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Author Topic: Review: The Function of the Orgasm by W Reich & Love and Orgasm by A Lowen  (Read 6591 times)
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« on: October 09, 2008, 02:14:37 PM »

MMO member, Ebeil, mentions 2 books that could be of interest to MMO members, "The Function of the Orgasm" by Wilhelm Reich and "Love and Orgasm, by Alexander Lowen. An excerpt of his post is shown below. The post is long and provides a lot of information about Reich's and Lowen's work. You can read the full post here:

If you would like to add your review on them as well, you can do so here.


Ebeil (Date Posted: 12/18/2005 3:54 PM)

It must have been around 1980, that´s when I have been in my early 20s. At that time I was eager to learn more about sexuality (in general) and orgasm (in particular) and it was then, when I purchased a book and a second one a couple years later, which had an impact on me lasting to date. The first one is called »The Function of the Orgasm«, written by Wilhelm Reich. He was born in what was then part of Austria in 1897 and became a psychoanalytic learning from and working with Sigmund Freud in Vienna. Early on he focused on sexuality and bio-energy. He had worked in Berlin and scandinavian countries before he emigrated to the US where he died in 1957. In his book he analyses the physiological process of a full body orgasm among other implications in relation to neuroses and a theory on individual and public mental health. The second book is written by a former student of Reich! His name is Alexander Lowen and he became a psychiatrist as well. He was born in 1910 and founded the International Institute for Bioenergetics in NYC. His book is called »Love and Orgasm« published by MacMillan Publishing Co. in 1965. As the title of his book suggests Lowen was focusing on the orgasmic reaction in connection with love. Based on the findings of his teacher and mentor Reich, Lowen took a close look on the sexual peak experience in cases he encountered in his daily work, which in turn confirmed the theories of Reich. His approach, the combination of emotion and sexual climax, may sound conservative, but had a great appeal with my personal attitude nonetheless. I believe that orgasm and love indeed provide the ultimate combination concerning a state of (a ever so short) transcended being, unsurpassable by anything else known to mankind. The findings of both these scientists deal with devotion in its purest form. Both love and orgasm need to be met with utmost devotion to unfold their full potential. Or, in other words, love and orgasm without devotion won´t just work at all! Hence it comes to no surprise that in my opinion, orgasm in the (ideal) understanding of Reich and Lowen does indeed serve as a benchmark for any sexual climax being addressed as »orgasm«.
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