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Author Topic: The Esoteric Side of Things...  (Read 3243 times)
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« on: August 07, 2008, 09:11:20 PM »

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 (Date Posted:07/09/2007 19:50:09)

Hello. My name is James, I'm 19 and fairly new to all this MMO business. I'm glad there are communities out there for people to discuss these issues, so firstly I'd like to thank anyone that makes this possible. Anyway... I recently read Mantak Chia's book amongst many other online articles. I tried to keep an open mind but when the Taoist superstitions pop up, I find it very hard. For instance this whole business of whirling things round in the head for 3 times, or for any multiple of 3 etc.. Ireallywant to be able to achieve MMOs and I've been trying to no avail so far. Are there people here who practise methods which don't seem so 'spiritual' (for lack of a better word) ? I say this because I'm naturally a very skeptical person - I'm an out and out Atheist and have difficulty with some of the stuff written about MMO. Has anyone tried swirling the energy 5 or 7 times round the head? Does it make a difference? Are there sensible alternatives without all the spiritual lingo? I hope some of you can understand and help with my dilemma, James x 
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(Date Posted:07/16/2007 06:12:45)

Hi Little Draw,

although Mantak Chia's book is very well known (seems like every guy over 18 has it by now), unfortunately I don't think it very practical or easy to learn. Frankly, I've never met anyone who said that book really worked for them.

If you want to skip all the spiritual dogma and get right down to the simplest technique out there, I think you'll get the most benefit from starting with the Maxwell Multiple Climax method. You can check out some clips of it on youtube.

Since it's in DVD form, you can learn the entire technique in under 30 minutes. Maxwell keeps it simple, sexy, and utterly hilarious. He takes traditional Tantric and Taoist methods and breaks them down into one easy lesson with no religious dogma or pretenious speeches. This is male multiple orgasm for the average Joe.

I think this is a good place to start for anyone, but especially if you want to avoid all the new age mumbo jumbo and just get down to the basics.

Good Luck!

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