nuhh Uhhh", he replied, and continued rubbing his tongue forcefully across the top of my head.

"No, really, stop!" I cried, pushing his head away, "I can't stand it!"

It was much like the feeling of being held down forcefully and being tickled against your will.

He explained that his ex-girlfriend taught him this technique, and that I should try to relax and accept the feelings, instead of fighting and resisting them. It might take some practice, but once I achieved it, it would be like nothing else I had ever experienced!

I was sceptical to say the least! How could this relentless tickling be considered pleasure? But I agreed to keep an open mind and keep trying for as long as I could stand it .. which wasn't very long!

Over the next week or two, he tried this technique on me several more times, without much success. Sometimes, he was relentless at it, sucking my cock in the traditional fashion, building up the pleasure, then without warning, switching to his tongue firmly rubbing across the head, leaving me literally panting my lungs out trying to resist the sensations, before he'd give me a reprise by swallowing my cock deep into his mouth again. He'd switch back and forth between pleasure and unbearable sensation in this way, time and time again, until ..

I don't know how, but suddenly, by focusing on the sensations and relaxing my body, WOW!!! I can't explain it any other way, other than to say that I felt one long, continuous orgasm reach out and fill my entire body which lasted as long as he kept licking the head, in wave after wave of intense pleasure! Even after he stopped, I was still filled by tingling energy, which took a short while to dissipate. It was like I was somewhere else, in a trance-like state. It was incredible! And after I'd tasted it once, I definitely wanted more!

More was not a problem, for even though I'd just experienced perhaps the most powerful orgasm of my life, I hadn't ejacluated! So I was ready to jump right back in and experience it again! In fact, throughout this entire head-licking episode, not once did I feel even close to ejaculating .. orgasming yes, ejaculating no. It was only whenever he switched back to traditional cock-sucking that I was ever in danger of ejaculating.

So, after I'd experienced it once, I instinctively knew how to re-focus and achieve it again. It is a mental state as much as a physical one. And in no time, we were both serving each other continuous multiple orgasms 69-style, only coming up for air long enough to moan in pleasure, before diving right back onto each other again!

We could maintain this state for extend periods at a time, often ½ hour or more without a break! I clearly remember one time we were locked in 69 giving each other continuous orgasms for over 3 hours!

These are no ordinary orgasms either: they aren't localised to your groin, rather they spread out to energise your entire body! This is not an unusual achievement. I have since passed on this technique to other guys I have met, and most recently to my current boyfriend. As with my own experience, some guys need some practice, patience and repeated attempts to achieve this; while others, to my surprise, responded the instant my tongue rubbed their cock-head!

As a rule, uncircumcised guys tend to be more sensitive than circumcised guys, so uncircumcised guys may find this technique waaay too sensitive at first. Meanwhile, circumcised guys may need repeated attempts to feel anything at all! But my advice is to be patient, relax, and don't give up. After all, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! I've personally experienced even the most sensitive guy discover how to focus and relax into this; as well as the most unresponsive guy suddenly surprise himself with these sensations! It may not be achievable by everyone, but it is certainly achievable by a great many more than knew it were even possible.

A couple of important tips, though:

breathing is very important in order to control the sensations; and
keeping your legs spread (feet together if you like) helps prevent any need to ejaculating; if you lay with your legs stretched out together, however, you're much more liable to ejaculate.
It also helps to communicate with your partner when you're getting close, so he can ease off, or change his technique.

Giving the tongue-rubbing isn't as difficult as you might think. Having a firm, strong tongue helps, but often it takes much less effort than a regular cock-sucking. You only need to stimulate the head with your tongue, you don't even have to take the whole cock into your mouth, which is good news for those facing a monster cock .. you can give your guy extreme pleasure, without giving your tonsils a beating!

Though women can certainly use this technique on their men (who will be eternally grateful!), I believe that true exhilaration occurs when two men can perform it on each other! It is a talent and experience that will bond the two of you together. Once you have experienced it, you'll wonder how you ever enjoyed sex without it?

Anal Sex
Much to my own surprise, I recently discovered with my partner that sucking cock isn't the only way a male can experience continous multiple orgasms!

One of the reasons that many gay men enjoy being fucked, is that men have a prostate gland (which is responsible for the production of seminal fluid) located somewhere behind the base of the penis, which can be rubbed against by his partner's cock during anal sex.

Stimulating the prostate gland can give intense pleasure during sex, and if in the right state of mind and relaxation (don't forget the breathing!), constant rubbing of the prostate can also lead to repeated waves of continous orgasm filling your whole body!

So why should women have all the fun? Men can be multi-orgasmic too! Try if for yourself, you might be glad that you did!

I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced multiple male orgasms as described here, and especially from anyone who has experienced it for the first time as a result of reading this page!


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  Date Posted: 05/03/2005 3:28 PM             

Read also Benders post and of course you can always turn to the KS method and Pandragon's great posts.
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