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Author Topic: A discovery that undresses the discoverer  (Read 4288 times)
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« on: October 21, 2008, 07:34:51 AM »

The title of this article should be taken literally.  At the end of this series of articles I will explain
why this is possible.

When I was fifty-eight years old, in 1986, some strange things began to happen. I was feeling less tired. And what surprised me the most is that for many years my sexual vitality had been decreasing and now since several weeks  my level of sexual vitality had increased. 

After many days I discovered that a vocal exercise used by singers to increase the pitch of their voice was the "culprit", so to speak.  By strengthening muscles used for expiring, this exercise was increasing my breathe capacity. This increase of breathing capacity increases the amount of energy that the body needs to work. And the more energy our body energy has, the better the body works. If, above all, I noticed that the  increase of my sexual capacity, despite the others parts of my body were definitely working better, it is because that in our little head there is a special place for sexuality.  This being the case

 I decided to find out how strong my sexual could become.  At the beginning, frequency of ejaculation was once every three weeks, after five years the frequency was on average three a day. Noticing that my quality of life was declining I stopped doing this exercise . Frequency of ejaculation has decreased but the risk of getting prostate cancer  has increased.  So, I began to do this exercise again and gradually my level of sexual vitality is as before . As a consequence I wondered where all this it would lead m

.  Later I noticed changes in my sexuality that left me perplexed. I did not know if the frequency was increasing or decreasing. Little by little, and above all, through a message in a forum , I understood that I was on the point of crossing over to a new level.

 A lady in a forum was saying that her husband regularly had an orgasm with many ejaculations. It was the same in my case. In the beginning it was two then three and now it is five or six every day. If it is every other day, the amount of ejaculate increases. 

During several years I have been doing breathing exercise with an apparatus. The situation has not changed. This apparatus has attained its limit. I don't want to know what a better apparatus can do

. In a next article I will talk about other applications of a strong breathing capacity.
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